The Quest of Making a Stop Motion

Once upon a time Sofia and I were in class. We had a quest to create a stop motion. After countless minutes of thinking of what to make our stop motion video about we decided to replicate a Harry Potter scene. Together, well mostly Sofia, we scavenged the bins of lego for supplies. Eventually we […]

Avatar Winter Exhibition ❄️

Woah, it’s my first post of 2023, yet I am reflecting on the project and winter exhibition from 2022. In class we watched the movie Avatar, which came out in 2009, and did you know it took 15 years to complete the movie? It was worth it though because Avatar was nominated for 9 Oscars […]

Learning about the power of a pencil

As usual I’ll start of with the driving question: “How might I use technology to create and communicate?” for this project we had to split into two separate sides, one was for photography (Herzog) and the other for drawing (Carr). I started in Carr

Herzog Reflection Post

  I think you have already heard about learning with an Apple Pencil in my post called The Power Of a Pencil. In the post I explained that there where two sides to this project, Herzog and Carr, one side was about art and drawing (Carr) and the other about Photography (Herzog). Since I have […]

The power of a pencil

As usual I’m going to start with the driving question: “How might I use technology to create and communicate?” At the start of this project, we were split into two different groups. One group was focused on photography and the other on drawing. The overall purpose was to progress in our skills using the ipad […]

Team Contract

  Hi i finally finished This is my Memoji, and I have customized the laptop to what I would like my laptops stickers to look like in real life. As you can see some of my stickers are people and they are stickers of my friends. I have a camera, which is actually the camera […]