Baking Does More Than Just Fill Our Stomachs…

Baking is more than just something that can help stop your hunger cravings, it is a hobby, passion or career that serves more than just filling your belly. Research has shown that baking is good for one’s well-being and it can even help the development of children! The fact it is good for mindfulness is probably one reason why at the start of the pandemic there was a resurgence in the interest of baking, which lead to a shortage in flour! I strongly believe that this renewed interest helped many people, as it gave them a sense of control as the world slowly started crumbling from COVID ( In today’s fast paced and pandemic stricken world, baking is a way to bond with your family or others and it can help raise spirits by letting someone be able to focus on one small task and fulfill it to the best of their ability. 

Research shows that baking is a creative process and form of expression! For example, according to It explains how baking or cooking can become a “cure” for stress or feeling blue for people. As the article states, a study has shown small creative tasks each day may make people feel better and which can go a long way to improving their overall well-being. Considering there’s also studies that show dark chocolate can raise feelings of happiness, one might say baking that chocolate cake for no specific reason is not such a bad idea after all ;). Also, while many would caution that baking isn’t a full-on cure for mental illness, it is still something to explore because it could make you feel more relaxed or happier through the day! Even if you mess up your recipe, it’s a great learning experience and will help you perfect the next creation

Also, most people likely remember the stories of the shortage of toilet paper early on in 2020, but there was soon also the shortage of flour. It didn’t take long after people were forced into lockdown that they started to explore old fashioned crafts and activities. This was to fight their boredom and to distract themselves but also it was a welcome break from the huge jump in the time they were spending on their digital devices. Everyone was suddenly finding themselves spending most of their day on-line. It didn’t take long for people, especially families to realize the negative impact from technology and that this was not good for us, especially for the children (social development, attention span, even physical health).

Besides giving yourself a break from the screen, baking can help build stronger connections between loved ones. Who doesn’t remember a fond memory of baking with a parent in the kitchen when they were young and getting to lick the bowl or spoon, or maybe sneaking a few chocolate chips? When we think of holiday time, one of the first things we think of is all the tasty eats we will get to make and enjoy. Culturally, food brings people together such as during festivals, celebrations and reunions.  

Overall, the message here is that baking is very universal and is another outlet to express one’s creativity. People use it to communicate their appreciation, to connect with others and to help themselves escape from their busy day to day lives. It is something that can be as easy or as challenging as one would like, so it is easily customizable and doesn’t require heaps of money to enjoy it to its fullest. In fact, it’s highly likely you have all the ingredients on hand for this easy banana bread recipe:

If you couldn’t read that here is a typed out version:  My Grandpa’s Banana Bread


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