Life As We Know It 🧫

This post is going to be a bit different since all the regular stuff I would talk about is in this informative video about cell division! This is probably the shortest post I have written, now enough talking go watch it:  

About me!

About me!   My name is Kira and I’m a PLP learner at Seycove. I will be including some photos I have edited and took in class to show more about my self. This is my name in photos, it was hard to find interesting subjects that could create my name ( K is a … [Read more…]

Becoming A PLP Learner

A This is my customized memoji/memoji laptop, the people with stretched out faces are my friends (I do have friends).  The driving question for this project was, “How Do I Build & Strengthen The PLP Learning Team?”  The first big thing we did was the big life journal (lots of “bigs”), and during this I … [Read more…]

My Very Amazing First Post

Hullo my name is Kira, don’t ask about my blog name… Here are some things to help you learn more about me: I love photography, I haven’t been doing it for that long I started in 2020 so its been over a year since I have started. (My camera broke so I haven’t been doing … [Read more…]