Comic Cells!

This is my last Scimatics blog post for the year. In fact, the last one of grade 8 in total (totally not because I am handing this in late).  The name of this project was Comic cells, we had to create a comic about a disease or virus that interacts with a cell. I struggled to […]

A Fridge With Carrots..?

This project was about creating an object with the maximum surface area or volume. You could also choose to be with a partner or work alone! I chose to be with a partner and ended up with my friend hannah. Together we chose to create a fridge with the maximum surface area! Don’t ask why […]

Conquering Coding!

Helllooo, welcome back again, the latest project scimatics 8 has done is about…  Drumroll… 🥁  🥁  🥁  The Kinetic Molecular Theory and the Atomic Theory, super cool I know, I know (by the way I will be saying KMT instead of Kinetic molecular theory and AT instead of the Atomic theory). We started our projects […]

Learning With Lasers

Welcome back,  today I will be explaining the process of answering the driving question: “How can we test the pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection?” First off, what is the pythagorean theorem? The pythagorean theorem is the sum of the legs of a triangle that equal the hypotenuse (the side opposite from the right […]