Comic Cells!

This is my last Scimatics blog post for the year. In fact, the last one of grade 8 in total (totally not because I am handing this in late). 

The name of this project was Comic cells, we had to create a comic about a disease or virus that interacts with a cell. I struggled to figure out what to pick, since my first choice wasn’t a good idea (it was pinkeye). After I figured out what I was going to do we had to create a wanted poster for the disease. Here is mine:

After that we did some work books like usual then basically started working on our rough draft for the comic.

We had a template that we pushed to Notability and then drew on it in there. My rough draft is kind of messy and has some spelling mistakes but here it is:

Just like in every scimatics project we had to create a mind node. So here is my project start mind map and end one!

Then we went on to making the actual comic! We created it in a app called Comic Life 3, we had to have at least 10 scientific vocab words and at least 18 slides.

I took me a little bit but I finally finished my comic, I drew my drawings on an app called procreate! My comic was about leukaemia in a girls body, and the white blood cells attacking the leukaemia white blood cells. I thought it would be fun if I added my comic in here so this is a link too it! chasing down leukaemia.


Curricular competences:

Question and predicting:
When creating the comic I had many questions about my disease and what not. So I researched what I wanted to know. However, rather than just read the first article that popped up on my Google search, I questioned what I was reading and checked out multiple other articles to confirm my facts. For example, I was really stuck on how chemotherapy really works. My initial article was confusing because it wasn’t giving me the answer I wanted. I was only getting information on how it changed the cells but not how it entered or really affected the body. After lots of reading I learned a lot and that helped the ending of my story, and the resolution of my story was the the girl getting chemo therapy. So I had to look up how long it takes and how they do so.

Scientific communication:

I was able to meet the criteria and inserted scientific vocabulary on leukaemia and  cells and disease into my comic book. I researched and asked my peers and teachers what would be some examples beforehand. I feel I was successful.


I was able to remember that the comic has to still be educational. I made sure I had cells, and diseases and a plot line of course.

Overall I think I did pretty good throughout this project and I’m proud of myself.


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