Life As We Know It 🧫

This post is going to be a bit different since all the regular stuff I would talk about is in this informative video about cell division! This is probably the shortest post I have written, now enough talking go watch it:  

Becoming an Amazing Cinematographer

You know the block buster moves like Star Wars, Titanic, Avatar and others? Well guess what, I made some movies just as good as those.  How I became so talented was through a project in maker called Everyone Has A Story. Throughout the project I had to create many videos using different shots and angles. … [Read more…]

Wandering Around The West! 🚐

Hellooooo, and welcome to my blog post! Second one for the year, and first for Humanities! About 5 weeks ago, half of the grade 9s went on a trip to Alberta! (the other half went at a different time). We went to many different places like the Sundre Museum, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Cave and Basin, … [Read more…]

Exploring Ecosystems🔬

Ahh my first post of grade 9 it felt like a couple days ago I was writing my last one of grade 8. What you are about to read is about how we as humans are impacting our local ecosystems. But more specifically the driving question is “what are ways in which human beings impact … [Read more…]

Good Bye Grade 8..!

Wow, Grade 8 went by fast…  Welcome to my tPol blog post!  “Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my … [Read more…]

🦫 New Beginnings! 🦫

New Beginnings (that’s the name of our project) was all about discovering New France. The point of this project was to understand the importance of the past and make connections too it; the driving question was “What did the establishment of New France mean for all the people involved?”.  This projects end result was originally … [Read more…]

A Fridge With Carrots..?

This project was about creating an object with the maximum surface area or volume. You could also choose to be with a partner or work alone! I chose to be with a partner and ended up with my friend hannah. Together we chose to create a fridge with the maximum surface area! Don’t ask why … [Read more…]