My Future Cookbook?!

Designing my future cookbook cover…! (Probably will be totally different if I ever make one, but that doesn’t matter)

Want to see how it turned out?? Well, look down below!





Wow, isn’t it lovely? 🥲

This photo happened to be my 57th photo, out of 60 attempts after trying 6 different locations (yea, I decided to count). It is definitely, completely different than my original idea. My first idea seemed like it was going to work perfectly fine… but that didn’t happen:

What I was visualizing:if you couldn’t tell by this masterpiece (drawn on Sketches Pro) I was trying to show the creative process of baking and the ideas coming out of the cookbooks.

What happened:

Next, I tried to focus on a baked good to try and capture the viewer’s attention and maybe make them want to try to bake it or make them hungry. Here are some of my photos during my trial and error: 

As shown in the slideshow I tried many different angles since the lighting in my house was not ideal.

After picking the photos I was possibly going to use I went to Canva. My new plan I had was to try and make it look like a magazine cover. Then, I thought why not a cookbook cover, But I had no clue what to name it. Eventually I ended up with “Simple-icious,” and it took forever to figure out how I should spell it and auto correct was not helping.

I needed to add some more pizazz to my cover so I tried adding “stickers” like the rolling pin and stand mixer. I had originally chosen to put leaves but when I asked for feedback from my dad he said, “What the heck do leaves have to do with baking?”, so I changed them to baking related items, I’m still not sure what I like more though.

After adding text I ended up with that beautiful cover for my cookbook that I will totally make in around 20 years…

Once again thank you for reading!



3 thoughts on “My Future Cookbook?!

  1. Hi Kira!
    I liked how the first photo of your cookbook cover is slightly blurred, it really intrigues readers to keep reading, and see the beautiful final cookbook cover. I was wondering if you could add the recipe link that you used for the baked good in the photo. They look super yummy…

    I thought it was super interesting that both our geek out topics are baking! Check out my fun with photos baking post:

    – Gwenyth

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