7 facts you may not know about baking…

Here are seven things you might not know about baking (plus one extra) :D.

First off, let’s start with where baking began…

1. You may think it’s some random person you have never heard of, but actually the Ancient Egyptians were the first to ever bake something. They baked bread using yeast that had previously been used to brew beer.

2. Secondly, the classic chocolate chip cookie was created by a mistake. Ruth Wakefield added broken pieces of chocolate bars to her dough because she thought they would melt. Instead they stayed in their shape and created the iconic cookie.

3. After some research I’ve found that some of the most popular Canadian deserts are…


Nanaimo Bar 

Flapper Pie 

Butter Tart 

Saskatoon Berry Pie 

4. France is known for its baking, and its most famous desert is the crème brûlée.

5. There are some weird cupcake flavours like: banana bacon, rosemary olive oil, chicken and waffle, liquorice, and more.

6. Macarons are the most popular sweet sold in Paris, France. They are often given out as a dinner party gift (I would assume when there was no covid).

7. America’s most popular pie is apple pie and it originated in England in the year 1318. 

Here is an extra fact:

Betty Crocker…

isn’t real :0

It’s crazy that baking has been around for such a long time, and seeing all the baking (also cooking) shows that are now on TV, it seems like it will keep going strong for many more. I hope you have learned something new while reading this. Have a good day!


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