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Hi i finally finished

This is my Memoji, and I have customized the laptop to what I would like my laptops stickers to look like in real life. As you can see some of my stickers are people and they are stickers of my friends. I have a camera, which is actually the camera I use currently (I’m 99% sure) so I thought it would be cool to add. I have the hive because I like rock climbing, and I have kermit because why not.

How I work in a team:

As a team member I can listen to others peoples ideas and then i can try and figure out if they would work. I think I can merge ideas well but I can get faster at creating a end result. I am a optimist so I will try and support and push anyone to keep on going even if I feel the opposite about myself. I am good at reading and I can am kinda fast at it. I can learn on the go and try and adapt to situations. I am good at self regulating so I probably won’t get super angry, burst into tears or anything random at weird times. I like hands on experiment and digital art, but not drawing because I’m realllllly bad at that. I will try and help my group whenever I can and I’m a introvert but I think I’m getting better at that stuff I have no clue though.

Some things about me that you might want to know.


Creative Media:

I was told just writing something about what I bring to the team was boring so i made a animation. In the animation I was asked by my team what Im good at and then I answered with a very dramatic scene. What I said is explain what I’m good at I said, I’m kind, optimistic, helpful, empathetic, collaborative, smart? And I can work as a team. I was asked what I needed to work on, and I answered, I need to work on staying on topic, not getting stuck on an idea, pitching myself, listening even when I get bored. I don’t have a big reason for why I did a animation it was mostly not to be super boring and I thought it would kind of be fun to do. It was sort of fun but my hand got a cramp from doing those amazing drawings. I’m like working in teams because I find it is nice to be able to meet new people and be in the same boat most of the time.

My Creative Media


That’s my animation video for the Creative Media!

Boom. Done.


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