The Atomic Habits ⚛

Hello! Recently we had the opportunity to read the book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James ClearWe read this book to further our understating of habits from our previous learning about ‘The 7 habits’. We needed to take this learning and answer a question: How does balance within my life create opportunities? Here’s my answer, but first the process of getting that answer.

To start of i’d like to give a quick review of both ‘The 7 habits’ and the ‘Atomic Habits books. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ by Stephen R. Covey or more commonly know as the “The 7 Habits” is a book that highlights and teaches the importance of developing seven important habits that lead to personal effectiveness and growth. These habits focus on proactivity, setting goals, prioritization, empathy, communication, collaboration, and self-renewal. On the other hand the ‘Atomic Habits‘ book emphasizes the importance of small and consistent behavioural changes that  help achieve significant changes over time.

Both of these books help teach us that a balanced life leads to opportunities and how these opportunities come when people dedicate time and energy to multiple areas of their life.  By developing and utilizing good habits and personal effectiveness, people can achieve greater success in all areas of their life, leading to more significant opportunities in both personal and professional worlds.

Now that we’ve re-capped lets answer the question I mentioned before: How does balance within my life create opportunities? Here’s my answer:

Having balance within my life creates opportunities by allowing me to distribute time and energy to multiple areas of my life like personal relationships, school, my health, and my personal growth.

For example, when I have a balanced life, I am a lot less likely to experience a burnout in my school and social life and am more likely to have the energy and focus on school and other interests outside of it. So having this balance in my school life could help lead me towards opportunities like taking up or focusing on a hobby, volunteering, or jobs.

Moreover having a balanced life allows me to build and maintain relationships with my family and friends, This can help provide a support network that helps me achieve your goals and open doors to new opportunities. By prioritizing my mental and physical health and well-being I can develop and build a resilience to challenges and opportunities as they arise.

So to answer the question plain and simple, having a balance within all aspects of life creates opportunities and allows people to have the resources and resilience needed to pursue goals and interests  in all areas of your life.

As always thanks for reading!,


Mpols Part. 2

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner!”

It’s time again for my midterm presentation of learning. In this post, I am going to detail my experience with PLP 10 so far. I will discuss my strengths, weaknesses, highlights, FAILs, and more.

To start this years MPOL off strong I decided to show my learning plan first, this will give everybody a sense of what I strived for this year and how I’ve tried to reach those goals in the process of these projects. Here it is:

As you can see in my learning plan I aimed for an accomplished grade  this year which was my final grade for semester one, it think I really earned this grade and I am extremely proud of it. Id like to show some of the work I think really highlights an accomplished, almost extending level of understanding and work in my projects.

Id like to start off with my final product for our Gold Rush unit, I ended up getting an extending grade on the product which I’m really happy with, The assignment was to write  a short story about a character, either real or made up and create a story line that again could be real or made up based in the time of the caribou gold rush. My story was based on real events but I did add in a couple features that I made up to give the story more plot and make it flow better. My story ended up being about 3 pages long and I’m really proud of what I ended up with, the story was based around a true story of how a girl who helped save a group of miners that were stuck on the top of a mountain the the middle of winter, this is the full story (click this!)

Another project that I thought really showed how I earned this grade, I think I earned this grade because it not only showed how I could work together in a group but also how I could help take a group of three topics and show them all in one product, and that product was my monument for the Ology of Apology project we did. I think that my monument really showcased my work as learner in a very physical way. Our monument showed someone breaking down walls which we called “The walls of oppression” it was meant to showcase the struggles of imagent from Asia in Canada, specifically BC. Since each of our group members had different topics, with Gwen having Chinese head tax,  Brooke having the Komagata Maru, and Me having Japanese internment we needed a monument that would showcase and pay tribute to all of the minorities in our topics and The walls of oppression is what we came up with. One of the walls, the smallest wall, was already broken through showing  that one form of oppression had been “beaten” in a sense with the person only having to met with more thicker and taller walls. On the walls we had racist propaganda that was used in the time period. Im really proud of this work and thought it looked really good in the end. Here’s what our monument looked like:

For the last bits of my work that I’d like show in my MPOL is the end product for my most recent project of Romeo And Juliet. I had a lot of fun during that project and thought are video was really good in the end, Id also like to show the theme book that I created during this project and showcase my video, both I think show not only understanding of the project but also my ability do create good work in smaller time periods seeing as though we didn’t have much time for this project. My theme book, which I think is the star of my work for this project, ending up looking like this:

I got an extending grade on that project and I’m really proud of that mark, I’m also really proud of the video we made for this project. I thought I was really funny and it was fun to make! Here’s what that looked like:

I think that now is a good time to bring to light some of my FAIL’S. I think that one of biggest FAIL’S this year was during our Ology of Apology projects. I think my fail during that project was the plaque, the plaque was meant to hold a short message describing explaining the meaning of our memorial, I think we could have written our message a lot better and could have made it a lot more meaningful. This is what the plaque looked like:


As you can see we definitely could have done more with it and created something a lot better.

That’s all, thank you for coming to my MPOL! I’ll see you at the next one.

Its a Love Story … BABY JUST SAY YES! 🎥

Hello! For our last project before the new semester we took a look at the iconic Shakespeare play Romeo And Juliet! I actually really enjoyed this project and wish to do something like it in the future. And although this project was short they’re some big steps that got us to our final projects for our final project in which we created our own reenactment of a scene from the play, here’s how to got to that final step!

To start off we began reading the script of Romeo and Juliet which was actually kind of difficult at the beginning because it written in a Elizabethan dialect, Once we were done reading an act we would put it in our theme book.

The theme book was a book we would take a quote from the script and then we would try and locate a theme in the quote that we thought that was represented in the quote then we would connect it to an adaptation, we watched two of these adaptions in class the two being Gnomeo and Juliet and Warm bodies, I also watched Romeo + Juliet  at home like I know a couple other people did with even more films like west story. The two films we watched in class were sort of a spin off into completely different genres than the original Romeo And Juliet, One being about gnomes and the other about zombies but both followed themes in Romeo and Juliet. We had to make the connections from the script into the plot of the movies we had watched, mine ended up looking like this:

Once the theme book was done we got separated into different groups for filming, my group members were: Brooke, Landon, and Ben. Once we had our groups we decided on the scene we wanted to recreate, ended up choosing the balcony scene. Next came the theme, we debated the themes for a while before choosing something along the lines of a reality TV show and the office, it had the same cutaways and 4th wall breaks that we really wanted in our adaptation. Next we started planning the scenes, sets, costumes, basically what we would need to make the dream become a reality. I think It ended up great, here’s our final product:

And that’s a wrap on semester one, expect more from semester two!

Thanks for reading,


Ology of Apology & The Exhibition 🌏

Hello! For our second official project in humanities we learnt about the ology of apology. This project helped us learn what a proper apology was and helped us compare it to some miss-doings in the history of BC.

The first thing we did was watch a video about some of the racial injustices against asian people that had taken place in BC. This included things like the Chinese head tax, Japanese internment, racism against asian people, and more. After we watched the video we had to narrow out some of the thing we learned and took away from the video and compose a short paragraph of our takeaways.

This is mine:

I learnt how hard it was for people of colour, specifically people from Asia to immigrate to Canada. I also learnt how hard the Canadian government tried to move and get rid of Asian people and culture from this ‘new world’ that is BC. Id definitely like to learn more about the Japanese Internment camps and the issues they faced and how they prevailed and fought through such a tough time. A big takeaway of mine was how different yet simpler the old BC is to the modern day BC and I would like to see some of places and areas that these interment camps were set up, I already know one area was just behind the PNE but I would like to see more sites and if they still hold some of the history of what happened there.

Next we were sorted into our different topic groups, the three topics were: Japanese internment, Chinese head tax, and the Komagata Maru. I was sorted into Japanese internment. Once we had these groups we created keynote presentations that showed the event from start to finish, in this keynote we needed to create an interactive timeline for the event as well. This was something like a bubble or photo on a timeline or line that when clicked on brought you to that event slide. This is what mine ended up looking like:

Along with that we needed to create a script and record ourselves reading it out, the script was meant to house our thoughts on the topic through ethical judgment. Ethical judgment is when you put yourself in the mindset of someone from the time period of an event to judge if it was ethical or not, without using the judgment of an everyday mindset. I ended up doing mine verbally with my teacher for the project so I don’t have much to show for this keystone.

Next we were sorted into groups of 3 to create monuments for our topics, mine was a bit tricky cause each member of my group had a different topic. Gwen had the topic of chinese head tax and Brooke had the topic of Komagata Maru and I had japanese internment (you can go check out there reflections of this project on there blogs!). We needed to create a monument that encompassed all three of our topics, we ended up with this:

We called our monument “The walls of oppression”, It was designed to show someone breaking down walls that signified oppression. The walls kept getting bigger and bigger as they kept going, the person chipping away at the walls only had two small tools and had broken through one of the walls already. The walls had racist propaganda against the groups in our three topics on them aswell as moss and barbed wire. We used styrofoam for the walls and floor and cardboard for the rest of the structure, we then painted and added details to the walls and base.

Next we showcased our monument in the winter exhibition. The exhibition was a good time for us to show our work, this years theme was based off the James Cameron Avatar movies. This was the because it related strongly to some themes in the majority of our projects and the sequels release.

That’s it for my blog post!

Thanks for reading,


Loon Lake 🦆 (Volume 2)

Heyo! Right before Christmas break we went to loon lake, this time around we went only with the grade 10s (my grade) we partnered up with pinnacle pursuits to help us gain a better understanding of leadership and teamwork!

The Pinnacle Pursuits Experience:

This year at loon lake we were mainly led by a team called “Pinnacle Pursuits”. For three days they helped us become more mindful, aware, and confident in ourselves and our skills. They set up multiple actives for the days they had with us. On the first day they set up two actives a mini scavenger hunt and rock climbing, they split our group into two groups one group did rock climbing first and the other group did the scavenger hunt. I did the scavenger first in which we had to work in a group and use each other strengths to find little notes held little questions that we had to then think as group of the answers for, this also helped us re-instate ourselves with the layout of loon lake. We also got to use compasses which helped us find the location of the notes. Then we did rock climbing, rock climbing was really fun and helped us challenge ourselves physically and mentally.  There were two sides on the rock wall, an “easy side” and a “harder side” I only got to do the easy side even though I wanted to challenge myself on the harder one but it was fun to help and support my friends when they did the harder side! Throughout the days we did various activates such as a trust falls from a chair on top of a table, a low ropes course and high ropes course. The high ropes was my favourite because I got to connect with people in my grade that In a way I wouldn’t in the classroom. I really connected with people during the crate stacking activity, the crate stacking was when you belayed off the ground and had to stack as many crates a possible that you and a partner who was also in the air could stand on. With help from a group of people on the ground and my partner in the air we managed to get 10 crates high which sounds like a really low number and easy but was actually so difficult. We also did a lot of inside work with a workbook on paper and pen and we also created signs that were decked out with things that we thought represented our personality, we drew them out and it was actually really fun and made me feel like a little kid again. We then, after a day of team bonding, would right on each others poster thing we noticed about that person or what they did that day. Mine looked like this!



The 2.5 hour hike: 

On one of our last full days at loon lake our teachers decided to take us on a full hike around the lake, on this hike we were meant to take lots of photos and also use it a moment to reflect on the trip, and although I can’t really talk a lot about what I reflected on here of some of the amazing photos me and my friends captured on the hike.


The Food:

One of my favourite parts of loon lake is the food, it is probably one of the best parts of the trip and I don’t know if that’s because we only have 3 meals a day and aren’t allowed to snack or because the food is just THAT good, probably a mix of both – here are some photos I have of the meals and Claire eating the meals, with a Sepaus   cameo:


Thank you for reading about my Loon lake experience! It was freezing but fun



Vibrant Video

Yello, So recently in maker 9 we learnt about the history of movie making and how to make different kinds of movies! We did things like silent films, tutorials, and more.

To start off we took a look at the history of movie making, we looked at how they were made, who made them and more. For example the first moving picture was a francophone of Thomas Edison sneezing, and the first movie was an old western film about a bank robbery. While we were learning about these topics we were taking notes in a keynote document!

Next we took our movie learning into the real world and were given the assignment to create a silent movie! The silent movie was made in clips and needed to be black and white with no noise expect for an old fashioned toon. For my silent video me and Zach created a museum robber skit, I was the robber and Zach was a police man – it was really fun to create.

We then needed to create a small storyboard for our next film! Our next film was a tutorial video, our tutorial was how to make a friend. Here’s how that turned out:


Then we created a special effects video! To create this video we used action movie to create a sequence of over dramatic effect to create something sort of out of a James Bond parody, sadly I don’t have the film but it was still pretty funny.

That was sadly it for this project and I wished that we got to learn about film making as it was pretty interesting topic! But we worked on our film skills later when we did our documentary project!

Thanks for tuning in,


Time = Money

Yo yo yo, recently we just finished our last project for scimatics! In this project we looked at how to use an app called Desmos, Did some khan academy quizzes, and more!

To start off we needed to choose a service or something to sell, this could be something like clothing, jewelry, dog walking, or even selling your feet online. I decided to do a mix of both service and business in way and decided to make tea for people, sort of like a cafe!

Next we needed to create a spreadsheet that contained all of the startup costs, I already had most of the materials so my startup cost was fairly cheap. My startup cost included tea bags, milk, and sugar and was only $12 all together!



Next we needed to take what was in the spreadsheet (above) and make an equation for our business. This equation included our start up cost, how much you’d make in an hour and/or how long it’ll take me to actually make that money. My equation ended up looking something like this:



Next I took my equation and put into an app called Desmos. This app helped me create an exact graph which showed how much I’d make in the span of five our to the span of a year – Desmos said that I would end up making about $2,113 in about 50 hours and around $117, 929 in around 5000 hours!



While all this was happening we had to keep in mind that we would have to create a video (like in our meiosis models video). This video needed to include the process of how we got to the graph and a few more things, but you can see for yourself:


Curricular Competency’s:

Communication: I think that my video would have to be the best example of communication for this project – it has a voice over that explains (to the best of my abilities) the project and how it works.

Thinking: I think that the Desmos graph or my would have to be the best example of my thinking work, I had to not only create the equation but the try and show it on a random graphing app.

Personal & Social: I think that my blog post would probably be best for personal and social because it helps and makes me reflect on my learning and on what I did and how I could do better while sharing my learning with other people!


Alrighty aaaaand that’s it for the year! Hopefully I wont have to write another one of these for a hot min but think this might be my last ever scimatics blog post (thank god) so bye y’all.

Thanks for tuning in for the year,

– Ines

TPOLS 2022

Hello there, remember the mpols? Well were doing something like that again but its a little different, this time around the driving question is: Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?

Before I’d start I’d like to say: Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner!

Now to start off I’d like to tell you about some of the work I think showed my improvement over this year!




I think these assignments really highlighted my learning and growth throughout the past 2 years! And I know that some of my work that I don’t feel as proud of has definitely helped me move forward on this path as well. My work for these assignments both good and bad have helped me highlight and focus on the things that need work or I know get me good results.


Curricular Competency’s:

Communication: I used this competency in DI when I had to present my skit to a group of people as well as my instant challenge – I think this shows my communication skill perfectly

Thinking: I used this competency throughout all of my scimatics work – Science and math are particularly harder subjects for me so I really had to push my self to think about the different topics and think of ways that I can understand the topics better

Personal and Social: I used this competency at loon lake. I had to not only work with different people but work in a whole new setting. I think that I really learned how to balance not only having fun but also working.

For these reasons I know I am ready to move on to my next stages of learning and learn even more how to grow myself and work! I am looking forward to working with new people and discovering and learning about new places and expanding my learning and knowledge.

The Spring Exhibition – 2022

Hola! Recently we had another exhibition. Although our last exhibition was more of an acted out thing, this time we had to set up a whole exhibit that we were in charge of planning and creating! (Along with a few grade 8s)

To start off we got sorted into our groups – my group consisted of Max, Faith, Theryn, Erik, Cale, Ben, Patrick, and Noah! We worked together to create all of the main things for the room including the floor layout, different stations, where people where, and more! Our room theme was technology for learning.

Once we had our groups we started to plan out the room. This included different stations, where people where going to be, what was going to be shown, and more all had to be added into our room layout. Here was the first draft of our room layout and the final one.

Next we started to draw out what the different stations would look like – we each had a different station to draw out (most likely your own station) that means I had to draw out the interactive station – the interactive station included an area with a black backdrop where we would show people how to use action movie and on the other side had a green screen setup with props and we would show people how to use it and insert them into scenes like a beach or mountain top.


While all of this was happening we started to create decor and came up with ideas for the food we would be serving at the exhibition here came the fight over the cookies – basically we wanted to serve cookies as a main food choice for the exhibition but we needed at least 100 which meant we needed to bake and ice 100 cookies which we surprisingly managed to do, 4 people baked 25 each and I then iced all 100 (with a few friends of course – I think either my arm would fall off or I’d eat them all if I had to do it alone)

Next it was time to meet the Grade 8s we would be working with. When we met up with them it was a bit awkward at the beginning but in the end we ended up talking about who was doing what and cleared up where the grade 8s would be and what they would be showing at there stations.

Over the next few classes we worked together when we could to create signs, decor, and shape out the exhibition! And soon the room was coming together – we had props, decor, food & drinks, and everyone knew what they were doing (for the most part). And then before we knew it, it was opening night! We got the room ready, got changed into our costumes got into our station and we were rolling!

In the end it went ok and was a mid experience although I wouldn’t try and do it again, ha…haha..

Thanks for reading!,



My First Film – Blog Post

Ello Ello, Recently for our last project before summer we had to create a documentary for class ! This documentary had to include our vibrant video skills, at least one interview, and a soundtrack we made! Here’s how I did it.

We started off by choosing a topic for our documentary, I wanted to do birds aren’t real but apparently that’s not a ‘proper topic’ so I ended up doing fashion trends! Not my top pick but still ok.

But to really jump start us into this project we streamed by creating a treatment, the treatment is a one page summary of your whole film. This helped us set up our screen plays but ill get to that later!

The treatment coincided perfectly with the creation of our log lines! The log line is sort of like the treatment but its a more brief summary of what’s happening in the film sort of like the back of a book or the yellow scroll text at the beginning of Star Wars.

Remember that screen play I was talking about? Well now we needed to create it – a screen play in film is something that basically holds the outline for your story. It contains the setting of the scenes as well as the monologue in that scene! Its sort of like a script with extra notes telling you where to stand, how, when, etc. It was actually pretty helpful to use when creating my story board.

Now one of my least favourite yet also my favourite part of projects like this – a story board! The story board was sort of like all of these three things combined (treatment, log line, screen play) but visual. But before we got to doing our films story board to do this we watched like 50 seconds of the mandalorian trailer (atleast I think that’s what it was) but it was actually kind of fun! Next we started to create/work on the story board for our own films mine ended up looking kinda messy but still got the message through. Here’s a snippet of mine!:

Next we got to actually filming our documentary’s this included sending out emails containing interview questions and creating an outline for our film in iMovie (place holdings, existing photos, etc.). Then I  had to flim interviews – I interviewed my mom, my dad, and my stepdad who all work in the clothing industry. Once that was done I inserted it into the draft of our film and started editing, the one thing that I had trouble with was the creation of music, for the music in our documentary’s it had to be 100% authentic (aka we needed to create it all ourselves) to do this we needed to use garage band – in the end I’m kinda of happy with how it turned out so take a look here!



Alright that was it!



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