so close but yet so far

The first semester this year is done and it’s time for me to reflect back on my growth and learning so far this school year, it’s time for another Mpol (midyear presentation of learning.) so far this year I have done 2 and a half projects and I would like to tell you how I […]


Hello friends welcome back to my blog! I haven’t posted in a while but here’s what I’ve been doing lately. I just finished a project about the timeless themes of Macbeth, the Shakespeare play. This project was a bit of a roller coaster for me so let me tell you about my experience. The first […]

The Manhattan Project🧨

Hello friends, have you ever heard of the atomic bomb? Well, I hope you have because it’s pretty important. I have spent the last couple of weeks learning all I can about the atomic bomb and why it’s significant. I was focusing on the question “How did splitting the atom change the world?” the question […]

Am I Ready?

Hello people, welcome to another one of my blog posts. This post is about all my learning throughout the whole school year my tPol (transitional presentation of learning.) I haven’t done one of these since grade 8 so comparing that blog post to this one will be a Jurassic difference. In this tPol I am […]

Habits or Something

Hello people, I have a new blog post for you to read. Along with the other projects I just finished I completed one called believe in good. This project was all about the 7 habits, which are 7 habits that anyone can use that will help you have success in almost all aspects of your […]

North Shore for Shore🌊

Hello people, welcome to yet another blog post! This post is about a new project that I just finished called Shore to the Core. This project was all about the history of Vancouver, Canada specifically North Van/North Shore. Each student in my class had to pick a historically significant topic of interest as long as […]

Goals, Goals, Goals🚍

Hello people, I have another blog post for you. This blog post is about a trip that I did with my class to a place called loon lake. We called this trip a learning advance because it was technically a retreat but you’re not supposed to retreat while learning your supposed to advance. The trip […]

🦠Up Close and Personal🦠

Hello people, since about January I have been working and practicing on a new project called Destination Imagination (DI), DI Is a competition and learning experience for students from elementary to senior levels, and this is my second time taking part in DI. In this project you are to create and present a solution to […]

Know Your Past

Hello people, I am here once again to tell you about a project that I just finished. This project was pretty interesting because of the current events that are happening right now. My class and I have been researching WWII and each making a podcast episode on a specific topic of choice, in the end […]

Did I Learn?

Hello people,  Once again I am here to do my MPOL (mid year presentation of learning.) the last time I did one of these was in grade 8, so a pretty long time ago. If you want to go see my grade 8 MPOL you can find it here. Today I am going to be […]