Renaissance Innovations!

My Triptych

We have learned about the many innovations that were created during the Renaissance from Europe and Asia and the vast impact they have had on our world today. Technology, writing, culture, and medicine was influenced by information, inventions and thoughts that were created and brought up during the renaissance. These creations have changed many peoples lives and have has a big impact on technology and its growth. I really wanted to focus on lenses when creating my triptych because they are very important in cameras, iPhones, iPads, telescopes, and much more. Lenses have improved science and have helped expand medicine and photography. Left panel New ideas in the renaissance have changed the world by having a big impact on new technologies and medicine. I chose to add glasses to my left panel because one of the many innovations that was created was the lens. The lens has had a big impact on cameras, telescopes, and microscopes, and has changed photography and science all over the world. In the Background of my left panel in my triptych I showed the 95 theses by Martin Luther to represent hand printing, an old clock, and very outdated medical tools to show the improvement of medicine and new medical techniques. Right panel While making the right panel I focused on trying my best to really show what people used before the lens was created. I showed someone from the renaissance looking through a crystal at a piece of paper. Before the lens was created people used crystals to magnify text. In the background of my left panel of my triptych I showed a sun dial, pen and paper, and more old medical tools. For this panel we had to add inventions or things that were used before the renaissance. I found that the innovations was most easily displayed by putting them almost in a museum like way on shelves and the showing my main idea on an easel up front. Middle panel For the middle panel in my triptych I had to display how the inventions that were created in the renaissance by showing new inventions. I Chose to show this by using a canon camera to show how the lens has changed not just cameras but photography. In the background of the centre panel, I also showed a digital clock, a computer, and new modern medical tools. These helped represent how these innovations have had a big impact on modern technology and how they have improved overtime. Overall, I think that these innovations have changed and influenced the world in many ways. Without Inventions that were created in Europe and Asia we would not have the technology and medicine we have today. These have influenced culture, education, and science and will continue to do so.

During this project about innovations from Europe and Asia, I learned a lot more about the innovations we have today and what new ideas were brought up during the renaissance.  These innovations have had a large impact on our world influencing lots of the technology, science, and art we see today. Something that I have taken away from this project is that without those ideas and thoughts being brought up during the renaissance we would not have things today like the camera, iPhone, digital printing, and clocks. I created my own triptych by finding and creating pieces of art from the renaissance and adding a photo of me too it. I used the app super impose to help me bring each panel together. We made these triptychs to show our learning of the renaissance and the many ideas that where created and how they have developed over time. Some of the apps we used during this project was Superimpose X, Things, Craft, and Calendar. We took all of our notes in craft and used calendar to organize our project timeline. It was fun to explore and experiment with new apps, they were very helpful.   This project was very fascinating, I learned a lot more about the renaissance and its impacts.  

Humanities Middle Ages Reflection


These past few months we have been working on learning more about the Middle Ages specifically the feudal system and the crusades. The driving question for this project was, how did the quest for power impact peoples lives in the Middle Ages? I made sure to explain myself and show evidence in my writing by getting some information from reliable websites. It was very interesting to learn more about what it was really like in the Middle Ages for different groups of people, and explore peoples different point of views on religion, and political views on society.


While learning about the Middle Ages we were asked to create a slideshow or a video in keynote to demonstrate our understanding of the significance of the feudal system and crusades. To prepare we created a draft of our plan and what we wanted to include. I think that it was much easier to make the slideshow with the plan, it was very effective and the whole process of making it went a lot faster. Making the drawings was also one of my favourite parts, it was nice to be able to draw how we interpreted it, rather than just taking images from online. We then worked together with classmates and were able to help each other correct and improve our slideshows. This system is pretty effective because you are able to get other peoples opinions on your work, on what should be changed and what shouldn’t. I found it interesting to explore different religions and how they were born. Some things that could have been improved is the time that I spent and how I spread it out, I could have been more efficient with spreading out the work and making sure I had all details included.

What I learned

Throughout the past few weeks we have been taught about where different religions came from, what they where, how the feudal system worked and what the

 crusades where. I was really interested in learning about how Islam and Christianity came from Judaism, and why Christians and Muslims where fighting. This project was pretty important because it was teaching kids about the past and how religions around the world were effected by these historical events.  

PLP Winter Exhibition 2022

 This PLP winter exhibition was a great learning experience! My original idea for creating my artifact was to make a projector and display different photos of local forests. While creating my prototype everything was going pretty good and then when I started to construct it I realized that it would be harder than I thought. Unfortunately that was not going to work, I needed a dark room and a clear picture I wasn’t quite sure at the time how it would turn out.  After creating plan B, I soon realized that I would use this as my main plan. During this process I learned that mistakes are just a way of learning and that when we make them it is just another way to improve and make more quality work. In the end I had the tree of souls that I had created and I showed its communication between other trees and I made sure that my theme statement had reflected my box. I chose to do climate change and nature preservation because of living in BC. Here ecpecially in Vancouver there are lots of forests and I think that it is really important that we help protect trees and look after their well-being. 

The exhibition ran pretty smoothly I was able to become more comfortable with sharing my work and explaining my process. I think that this exhibition was a great way to develop public speaking skills and communicate and share our ideas with our peers. While setting up for the exhibition it was really nice to get to collaborate and share our ideas for the room decor. We were all planning together and I got to work as a team with New people. During the setup I got to meet new people and make new friends. It was interesting to get to know people and I think that the exhibition was a great way to bring new people together. Overall, I think that my first PLP exhibition went very well and I can’t wait for the next one!

Making Interesting Images With Lila!

While creating new photos i learned more about what makes an interesting image. We learned more about different camera functions and tools we can use and the impact they can have on a photo. Photos have a certain feeling that sometimes words cannot describe. You can use technology to communicate and create different photos to express thoughts and feelings. Photography is an art of expression and is an amazing way of exploring new things.  The three skills i found most useful we learned about the rule of thirds, different angles, and  exploring editing photos and adding different filters. Here is some of the photos i have made in the past few weeks! 😀




Who Am I As a PLP learner?


These past couple months in maker I have been able to develop and grow as a PLP learner. I learned more about myself and how I enjoy collaborating with others and sharing my thoughts and ideas. While completing many different projects and activities I was able to learn more about how I enjoy creative activities and how I love expressing myself through art. These past few weeks we have worked on a: digital selfie, laptop Memoji, user Manuel, dream board, bucket list, and a Youtube channel.

 Through my digital selfie I was able to learn about the different camera settings there are in  the camera app.  We experimented with I am statements and then took a selfie to visually represent them. I learned that I enjoy  thinking more creatively and adding a personal touch to my projects.  

While creating my laptop Memoji I was able to display my personality through the different stickers that I  added. We learned more about the app key note and how it can be used in many different ways. I was able to experiment with different tools to see what I enjoyed most and what fit our presentations. This project was done solo, but when we where done we helped each other improve and gave each other feed back. We reflected on our work and then were able to revise to improve. I think that this project really pushed me to express my personality in many different ways.

When making my dream board I was able to learn more about my self not just as a student but also as a Person. Through this project I was able to explore notability by creating my dream board. I was able to show what my goals are in life and what my dreams are. When creating this dream board I learned more about what I want to do when I am older and what I want to accomplish. I learned more about notability and its many uses.

These past few weeks in maker I have learned a lot about myself as student and a person. I hope I continue to grow and learn and express myself through upcoming projects and stay as positive as I can be! 

See ya! Bye!