“Unraveling Riel: Exploring the Changing Portrayals of Louis Riel’s Impact on Canada’s History”

Louis Riel had a significant impact on Canadas history, and helped shape its identity over many years. In this project we learned about the many portrayals of Louis Riel, the history of Canada and the fight for the Metis. The process of this project was quite interesting as I got to explore different texts and videos that helped me interpret Louis Riel in my own way. Louis Riel’s Reputation has shifted and changed over many years. I learned about his resistance fighting for the Metis land and rights. The Canadian government fought back determined to take back the Red River land. Viewed as a Rebel by many, and a hero by others, he was a controversial powerful leader.

We started off this project by investigating the many portrayals of Louis Riel. We looked at different statues, art pieces, and films taking notes on the various styles and feelings that were expressed. This helped us gather information and sources for our three paragraph composition. I found this aspect of the project one of the  more challenging parts. I struggled trying to interpret him in my own way. One thing I found very helpful were videos and short films, they helped me understand more about his story and impact. Historica Canadas Heritage Minute was most intriguing to me. The video explored his past and showed his religious beliefs. It helped me deeper my understanding of him and his own beliefs. 

With all this information and the help from my teachers and peers I was able to compose a three paragraph essay that I was quite proud of. I think that this project really improved my writing skills, and it was a solid start to building a foundation of my literacy devices. A big part of this project was making mistakes and correcting them. I got feedback and corrections from multiple different classmates that helped me improve upon my writing. I also got very important and effective feedback from my teachers that really benefited my writing. Throughout this project not only did I expand my vocabulary and learn about the important history of Canada I also learnt about the importance of an indent. 


Overall, reflecting on this essay about Louis Riel, I have gained a deeper understanding of his impact on Canada’s history and the struggles faced by the Metis. The process of exploring different sources and interpretations allowed me to form my own perspective on Riel. I found the investigation of various portrayals challenging but beneficial in enhancing my interpretation skills. Watching videos, particularly Historica Canada’s Heritage Minute, helped me gain a deeper understanding of Riel’s beliefs and story. With the help of my teachers and peers, I was able to compose an essay that I am proud of and improve my writing skills. This project not only expanded my vocabulary and knowledge of Canada’s history, but also taught me the importance of feedback and attention to detail, such as using proper indentation in writing. Check out my essay below. ⬇️