About Me! 😋


Welcome to my blog. I am a student at Seycove secondary In a program called PLP.  In PLP (performance learning program) we do project based learning, and learn through experience and reflection. Here is a bit about me:

-In my spare time I enjoy playing softball, skateboarding, drawing, and hanging out with friends. I am on a softball team in north van and I am happiest when I am playing short stop.

-I enjoy listening to music and exploring new artists. Listening to music in school helps me concentrate and stay focused.

-I love to travel and visit new places, I have been to Europe, most of Canada, Costa Rica, and some parts of Hawaii. I hope to continue to travel and explore new places.

On my blog I will be sharing my learning and my reflections on different projects and experiences. I am excited to share my PLP  journey with you!