Herzog reflection

Hi welcome back

We are currently doing 2 mini projects. One on art and the other on photography. We have just finished the first so I am going to reflect on it. We are doing this to learn how to create and communicate using technology. So I am going on it.

Things I learned on photography.

1. Using the rule of thirds, lighting, and markup. We learned how to make photos draw your eye to something to get you to focus on it. We also learned how to markup photos to give them more of a story.

2. I learned how to use angles, and lighting to make a photo tell a better story. We also learned how to make a silhouette portrait


3. We learned how to take landscapes, and panoramas to make a nice photo. We also learned how to photoshop photos with pixlemater and snapseed.

4.We then learned how to make collages with keynote. I will provide a link to them below.


5. To finish off this photo thingy we learned how to make animations and GIFs.

The fist half of this project was great. I learned how to tell a story with photos. How to edit and take better photos. I also now have GIFs making in my pocket so i now have more tools in my expanding internet arsenal. But now I have to do the second half but I want to learn more so got to go.

I will see you in the next post bye.



reflection on my tectonic chances board game


Over the past month I have been working on a board game about tectonic plates and probability. In this post I will give you a timeline, a reflection on how I did and more.


We started our project with a mind map, an activity about game rules and learned a bit about tectonic plates.

We did an experiment to learn how tectonic plates move, learned more about tectonic plates and wrote down vocabulary on our own and in our groups. (shout out to Cameron

We worked on our board games for the first time. In my group Cameron started the board while I made a box for the Game and pieces. I finishes the box roughly and then moved on to helping Cameron with the board decor.

Then we wrote our rules and made the pieces and cards. After that we polished up the board to make it better and Cameron with help from  Makai who is not in our group changed the colour from marker to paint. While that was happening I melted a box that was used for the pieces and shanked it. Then Makai helped decorate the side of the box. Once that was done Cameron decorated the inside and out side of the box while I made a new lid for the small box and some pieces so the board did not fall over. (they where also painted by Cameron)

We tested our game, refined the rules and then we had a board games day to end off the project.

The theory of plate tectonics and supporting evidence is a central theme of the game. 10 key science concepts are described. Game pieces visually represent tectonics concepts. I think I did well as we made a functional, board, deck of cards, players, case and boxes. We made a good set of rules including the science concepts we used and probability. We drafted, made adjustments, tested and experimented our way to a good game that is completely original.

All class time is used efficiently for learning and project work without distractions. I think I did well at this as me and cameron both worked really hard at this and we did not really goof off as we wanted to do a good job and do it right. When ever we thought we were done we would look for things to improve on. By doing that we made a better case, boxes for the game pieces and the dice. We tested are game as well and used each test run to look for problems that we fixed.

The tectonics game uses probability in each turn to determine outcomes. The probability of several example combinations of events is clearly calculated in the game instructions. I think me and Cameron did a good job at that as we had a fully calculated list of the fractions and % of each outcome. We first had to list each card type and then using the total amount calculate the fractions for each outcome. Then we converted them into % to make it easier to understand as we had to make them easy to understand.

In conclusion I had a great time doing this project. I learned a lot science wise and math wise. It was very fun and it helped me with my collaborative and communicating skills. I had a good time and will see you at the next post.


Becoming a PLP learner reflection

For the past month in maker we have been working on a project called becoming a PLP learner.

It was about how can we build and strengthen the PLP learning team. We made a memoji. Wrote a big life journal and much more to prove that. I learned lots wrote lots and typed lots to get to this point. The reflection post. If you are wondering what the big life journal, it’s a journal about ourselves.

We started with challenges most days. Then we work on the BLJ and some other activities. Or learn some tech stuff for our iPads. Our work included BLJ, MEMOJI laptop, (link to teamwork contract page) and our Kenote. At the end of the project we finished up with a very fun exibition where we showed some of what we learned over the course of this project. Below i have my presentation guide and a slideshow of a bit of my Big life journal and my Memoji below that.

Keynote presentation

We tarted this project not knowing much about iPad but gradually learned more as we did work. We did our MEMOJI, a word pack, made things, did challenges, link to final challenge below this paragraph for some part of it. We slowly worked through the 5 chapter Big life journal. After that large chunk of the project we drafted a representation of us as a PLP learner, made a presentation and ended off with presenting it to the PLP grade 8 parents. (shoutout to them) (extra shoutout to my challenge group/ add project group for being a great group and their blog links will be at the bottom of the blog)

Final challenge

For the final challenge we had to make a movie trailer

This project was very hard but very fun. It was full of challenges LITERALLY we had to do challenges. We learned techniques for our iPad, tips and tricks for our iPad and apps. Things to do on IOS 15 and much more. I had a great time and will take away a lot from this.

My teams blog links








My ad project reflection

This project we learned about advertising and how what we hear read and see influence us.

The main goal the project was to create an ad for a client which they can use.  We learned how to communicate better and more efficiently. We also learned to question what we hear and see and read. We created ads and documents about advertising to understand it.

The ad drafts I created.

One of the documents i made. The ads link is below.


Name of Media: captain crunch

Who created this message? The creators of captain crunch created this add to advertise the new addition to their cereal.What techniques are used to attract my attention? Bright  colours, bold text and cartoons are combined to make the add.

How might different people understand this message differently from me? They  might interpret that they are making the cereal sweeter.What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in or omitted from this message? What happens when you eat captain crunch.Why was this message sent? Profit and/or power. This message was created for profit.

In paragraph form, who is the target audience of this piece of media? What is the message of this media? The message of this media is that their is new crunch berries in captain crunch cereal and that you should try it. The target audience is teens as and add uses bold colour, colour, and cartoons to attract this audience. The other part of the message is it makes you even more sugar high.

We also did this project in a group so I am going to link their version of this.






I have learned a lot over the past 5 weeks some more useful than others. I learned that ads can be designed to be more convincing and when to tell when that is happening. How to develop ads using some of my apps on my iPad properly and effectively. I have taken away a lot from this and will definitely remember it. I had a great time working on this and learned a lot. CYA till the next time – Keenan