The ULTAMATE Design Challenge

For the past while in Simatcis we have been creating objects in 3d. This was on our driving question How can we design _________ for maximum volume or surface area. I chose to design an xbox for maximum volume. We also had to use at least 10 shapes and find the total surface area and volume and create a presentation for it.

time line of the project

Day one

The project was launched. I began experimenting on Tinkercad a 3D design software.

Day 2

I began learning volume, and area of and about 2d and 3d objects. We also continued experimenting on Tinkercad.

Day 3

I continued learning the volume and area of  and about 2d and 3d objects. We also did our first required tinker cad challenge where we had to create a rectangular prism to fit the required volume. We also began the decision on what we where making.

Day 4

I made the final decision on my design, I chose to make an Xbox 1 S to maximize volume. We also continued learning about volume and surface area of and about 2d and 3d objects.

Day 5

I began learning the formulas necessary to calculate the surface area, and volume of our object.

Day 6

I put the formulas needed into a document this included triangular prism, cube, and cylinder. We added the photo of our object as well. But as I finished off the project I had to make some adjustments to this and obtain the proper formulas for my shapes as things like a rectangular prism with 3 different sized sides had a slightly different formula. I also had to create the formulas for an oval prism as i could not find one and had to keep tweaking it.

Day 7 And 8

I got the measurements needed to calculate everything and I began the long process of getting the calculations and even after this and after I started working on my presentation I kept on needing to make corrections until finally I had it finished.

Day 9

I finished my presentation which I had been working on over the weekend and included the final calculations and photos of the design and managed to accomplish my goal of an Xbox to have a more volume than surface area.

Evaluation on how I did

All class time is used efficiently for learning without distractions.                                        I think I did well at this, I got all my work done and went over it multiple times to check for mistakes. I also managed to calculate an oval prism’s volume and surface area when we where told only to use shapes we knew and this one was not.

A 3D object is designed using TinkerCad or other design software.  The design is optimized for either maximum volume or maximum surface area.  The design should include at least 10 basic 3D shapes.                                                                                           I did a great job at this using 2012 shapes in my design and used a non recommended  shape that i had to find the formulas for. I also managed to fulfill my goal of maximizing volume with a ratio of 4.4mm3 :1 mm2 Volume to surface area.

The surface area and volume are measured, calculated, and compared by ratio.  These factors are explained in detail in a keynote presentation to the class.                     I created my presentation in full detail that included the surface area, volume and ration, of my object on time and presented it. So I think i did a good job at this.

Over all I think that this project was a very fun project. I learned how to design 3d objects and calculate there volume and surface area. This will be useful if I ever get a 3d printer or feel like calculating the volume or surface area of an object cause I’m bored. I definitely would do this project again as it was very fun. Anyhow thats every thing except whats below.

Photos for proof I did my work.


Cya next post.

Coding video games and school an unlikely but good combo

We just finished are latest simatics project. In it we studied atoms, matter,  linear relations and algebra. We studied to help answer our driving question: How can the behaviour of matter be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and atomic theory?

Time line

Day one launch

We launched our project and crated a mind map witch we would complete at the end of the project. Saw a demo on what we would be learning about.  We also started studying what we needed to learn and created our scratch accounts to prepare for our final product a video game.

Then over the next few classes we studied atoms and mater. We also started practicing scratch. Then we studied the kinetic molecular theory and started trying to create programs. Along with that we tried to create models of atoms. Then we critiqued each other’s models. We also tested are knowledge with a test (I got a 75% by the way). While that was happening I had already built a pre beta version of my game. By the time we launched are forth milestone our game plan I was nearly on to alpha testing. Then we had spring break. After the break I had launched my alpha version and began refining my game and making it a lot more challenging. 2 classes later I began the final 2 days of alpha testing and fixing. After fixing some possible glitches that made the game to easy on our last weekend of the project I launched beta of my game. Then it was game day we got to play our classmates game and had a ton of fun.

Here are some photos of my work and game

My mind map

My main parts of code in my game

Reflection on my work

All class time is used efficiently for learning without distractions. I think I did a good job at this. My work was in on time and was done correctly and efficiently.
Several different atoms/molecules, different states of matter, and particle motion are represented in the finished product.  A historical model of the atom is chosen and implemented. The atoms in my game cool and heat. This is represented by the speed changes by the addition or removal of heat every 15 seconds. The atoms where silicon atoms made with the Dalton model.  
An interactive Scratch coded matter simulator or game is created with logical conditions and functional user controls. The controls work but the game can be very challenging at times. Like when the atoms become a gas you need near perfect timing to get past the atoms.

My game link updates coming soon to make the game a bit better

The project was very fun and feel free to comment game update or suggestions to make the game better. Enjoy


A Hazardous reflection

We just did DI. What a rollercoaster that was.

I was a member of a technical team. For the last 5 months my team and I have been working on DI. DI is a competition where groups of people work together so create a solution with a prepared skit and an instant challenge that can be anything.

My team was The Hazardous Heros. We where a technical team working to create 2 devices to overcome hazards in an escape. We started of with understanding and recognizing the challenge and rules to know what exactly where we doing. Then we began planning our builds and story. Oh we also had a $200 dollar budget to create this on. My team was Charlie M, Makenzie T, Cameron L, Jessi G, Max M, Sofia G and me Keenan.

Our story involved a Zoom science experiment gone wrong, 2 devices to distract them  and 3 obstacles.

For the obstacles we built a ramp, gravel terrain and tunnel. Our devices where a robot coded by me and a mouse trap car.

I was in charge of the robot and its code and was assisted by Charlie. Sophia was in charge of story assisted by Cameron , Me and Makenzie. Costume team choice elements where led by Makenzie and assisted by Charlie. Jessi led our art team choice elements. Cam designed the gravel terrain and built it with the help of Charlie Max and me. Makenzie also built the Ramp and tunnel.

How the builds went. First me, Charlie and Cam began design and prep of almost everything as we met up and used our time for that. We also began prepping supplies, while that was happening I began my code and began alpha testing on our 3rd meet up. Then me and Charlie built a mouse trap car. Then the story was completed and most plans were finalized. After that Charlie and Cam started the uneven terrain with designs by me and a bit of assistance from max. Over spring break Makenzie built the other 2 hazards. Then over our final 2 weeks Jessi painted the barrier. Charlie and Makenzie met up and created the costumes. Then we had a big meet up and built the ramps for the uneven terrain. Soon we were done.

Day of Presentation went not so well. The mouse trap care failed after hours of testing and fixing with medium success. We brought the wrong supports for the ramp and the uneven terrain which we over built causing problems. But ignore that and our story went well and my robots code worked. Also our instant challenge which all I am allowed to say was it went great.

Below will be a collage of Photos of our work and there will be a video embed to show our presentation as soon as I manage to get ahold of it. There also is links to my teammates blogs.









Renaissance Project reflection

Hi I just finished my latest PLP 8 humanities project

This project was about studying the time leading up to and the renaissance. Our end goal was to create a Triptych and a paragraph involving part of it. The driving question was “What significant developments emerged from the past and how have do they impact us today?”. We studied this to help out with our goal.

Time line

First we launched the project with a pre view of the project, learning the final goal and developing need to knows. But before that we created memes on innovation. After we launched we simulated renaissance life.

During the loon lake trip we learned about historical significance and how to use super impose X. Knowing how to use Super impose is important as we built our triptychs there.

The next class we studied the middle ages with a timeline video that went to fast. After that we started studying events of the Renaissance.

Over the next classes we built the frames for our triptychs, started studying inventions, people, and art of the renaissance and put it in name charts, crated a KWL chart, and finished learning all the skills of super impose.

Once that was complete we built our triptychs and wrote a paragraph on why one of the things in our triptychs was historically significant.









Paragraph is about the toilet to the left

After studying different parts of the renaissance in my opinion the flushable toilet is one of the most historically significant. The flushable toilet uses a mechanism that flushes waste down the  pipe in a way that traps toxic gases. Eventually jet flushing was added and now days they can even have heating, built in bdays, and entertainment. The effect the flushable toilet and proper disposal of it had great effect. It removed a lot of waste from the streets helping to slow the production and spread of disease. It also made water cleaner in some places as well. Another major effect is that the invention has also lead to a more sanitary earth. This proves that the toilet is one of the most historically significant inventions of the renaissance.     

Description of what is in the triptych









This project went by so fast. But I learned a lot. We studied the middle ages. Then to the renaissance where we studied the inventions, events, art, and religion. We learned how to use super impose x to create photos and art. It was very informational and use full. It also was fun even though we were at school. So I learnt more info.

To end off this post enjoy some of our classes memes.

  • Credit Judah


Trip To Loon Lake

2 weeks ago we got back from loon lake

Loon lake is a lake just above Maple Ridge. We where there for 4 days and 3 nights. The trip included PLP grade 8s and 9s. While we were there we progressed our knowledge, played Lazar tag (by the way I had the most kills in 1 match 22), battle archery, got sleep deprived, ate good food and had a lot of fun.

While there we also had to work on our DI stuff and a book about the trip. I hope you enjoy my book, its embedded below this line.


Photo of every one who stayed till the end.

I think I learned a good bit over the trip. My photoshop skill have gotten a lot better. My teamwork skills in DI also got a bit better. I had a ton of fun even though I was super sleep deprived after only getting 18 hours over the whole trip. The food was amazing especially the desert on the first night. I would 100% go again if I could. 

Cya next post




Destination Imagination 1/2 Refletion

For the past while I have been working on something called Destination Imagination or DI for short. DI is a competition were teams (with cool names) compete to come up with the best solution for a challenge, on top of that we have to make a skit and complete an instant challenge.

There are also different types of challenges, their is technical, scientific, improv, fine arts and many more. I am doing the technical challenge. In the challenge we have to create a story involving an escape that involves 2 devices that overcome 3 hazards, the story also has to involve a skill, and 2 elements that we choose.

Our stages of the creative process we have gone through so far.

The first is recognize; in recognize we learn about the rules of the challenge and what we need to do. This involves learning our budget, task, and confinements that they give us. We also learn about the rules every one has to follow and clarify any questions about what is allowed and what is not. This was very important as it clarified some budgeting things so we did not have to scrap something due to budgeting.

Initiate and collaborate

This is were we design, create, test, and criticize everything about our solution. I can’t give much details as I am not allowed to unfortunately do to certain rules. All I will say is that this stage is one of or if not the most important stages.

We also have instant challenges

These are challenges that we do not know what we are going to attempt till we are about to do it. We practice for these by attempting past challenges from previous years of DI. These are important as it counts to a large amount of our score and can be the winning decision in the competition. I could give a lot of reasons but I don’t want the post to drag on.

Thats all for now


mPol 2022

Hi welcome back to my blog. We had to write a post for our mPols (mid year presentation of learning) so here it is.

What I had trouble with

I had trouble with the poetry project as I don’t really like poetry. But I tried my best to add meaning and thought by taking my time when writing my poems. I found if I tried my best that it was not so hard and managed to create all 9 poems. I also managed to show my worldview in poetry something I thought would be a challenge, but I managed to create a book that did show my worldview in poetry. 

Decisions about how I approached my projects this year
With most projects I thought I should just complete it to the best of my skill, but on the board game and lazar projects I decided to push my self to create the best work I could possibly do. In the board game me and Cam decided to make a box to go with the game as it would be easier to store it. Every time I thought I was done, the next class we would add to it to see if it made the game better and thats how we got to that outcome. In the lazar project I kept making sure that what we built would actually work. In doing that I noticed and corrected multiple flaws  in the build, including the box size and the fact the position of the lazar stand got bumped out of place.

How I used my time

At first I did not really pay attention and just played games. But after deciding that I should stop, with a bit of help I now don’t game in class and instead actually work on the task we are supposed to do. So because of that in my opinion I have been doing better in class.

What I would change

I would change a few things that I did not do well on because after a little  evaluation they don’t really show how much I normally try due to me sometimes being lazy or rushing my work. But I am happy with how much I have learned and how much I think I have progressed towards my ambitious learning goal this year.

what I need to work on
I need to work on a my focusing skills more as I still have a short attention span where I can work nonstop with out going of task. But I have improved a lot and now if I try and hopefully may be able to manage a whole school day with out trying even if we are doing something that does not interest me (its rare but when it happens I get really off task). I think if I keep up what I am doing and improve it I will reach my goal.

Important things I learned as a PLP learner
In maker we had many fun projects that helped me realize what I was as a PLP member, a student and that I could create good results in things I am not skilled at like art and photography. I learned a lot about my iPad and the things I can do on it. I also improved on not getting distracted by video games in class. I hope to improve everything I can next semester and even if I don’t like what I’m learning just try my best to do my best.

what I would do better
If I could change anything about my work I would increase the quality and depth of my work on the start of the year as I don’t think I did well on that. I also would have wanted to try harder al well as I think I could do a better job when I comes do doing my work. So I want to work on that and work on getting to my learning goals this year. I think if I try my best I will complete my goal as I have already made so much progress in my opinion it would be a bad idea not to finish it.  I learned a lot and am proud of how much I learned so far, I hope to learn more next semester. 


My poetry book

check out my poetry book. If you couldn’t tell by the title we had to write poetry books, the project felt like a chore that you slowly come to like. We had to write this to show who I am now. I think I did this well as I wrote about who I am and the current shape of my worldview with depth.  Anyways click the link below to read it. Hope you enjoy my poetry.

My Epic Lazar Display

Hi its Keenan

We just finished our last project for the semester. The project was based around this one question: How can we test the pythagorium theorem and the law of reflection?

Our goal was to create a triangle using lazars and mirrors to prove the law of reflection. We where doing this so we could prove that the Pythagorean theory and the law of reflection was true.

We started with studying lazars, light and types of energy. This was important as knowing what type of energy we where working with was very important. Then we studied mirrors and the law of reflection. After that we had to study and learn Pythagorean theorem so we could prove that the theorem was correct. We also used a simulator to study light, energy and see if we could even build a triangle.

After learning the necessary info to build our triangle to prove the theorem was correct my group. Me, Cameron L, Cameron Br, and Magnus began the process.

First we got a box and began the design of the lazar triangle on the box. Then our group realized we did not have enough space to build the triangle we started modding the box so we had more space.

After that we added black paper to the bottom so when the day we showed the display the lazar would be more visible. Then I added the measurements and got the angles for the mirrors and so Cameron B could add the formula to a document that we would print and add to the display later.

Then I made sure that the triangle would work. Once we did that I finished the triangle while Cameron B was getting our document patched up and getting stuff to add a battery cover Magnus was working Cameron L was getting stuff for the display and helping me.

Then I added the Cover and some lighting to make the rest of the build easier. Next I worker on the wiring of the lazar, adding the mirrors and positioning the lazar stand I built. While that was happening Magnus and Cameron B where adding more ascetic and a document explaining an proving the Pythagorean theorem. Then I wrapped the box in black black paper and we where done. (Then someone bumped the lazar, we had to change lazars because they where to weak and change the batteries because ours where dead. But ignoring all that our project went well.)

This is our measurements and our formula used in the document.

C= 24.8 cm B= 14.1 cm A= 20.5 cm
A to b 90 degrees
B to c 55 degrees
C to a is 34 degrees
635. 198.8 420.2
A square+ B square= 420.2 + 198.8 = 619.05
C square= 619.05 C= 24.8

Photos of the creative process that we took


































Reflection on my work

Questioning and predicting

During the project I did not get distracted during the building knowledge stage. I read all the textbook pages in class and then powered through the questions. I found that I learned a lot by doing that and we probably would not have completed the display without it. When we where working on the display I was almost non stop working on the build, measurements and assembly of the wiring of the lazar.

Communicating and representing

We managed to get the measurements as close as human error would allow it. We built a working lazar display and wrote a document to go on the display explaining our build, proving the theorem as close as we could and concluding why we could not get it exact.

Applying and Innovating:

Our group accurately planed and built, measured as close as possible and labeled the display. I think we did that so well because we went back multiple time to make sure everything was working well and everything was clear. If we had not our display probably would not even work correctly. Me and Magnus worked on the raw stuff. Then I added the measurements and set up the wiring. Then Magnus built a housing for the wiring. After that me and Cameron B added the ascetic of the build including gluing in the display, adding the info, wrapping the box and doing the touchups. While that was happening Cameron L got glue sticks a few times, got some printouts, got paper and sat on his iPad doing who knows what.

That all for reflecting now Bye

O wait links to my group members



cameron l

D&D what to buy when getting started.


D&d can confuse you at the start, there is a large amount of rules and a lot of books. I am going to tell you what books are the most important and what the other books are and other things you should buy when starting out. Note: the books I am going to talk about are quite pricey and you only really need the players handbook to get started.

Core books

The first thing all players should buy is the players handbook, this shows you how to create a character, about spells and how to play the game. The next book you should purchase is the monster manual, it shows you the monster of D&D, their stats and weather their good or evil. If you and your friends are all starting out you also will need the rulebook. Next you should get the dungeon masters guide, it shows you how to make good quests, and contains all the info needed to run a game of D&d if you are planning on becoming a dungeon master.

The 2 core books I have

Adventure books and sourcebooks

If you already play D&d and want more stuff to adventure with their are more than 30 adventure books and sourcebooks to choose from. They include: Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, Storm King’s thunder and more. These books are great for if you want more adventures or more things to create quests with.

Other stuff  that you can get and some last essentials

Dice are some of the most important thing in D&D, you cant play with out them (the dice decides almost everything that happens in a game of D&D. Some people also have screens, miniatures, cards with important info, maps, grids, and other items that can be useful.

I hope you find the info useful

Heres a link to D&D beyond (used to play D&D online).

May the rolls be in your favour