Emily Carr

On this side we learnt about a famous painter from B.C., Emily Carr, and about the power of the iPad we have right in front of us! We learnt about all the different tools we can use to create art, about shapes, colours and perspectives and how they can all change the art.

For our final drawing on the Emily Carr side we had to create a landscape of one of our favourite places in the world. I choose Brandywine Meadows, a camping hike I did last spring, because of how beautiful it was there! There was so much colour and from where our tent was we could see the whole valley and mountains past it. I think its so cool how with just a couple pieces of technology we can all create such unique and different designs that can represent any emotion or idea we can create in our head.

Evidence islands

I’ve always been interested in science, so this concept was really interesting to learn about. In the beginning we started by making a mind map on MindNode of our questions. Since I barely knew anything about the theory of tectonic plates it was hard to write questions. I ended up coming up with a few and after working on this project for over a month I’ve been able to answer almost all of them.


In the last week of creating the project I was sick and had to miss school. Before the game play day my partner Sofia and I worked really hard to get everything done on time and in the end the game worked out really well! 

Our final game rules teach you how to play the game and the probability. 

Evaluating: we received “extending” in this because our evidence cards included  10 scientific concepts which play a very important roles in our game.🌈

Questioning and predicting: we used our class time to work on painting and creating our game board, cards and pieces, planning our game and learning more about tectonic plates so we could actually create our game. We also received an extending in this aspect.🌈

Understanding and solving: our game used probability in each turn because of the six out comes of the dice and the chances of pulling each type of tectonic disaster card, safe shelter card and evidence card. We received an accomplished.☀️

This was a very interesting project to complete because my parter and I both learnt a lot about the theory of tectonic plates, we worked really hard on our game and in the end our hard work payed off.

Becoming a PLP learner

Through out our first maker project I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learned to critique and revise and most importantly, I’ve learnt how I work in a group. I’ve made many drafts and altered them a lot, but because of the things I’ve learnt, its made my final results better.

In this project we made lots of things to go into our final time capsule. One of the things we completed was the big life journal, this helped me realize how important my goals and dreams are to me, and how I need them to keep me motivated. We also created a team work contract blog page, this was all about how to work in a team, it included a creative piece of media that showed how I tend to be when I’m working in a team and what I ask the other members of my group to do, it also had a few pieces from my user Manuel and my Memoji laptop sticker to represent me and my interests. It was a good project for me to complete because it can be there to remind how I can successfully work in a team. For our keynote guided tour time capsule we also had a choice slide where we got to choose a piece of work we’ve created to add. It was a good project for me to complete because it can be there to remind how I can successfully work in a team. 

The driving question for this whole project was “how can I build and strengthen the PLP learning team”, and when we started this project I had no idea, but from completing all of the things that went into the time keynote tour helped me realize that I can sometimes be the on in the group who finds what’s wrong with our idea, and that for me to successfully work with a group we have to all share our ideas and even though I have so much still to learn about teamwork and myself, but after doing this project I can now know that I’m a creative positive member of the PLP learning team.

The medium is the message

  • For my second ad i wanted to change the font to make it more rustic which is what the local lift wanted but i still couldn’t really find a font that i liked.

I have done lots of different individual ads and each one changes and improves it, this is our final group ad.

I made my first ad in a rush and from the design you can tell its very simple and boring, the photo was bad quality and boxy, and the font I used was not working. In my second draft I worked on changing the the font into one that was more rustic so it would match the local Lift’s vibe, in the bottom corner I also added a small organic symbol to show how their food is organic and healthy. In my third draft I finally changed the photo but the photo I chose was blurry and chaotic. In my final individual ad I changed the phot once more to one that also showed that they don’t just sell smoothies, the final photo (which was taken by Owen) also showcased how it was organic by making the symbol more bolded, and how important nature is to the local lift by having the trees in the background and the photo being taken on a sunny day, it also had lots of bright colours to draw in the eye In the slogan at the top. I changed the word “you” to “us” to promote a feeling o unity and community. In the end I still did not love my final individual ad but it improved a lot from the first draft to the last.

For creating our group ad we started by using Gwenyth’s ad for our base reference, but when we had our zoom meeting with Mr Hepburn he gave us lots of helpful critique. He told us to ad depth by moving two of the smoothies back and also for us to ad a different slogan, he suggested “freshly renovated” and thats what we ended up going with. Even though we only slightly changed our ad, with the help of Mr Hepburn, a professional in the field, we ended up with an awesome final ad

The driving question for this project was “how does what we hear, read and see influence us” and after competing this project I can definitely now see how ads are targeted towards me and the techniques that they are using to convince me to buy they’re products