Ultimate design challenge

For this project my driving question was how can I create a volleyball court with maximum volume.

In this project we used tinker cad to design a object we chose to have maximum surface area or volume, for mine i chose a volleyball court.then we learnt about finding surface area and volume of shapes and we found out the measurements of our objects, then we created a slide show to tell everyone about our object and how and  if or if not we succeeded in having more surface area or volume. 

If you would like to see my slide show there are photos down below of each slide because  i don’t know how to add i slide show to this…

Design is really interesting to me but finishing this project made me realize if i want to get bet at it there’s a lot more a hav to learn. My design did end  up having more surface area like i wanted but if i were to re do it i would have liked to have all the other obeys have to have less surface area allowing for more room n the actual court. 


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