My triptych

  Here is what I’m going explain more about my learning in this projet 1. How was it made? I made this over two days. I made it because i think that these photos fit 2. Was the learning hard? Yes and no. A lot of the stuff i already knew but i still  learnt […]

Making interesting images

Hello! Welcome to another blog post! Today I’ll be righting about a recent maker project. The theme of the project as developing our photo skills. For the first few classes we just went outside and took photos. Each day we’d have a theme, like: -Worms eye view -Birds Eye view -Landscapes -Panoramas Many of these […]

Maker Recap

 Hello! Grab some Halloween candy because this post might be long. Our assignment was to review and reflect some of our maker projects. Some of these projects are: Big life journal User manual Laptop Memoji Word pack Digital selfie Big life journal: In the big life journal we learned about tons about how to develop […]