Mind over Matter

Hello, welcome to another blog post! This blog post is about our latest project in science: Mind over matter. This project we learned about the different states of matter and atoms. For the first keystone we chose an object and calculated its mass and made some observations. We did some math which I haven’t done […]

mPOL 2023

Hello welcome to my mPOL! Wow look I wrote something for a blog post. First let me tell you what an mPOL is! mPOL stands for Midterm Presentation of Learning. Basically we present little revisions of what we’ve done this year. The stuff we’re proud of and the stuff we want to reflect on. Thank […]

Drawing book

Art book Click to read this book, made with Book Creator https://read.bookcreator.com This is the drawing book that we created in class. I quite enjoyed making this and i hope you like my drawings.

My triptych

  Here is what I’m going explain more about my learning in this projet 1. How was it made? I made this over two days. I made it because i think that these photos fit 2. Was the learning hard? Yes and no. A lot of the stuff i already knew but i still  learnt […]

Making interesting images

Hello! Welcome to another blog post! Today I’ll be righting about a recent maker project. The theme of the project as developing our photo skills. For the first few classes we just went outside and took photos. Each day we’d have a theme, like: -Worms eye view -Birds Eye view -Landscapes -Panoramas Many of these […]

Maker Recap

 Hello! Grab some Halloween candy because this post might be long. Our assignment was to review and reflect some of our maker projects. Some of these projects are: Big life journal User manual Laptop Memoji Word pack Digital selfie Big life journal: In the big life journal we learned about tons about how to develop […]