On a cold winter day tons of people are flooding into seycove secondary. But it’s 5:30 why would anyone come to school that late? Simple answer…PLP exhibition


A couple weeks ago we had our second winter exhibition. Pretty big deal! For this exhibition we created something called metaphor machines. We were given groups of seven and we were tasked with creating ten different metaphors that related to a revolution we were assigned. My group had the Russian revolution. After we created our metaphors we found out that we were creating a Rube Goldberg machine based on these metaphors.


We had a week to build the machine. As well as making a machine we had to create a short documentary showing our build up to the exhibition. 



After a lot of hard work and a lot of paint stained clothes we finally finished our machine. It took a lot of tries but we got a successful run through. And then it was finally time for the exhibition.


We got to school that day and we immediately got to work. We set up our machine, decorated our space and then got into costumes. Yes we had costumes.



After a couple hours of waiting people started to stream in and we got presenting. Unfortunately our machine didn’t work the first few times but finally we had a successful run through!


Metaphor machine video


Well kind of successful.

I think that in this exhibition we could have been more prepared with presenting to the public, as we often stumbled over words and didn’t know what to say during the presentation. 

But all in all my group worked really well together and we had a lot of fun putting it all together.



Thanks for reading!