Rise of the Frankenstuffies

Have you ever heard of a Frankenstuffie? It’s a cool project where you take different parts of different stuffed animals and sew them together to make a cool combo of animals.

Recently we had to create a Frankenstuffie for humanities. We are learning about transitions and this was a way to show it.

We started by collecting some old stuffies. I grabbed a snow leopard and a parrot fish. Then, with a neefle I got to work sewing the different parts together.

Once my stuffie was complete, we were asked to come up with a story to go along with it. I decided that my Frankenstuffie was a princess named sparkle scales of the Mercats.

Once we had finished that I decided that animating a video would be the best way to bring it to life. After a long and hard process I finally finished my video.


This was a really fun project and I really got to improve my creativity and artistic skills.

If you have any questions for the video there’s a QR code bellow!


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