Oregon field study!🐙

Before I had the opportunity to go to Oregon I didn’t really know what to expect as I did not know much very about the United States and I had only been there once before this trip. I did not expect that Oregon which is a 8 hour drive away to be similar to many  places that we have here, mind you some places were also very different; like the fist ever bench we went to had a sandy beach with sand dunes but again there were also many places there that looked pretty similar to the north shore. One thing that shocked me was that it was a lot colder than in Oregon than in Vancouver at the time which is weird because we live further north than Oregon.

I learned so many things in Oregon that we documented all in a journal that is right here up here👆

Some of my biggest takeaways from this trip are:

1. Hatfield marine science center!

During one of our visits at the center we had the opportunity to go to the beach to suck up shrimp with these interesting suction devices. It was super cool to learn about the shrimp that we were finding, as well as the experiments we did with them after we measured the shrimp to see if females or males were larger. This capturing part was interesting to me because I had never seen that being done before and it was cool to learn how to do it. It was also fun when we caught our first shrimp because our first few tries were fails but when we practiced our technique, we got better and we ended up catching lots of shrimp in the end! We even caught five shrimp in one try! This is what the tolls looked like that we used.👇


Speaking of the Hatfield marine science center this was also the company i made an advertisement for, as well as interviewing a person from their company. By doing this interview, I learned that the center is unique because they offer hands on  learning and an experience to learn about Oregon and it’s gorgeous coast. They also give you an amazing experience by seeing the octopus and other sea animals living in Oregon. The Center is unique because it offers opportunities to be able to see things you don’t normally see; like fish and skeletons of marine animals. They make a positive impact by giving education for everyone in a fun and innovative way, as well as letting parents see their kids grow and learn in a fun and interactive way. Hatfield marine science centre also gives awareness for nature and marine biology not only with their awesome visitor center but also by the experiments they do in the lab with marine animals and college students. Hatfield marine science Centre loves to see people all ages, young to old come and visit their visitor centre where they can learn about organs costs!

IMG_0892 IMG_0899 

Another cool  thing that we saw was the shipwreck that we visited on our  the first night. Even though we’re just playing around on the beach I found the shipwreck to be super interesting, and I was really shocked when we went to the Columbia River Maritime museum that there was a whole section about that ship and items from it. I thought this was really interesting as there was even a book showing photos of how the ship had eroded over time. The ship was called peter Iredale and is located in the fort Stevens state park.



Speaking of Fort Stevens, a really interesting place we went to on the second day was called Fort Stevens. This visit was really cool because we got a tour of the underground part of it where they kept the gun battery during World War II it was really neat because there was a lot to see and it was like a maze. It was also really cold down there and we learned that there was actually a fire down there but no one tried to save the bunkers, so all that was left was the concrete walls. We learned that it was liveable down there and that there was wood on some of the walls and beds were the workers would sleep. They also had special rooms for cannons and gun powder. I learned that when the Japanese shot at the fort from a ship 17 times but missed! The fort did not fire back because they did not want to give away their location.( since you can’t see it from the water.) We also learned how they would fire the guns and we even got to look around in the Fort museum.


However my biggest takeaway from this field trip was you yaquina head lighthouse and beach. This was a really cool place because we got to go tide pooling with Miss Kadi! This was a really fun way to learn since there were so many cool animals to see in the tide pools, and we even got to see baby seals! There was also a super cool cave by the beach that we got to go inside. I loved exploring the sea here and it was a really fun day! We also got to do a quest which helped me with my teamwork and figuring out things as a group. It was amazing because when we got to the top of the hill there was an incredible view of the gorgeous beach and ocean with people surfing!

IMG_5260 IMG_5291

In conclusion I have learned more during this field study than i would have if it was just another regular week at school. Learning outside the classroom is so much more interesting because you really get to experience things in real life instead of just reading about it. I also got to know the people in my program a lot better and I feel like we have come together as team. I am looking forward to doing a lot more field studies in PLP next year. 🤍

Consequences of colonization!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog

During these past few months me and my class have been focusing on colonization and how it has affected different groups of people. In the beginning, we had a couple options on different groups that we could focus on. Our options were the fille de roi (the group I chose )which were women from France that immigrated to Canada, Indigenous the to Canada, but had many things taken away from them, because of the Europeans, The missionaries, who took everything from the indigenous, and try to spread the religion of Christianity, wealthy men, which came to Canada for trading and new opportunities, and poor men who were used for labor, and also saw new opportunities in Canada.

Overall, all these groups had different perspectives on Canada and it’s colonization.

For this project, our driving question for this was; What did European settlement mean for all involved?

To answer our driving question, we worked on these following keystones to find an answer tour question. I learned that there were many different perspectives on colonization and that colonization meant different things for different groups of people.

the group I was studying was The Fille De Roi, the Fille De Roi were young unmarried women who immigrated to new France between 1663 and 1673. They were sponsored by the king and were usually poor orphans with no future in France. Around 800 women from France were sent to Canada for a better life and more opportunities.


For our first keystone, our job is to learn a bit about the group we chose to learn about.
and after a bit of research to show our learning, our task was to fill out the sheet.👇


This was a great way for me to learn about the group I was focussing on, and help me understand their world view on colonization before and after coming to Canada. It also helped me understand more what this project was going to be about.


For keystone 2  we were working on a paragraph outline.

After Keystone 1, we were put into groups with people that were studying the other groups of people so you could learn a bit more about the other groups. This was also a good chance for us to look at different world views during colonization.


I think I did a pretty good job with this because I got an 🌈(“a”)and this was a good way to sum up everything I learned about these different groups of people and their perspective.



For Keystone three basically all we did was make a summary of the group you were focussing on so our group could make a short video. We were also supposed to draw a something that we thought represented the group you were focussing on.

Then we made it all into a video in an app called AR Makr.

😬I can’t show the final video because it’s too long to add into my blog😬

I think this turned out OK if I would’ve done it again I would’ve not rushed as much and talked a bit louder. I also think me and my group could’ve been more productive working on it.

One major thing I also learned about was the beaver pelt industry, and how it has had a big impact on Canada and its growth. I found this actually really interesting when we were doing a paragraph on a symbol that we think represents Canada and I chose beavers. This actually taught me a lot about the beaver pelt industry even before we started learning about it, I’m actually really proud of this paragraph and I think it’s one of the best things I’ve done throughout this project.

if you want to take a look, I have the QR code here👇


In conclusion, I have learned a lot more about the impacts from colonization, as well as the different perspectives on different groups of people.

see you next time!



Science video game blog reflection


Hello welcome back to my blog, it’s been a while since I posted, and last time I posted was before spring break!

Now, I rememberer saying I was excited to see what we were learning about after spring break and now that it’s after spring break, and I am confident on saying that I have had fun learning about matter, molecules ,atoms, solid, liquid, gas, plasma and more! 

🩷First keystone!🩷

For our first keystone our task was to do a who am I using the mass of a random object. This was pretty simple but we did need to use a bit of math to figure this out. ☹️Overall it did teach me that mass dose not equal weight and it taught me about chemical and physical properties.

Can you guess what object I am describing?

🤍Keystone 2!🤍

Keystone two was a bit more fun because we got to do on hands learning, and we got to do an experiment on gummy bear diffusion! Basically our job was to use two substances of our choice to see which gummy bear would defuse first. We also needed to observe as we experimented and as time went by. 

Me and my partner decided to start with one jar carbonated water and one with normal cold water. What we didn’t realize was that you needed warm or boiling water for the gummy to actually defuse. So we decided to do a second experiment using warm water and a second one using vinegar, baking soda, and salt you can see our observations in this slide show.

To see our slide show👇

Gummy bear

❤️‍🔥Final keystone!❤️‍🔥

For our final keystone we had to make Video games based on what we had learned like molecules or atoms, at fist I was going to use scratch to make some sort of flappy bird game that was like molecules that changed shape depending on what heat they went through( I know it make no sense) but I soon realized that was very ambitious and I sucked at using scratch. So then my teacher had the great idea to let me work with my friend!

This went very well and we ended up doing a trivia thing on geometry dash by making our own obstacles and questions! here is a screen recording of our game (you get the question wrong you die)

Here is a screen recording to our game!👇



Over all, I have had allot of fun learning about science and I loved the project we got to do.They made my learning so much more fun and enjoyable!

see you next time,👋

🦠small but mighty💪

💪Small but mighty!🦠


Our fist science semester this year has been super fun and new for me!

Throughout this semester I was able to experience new ways of learning, from microscopes to learning about our immune system. During this time I have stretched my thinking to look more in depth with everything around us. A good example of this was when I swabbed my iPad and noticed how much bacteria was on it! (Which I talk about more later). During the timeline of this project I have learnt many new things. One of my favourite parts was looking at random things under a microscope! It was super interesting for me sinceI had never done anything like that before!

To start off at our fist keystone we begin with using microscopes to look at pond water and other things we find outdoors and in class, but we later moved on to harvesting bacteria from surfaces in our school with Petri dishes!

To do this we would swab a surface of our school and then rub it on a Petri dish next we would tape it up and make observations as time goes by. I decided to swab my iPad screen as well as the door handle to our classroom.

Throughout this keystone we would document/record about it in our feild journal (which has more information about our experiment!)

Here is my field journal! ⤵️

For our next keystone we used the information we learned about pathogens and different cells in our immune system that helps us fight them off! Our job was to make characters based on the cells we learned about. To make these I drew sea animals based on different cells using procreate, and this was my final product:

I am super happy with the result and this might be my favourite activity we did!

In this next keystone we were learning more about vaccines, anti vaccinators, bias opinions, and why people avoid getting the vaccine. Our job was to make a poster with a friend and bust a myth about reason to avoid the vaccine.

here was the poster we made:

I also wrote this about bias opinions to connect to this.

I am overall proud of the finished product, and to make this we used the app Canva for the format! If i were to do this again I would use a different myth like, “why do people think the government put micro chips in vaccines?”

Speaking of posters we also made a second heath poster for kids based on vaccines! (Individually)

This was our final keystone to combine everything we learnt this team!

In this poster we were also required to add a drawing from a kinder gardener of bacteria/pathogens.

This was super fun to make because we had allot of freedom in making this and it let us be creative and use our imagination. I also used Canva for the format because I started making my fist draft on pages and I really wasn’t proud of it. So my friend helped me use Canva, and now I am super happy with the result!

Overall this project has helped me stretch my thinking and it has helped me learn about things like Bactria, pathogens, vaccines microscopes and more! I can’t wait to learn more in science after spring break!

Bye for now


The journal of Christopher Columbus


Recently in school we have been working on a really cool project! About the history of global exploration and why explores wanted to explore! We started this project off by learning about the Vikings, which later lead to learning about explores and why people wanted to explore. We found that it was for these three main reasons; Gold, Glory, and God. Our next task was to write about either a made up explorer or a real life one, and I chose Christopher Columbus, and decided to write my story as it was his journal. If you read carefully you will realize I mention Gold, Glory, and God. I hope you enjoy his journal!



My Mpol!



This is my MPOL something non PLP learners would be confused by. MPOL stands for midway presentation of learning. We do this instead of parent teacher conferences which instead of rushed five minute talks about my learning. I will present a blog reflection that i am making about the learning i have done this year.

In my mPOL I am going to be talking about my learning experience in PLP.

Our Driving Questions:

  • How have i demonstrated my growth as a learner so far this year?
  • I have definitely improved this year and I know that by looking at my first few assignments 
  • How can i sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year? I am going to change my learning plan in humanities because as. A learner, I think I might want to change my learning goal in humanities to get a 🌈 instead of a sun, because I think I would rather get revisions giving feedback on how to get rainbows instead so I can extend my learning to the peak of its abilities this way I can be happier with the results of my grades.

Circular competences:

Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Oral Communication, Quantitative Literacy, and Written Communication.

Core competences:


Skills I have improved on that I can continue to develop:


I have improved on my writing skills allot this year and I would like to continue to develop my writing to its full and best potential. I can achieve this by using my curricular competences like creative thinking and literacy.


I have meet many new people in PLP thanks to the random seating plans! This has helped me get to know more people by developing and expanding my communication. And this helps me get to collaborate with different people!

Before We started using the seating plans I Barely knew anyone’s names. I would like to expand my knowledge in communication with other people from PLP that I don’t know as well, in the future!I have used my core competences like my communication, and collaboration.

What does my work in PLP reveal about me as a learner?

I would like to say that I am quite Creative and I say this because I love art and I love thinking outside of the box. some evidence to this would be for example my Pandora’s box for the winter exhibition many people that I presented to said I was very creative and they loved my detailed boxes! the work we have done maybe hasn’t shown that yet but my creativity really forms when we are doing crafty projects like the Pandora’s box.

I would love to do more projects like this in the future since I find that they are super fun and exciting to make!

Projects like this help me explore both my circular and core competencies like, creativity, and creative thinking.

Revisions and critique:

I have gotten a few revisions this year but I am happy I did! Revisions and critiques to my work from both peers and teachers has helped me improve my work to its full potential. Without my revisions I wouldn’t be able to get the grades I was reaching for this year.

An example of why feedback is so important is because when i was making my mPOL i got feedback on what i was doing wrong that i could improve by talking less about what the project was and more on my learning plan. I grew by using curricular and core competence and i took that feedback i got and used it to improve on this.

Here was my learning plan!

To break down my learning  lets start off with maker!


In maker my learning goal was to get 🌈’s

(Which I achieved)

In maker we have done a total of 12 assignments/projects. 

Some of these key projects i did in maker that has showed my growth in these following projects.

User Guide

My user guide was the first writing project I did in maker I am proud of this because I got a 🌈 and my teacher liked it . Some of the skills I developed while doing this were writing on a professional and organized format and peer critique. I also explored my circular competences like, Quantitative Literacy, and Written Communication.

Big Life Journal

I loved this project because I got to plan out my future and write about my passions. This let me expand my knowledge about myself and I was able to be creative by writing and drawing. I also feel like I got more in depth with my passions and realized why i love them so much.

This helped me with my writing skills and my creativity (using both core and curricular competencies)


Making Interesting Images

For this assignment we were working on taking different images using new skills on our iPad. I learnt allot of different ways to make my images better and I had fun learning and participating in this project! Using the markup skill shows how different people see our world and and vision the surroundings around us. This shows our perspective of the world because I might see things/draw stuff differently then one of my peers would, and that’s what makes us unique! this also might tell about you about me as a learner depending on how unique and different my drawings are.

Some skills i can take away from this that I didn’t already know were lighting and exposure, different angles and perspectives, markup on my images, silhouettes and more! 

I explored both my curricular competences as well as my core comediennes like, creative thinking as well as my critical thinking during the span of this project.

if you want to see what this project looked like you can check out my post/reflection on it!

Pandora’s Box 

This project was our first exhibition it helped me improve my circular competences and core competences by presenting, communicating, socializing and learning new things about PLP and other projects. I made two boxes for the exhibition based on the movie avatar. One box I made was showing our polluted and destroyed planet in the future, and humans heading over to my other box ( the one representing pandora) trying to take over pandora like they did in the movie.

Doing this project helped me be more confident in presenting to strangers since it was my fist time doing so. This project will help me be prepared for our next exhibition in the spring.(that I am very excited about!)

If you are interested in wanting to see my reflection on this project you can find my blog post on it!


For humanities my learning goal was to get ☀️’s(which I did achieve but I would like to change that goal to a rainbow 🌈)

In humanities I have done 11 Assignments/projects overall but I will just show some that I think have best represented my growth as a learner.

The outsiders

A project I am least proud of this year is probably my outsiders novel reading roles journal the reason I think this is because I was just learning how to use my iPad properly and I did not put as much effort in this project as I did with my other projects. I also think I could have done much better in this if I had organized the due dates better, and put more effort into my writing.

I also got a couple revisions on some of my roles because, I was talking with mr. Harris and he asked me if I thought I could improve or revise any of my roles. I said a couple things I could focus on to improve and he said it was great that i was aware of improvements i could make. Overall this project did help me with my skills as a learner like, writing and communication with peers.

here was our final book cover:

Middle Ages slideshow

I found the humanities sector about the Middle Ages really interesting because at the start I thought I didn’t know any thing about the Middle Ages but I soon learnt so much new knolage about this topic that I didn’t before i could also make connections with what i was learning to prior knowledge. Overall for this project I think it was really fun and I have a lot of interesting information to take away from this project. I got a couple revisions that I fixed and after I got an ☀️.

Crusades slideshow

This was the third keystone to our humanities (leading on from the Middle Ages) 

Since this was my second power point I had a bit more experience and knolage to put into my second one so I think I did better on this one because I got a 🌈, which I am really happy about!

Both these projects helped me with my competencies for example, WRITING SKILLS, CITIZENSHIP AND CONNECTIVITY FOR THE FUTURE EDUCATION.

If you are interested to see my reflections on these power points you can check out my blog post on that.

Keystone#1 world view and mind note 

This assignment is a good example of how i have improved as a learner, and how far I have come with my writing skills, understanding, and dedication to PLP.

I fell like at the start of the year I wasn’t dedicating my learning as much as I am now at the start of the year. I think this because I was still working like I was in elementary school and I think now I could have done a better job in this project so my work could reach the peak of its ability.


PLP has been really fun for me and I would like to continue to do this next year. I think that I have improved a lot as a learner and I have improved with my writing skills especially. I would like to keep getting better at everything I have improved on.

PLP has helped me be more creative and it has helped me meet many new people overall, I think that I have done a good job reaching my learning plan this year. Thank you for reading about my mPOL !

Radical Innovations

For this project our driving question was: How did ideas from Europe and Asia change the world?

In these following paragraphs I have made explanations for each of my panels. For this project we were going to make triptych, for anyone who doesn’t know what a triptych is, it is a still image with three panels. The two panels on the side being half the side of the center panel so they can be folded over. For the left panel we were supposed to make it about new innovations from the renaissance. The left panel was going to be what they used before these innovations, and then the centre panel was going to be what these innovations have become and more modern versions of it.


The new ideas from the renaissance changed the renaissance world by many ways from people being able to live heather and happier lives thanks to more experience in healthcare to being able to spread information easier thanks to the printing press. The renaissance was a time where people became more educated and they took that knowledge and they used it to make new innovation's that would later become objects we use in our every day life. Think of it like a tree. The roots are the brain, the trunk is the idea, and the branches are ideas that evolved to our modern day objects. For example the lenses. The first version of a lens was curved glass or crystals known as reading stones that were used to help enlarge text in a book for people with poor eye sight. This later evolved into glasses and magnifying glasses soon these things would me come more modern versions like camera lenses and modern glasses these would be branches of the tree. The renaissance changed many peoples education and beliefs. Some of these innovations include the printing press, glasses, clocks, telescope, and old medical tools as shown in my triptych. The printing press: I drew the printing press because our life would be significantly harder without a way to read and spread knowledge. I also drew a book because they were made by the printing press. If the printing press was never invented things like the printer wouldn’t exist. Imagine how different our lives would be today. I will talk more about the impact before this on the right panel of my triptych. Lenses:Next, I drew two examples of how lenses were used by drawing the telescope and the old eye glasses. Without lenses our life would be so different because we wouldn’t be able to take photos! This was a big innovation for people who had poor eyesight as well. The eyeglasses had a huge impact on society and the economy. As the printing press and books became popular. The demand for eyeglasses grew therefore, increasing the amount of money paid for the glasses. Glasses became common amongst people, usually the upper class, scholars, and monks. Because of the eyeglass, the telescope and microscopes were invented in a similar way. Before the renaissance people had very little knowledge about our solar system and thanks to the telescope, we now know that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around. Because since we don’t go far enough into our solar system we wouldn’t know about the other planets without the telescope! These are just some ways that lenses are used. Clock:The clock is very useful and it has evolved into newer versions like the Apple Watch and the fit bit. Without the clock, life would be very unorganized and it would be hard to plan things. For example, if I wanted to meet up with my friends we wouldn’t know what time to go and meet up since time wouldn’t be invented. Medical innovations: Before the renaissance it was common to have short unhealthy lives. In my triptych, I added images of the old human body sketches along with the tools they would use for surgeries. People like Leonardo DaVinci, started to dissect bodies to find out more about them. He would draw about his observations and this would later help the world understand more about the human body and its features. Leonardo’s sketches helped the world understand the human bodies better and helped people live longer and heather lives.

You may be wondering what people used back before the renascence witch brings me to our …

Right panel:  My right panel is all about what life was like before the renaissance with the traditional idea before the innovation. For one of my images I showed a drawing of a peasant with my face, wondering what bones were. I drew this because before people like Leonardo’s sketches that drew and directed bodies no one knew what things like bones were because they had so little knowledge about the human body, but thanks to Leonardo DaVinci and other people dissecting human bodies people gained more knowledge and a better understanding of the human body. Now we can live healthier and happier lives. Another drawing I added was of a person having to copy down books by had before the printing press books were uncommon due to the fact they needed to be written down by hand, the printing press made books more common. Thanks to the printing press this helped people spread knowledge more quickly and widely. Even before the printing press China woodblock printing was common printing was common woodblock printing involved carving raised characters and patterns onto a block of wood equals then applied and the block of wood was pressed onto paper. Next, I drew was a member of the church telling everyone that the sun revolves around the earth this was due to the fact that they had so little knolage about our solar system and everyone believed the church. because people didn’t have telescopes so they didn’t know any better. The telescope led to more accurate observations that led to theories about the sun and about our Solar System.Using the telescope Galileo, discovered that the Earth revolves around the sun, refuting the belief that the sun revolved around the earth. Lastly I added a image of a sundial because before the clock people would use sun dials that were nor portable or compact. You also need sunlight to use them so, if there was no sun light you wouldn’t know the time.

Centre panel:  Finally my centre panel. This panel was to show what these renaissance innovations have become and how we use them in our every day lives. To show how medical care has evolved I added a image of a person undergoing surgery with anesthesia and a tv with news about how far we have improved since the renaissance. Back in the day when you would have a surgery, they would not put you to sleep. You would just have to suffer through the pain. Now a days, we have so much knowledge that is still continuing to grow to this day. Another drawing I added, was a Kindle. I added a kindle it demonstrates how much books have changed from using a printing press to make books to now having a portable wireless electronic reading device (e-reader)to read off of. Speaking of the printing press, I added a modern day printer to show how our printers have changed from the renaissance. For clocks, I showed me wearing a Apple Watch. An Apple Watch is a very modern version of the clock because not only you can check the time but you can text, call, take photos, and more! Lastly I wanted to show how lenses are used. To do this, I added a camera, and me with an iPhone taking a photo and a modern-day telescope. Theses have changed a lot from the first version of the lens. I hope we can keep improving renaissance innovations in the future!

Conclusion: To sum up everything that has been stated so far, without these innovations from the Europe and Asia, our world would be very different in so many ways. Our lives would be significantly different in the way we thought, acted and lived. Overall, I think this project was fun and I learned a lot of new things that I never knew before.


My triptych:

To make this triptych i used the apps: Superimpose X, things, calendar, Google Arts & Culture,  procreate, and sketches pro. First, i had to learn to put all my due dates on things for the different keystones of the project and then i used calendar to add the due dates and when to stat working on each keystone. Next was my fist draft we made this using SuperimposeX so we could add our faces to a painting from the renaissance, we got the renaissance image from Google arts and culture. I used markup to add what innovations i would add into the painting. Next i went into procreate and drew my draft of the entire triptych. Then i would go on to draw all my drawings to add into my triptych for each panel. Lastly i took all my drawings from procreate and put my triptych together using sketches pro! This was my final product and i think i did pretty good considering my unexperienced techniques with Photoshop!

My drafts!⤵️





  • This was my fist draft of my entire triptych/plan of my triptych

sorry I don’t know why it has been cut in half.


I have learned allot through the process of making this triptych.I have been learning how to take better and more affective notes using craft, i learned about the different  innovations created during the renaissance and how it has impacted the renaissance word as well as our world today, and i also have learned how to edit and create images using SuperimposeX.

though in am proud of my results if i had to do this project again i would probably change my background  so the paintings weren’t hanging off the e walls because there wasn’t much space for my paintings in my triptych. I also think I could’ve used SuperimposeX more so i could become more advanced on using it, otherwise i am really proud of my triptych and i think i did a good job!

Overall i have learned allot about the renaissance and its innovations during the span of this project and i think i have come a far way from were i started.

See you in my next post!


Alva’s art!

Hello my name is Alva.

These past weeks in maker have been so fun by learning how to use new skills in sketches pro!

To show what we have learned, what better way then make a short book about what we have been experimenting with!

For people who are interested in drawing and maybe learning more about it you should try reading my book it also teaches you a couple of skills you could use in sketches pro!⤵️

To make this book I used the app book creator where I played around with different tools like the text and the drawing one.

Book creator is super fun and easy to use and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in making their own books.

That’s all!

Thanks for reading!

Reflection on my power points (humanities)

In this sector we were supposed to make two keynote presentations, one on the Middle Ages and its  feudal system, and the other about the crusades. I think that my presentations were  thorough and could teach people about the Middle Ages and the crusades. Press here to see my Middle ages presentation

Click here⬆️to see my crusades presentation

I know this because my peers and teachers stated this and i overall, think i did a good job since many parts of my presentations were simple and easy to read.

Questions I still have:

When and why did humans stop using the feudal system?

What happened after the feudal system? (What was the power structure like instead?)

Why did the feudal system stop being used?

Did life return back to normal after the last crusade? Or was there a difference in how people lived (with many things destroyed like houses.)

The driving question: 

How did the power structure of the time period affect the different groups of people?

The feudal system:

Peasants would have terrible lives just working, but the king and the elites would be living their best privileged lives.The peasants where the ones paying taxes even though they had no money. They would also need to pay taxes to the church and the church did not need to pay any taxes. Since the peasants had no power they would not have any land of their own, they would need to work all day. Their life condition was terrible with diseases every were. 

The crusades:

When the crusades began the pope (Urban 11), made a speech to the knights and peasants. He said that if you joined the crusade all your sins would be forgiven and you would find paradise. Of course they agreed to join because they believed him. Since most of the peasants and knights when off to battle, the nobles and barons had less peasants and workers to handle the crops. That resulted in a shortage of food that occurred and many peasants and they would starve. With the loss of many loved ones life was hard for many. The crusades left over 5 million people dead.

-To get these answers I learnt about different group’s of people and how their lives were affected by the feudal system, and crusades at the time.

To show I have learnt from this, I have evidence from my power point and my reflection. I think other teenagers can learn from my power point by how I have formatted my information.

When we started learning about the crusades I found that I understood the Middle Ages information more than the crusades. Later when I started to work on my crusades presentation I found that I understood it better when I was teaching the information.

-I definitely know more about the crusades now, than I did before (since I didn’t even know what the crusades where.) I can definitely take away allot of important information.

-I now have so much new information to take away from these projects, this has helped me learn a lot more about history and its historical significance.

-What learnt could maybe lead to another project like learning about the renaissance(-;

To get all this information that I have learned, I was taught by: Textbooks, Videos, PowerPoints, and of course, my teacher.

All the new information I learned helped me answer the driving question because I had so much information to write down. I learnt a lot from these projects.

These new skills that I have learnt can be helpful for future classes and my knowledge on other subjects that relate to similar topics like the renaissance.


Avatar reflection blog post 

Avatar reflection blog post 

For our first winter exhibition, each grade made boxes relating to how lessons from avatar teach us about the real world. Our driving question was “ what does James Cameron‘s world of avatar reveal about our society?”

I made two boxes for the Exhibition. One was representing our destroyed and polluted planet with humans heading to pandora to take over. in my second box (my pandora world) I made a box showing the humans trying to take over pandora.

It am pretty proud of my boxes and I think allot of people at the expiation liked them too!

I think I did a good job at presenting and many people said it made allot more sense when I explained how the story from my box connected to my theme statement, which was-‘if we keep destroying our planet we need to remember we only have one.’’Many people found the topic I was talking about very important and they liked the detail I put in my boxes.

In avatar they were destroying the home tree because in the movie they were using pandora as a planet ‘B’’and taking all natures resources for granted and taking with no respect for the Na’vi  or their nature.

This teaches us to respect ur planet and it shows what could happen in our future if we don’t do any thing about destruction and start making changes in how we live.

Making the box:

To create my first world (the destroyed planet) I used:

 -paint on the back round

 -resin to make the polluted water 

– some cereal boxes to make factories

For pandora I used:

-Paint for the background

-Moss for the ground 

-Sticks on the ground as decoration 

-fairy lights to make it more visible 

-A branch for the home tree with some leaves on top

-The humans were little figure’s from Michaels 

-The Na’vi people i made by printing out images of them and then I stuck them to cardboard to make them stand upright 

I have a couple of questions about the movie avatar itself including-

 -Why was Jake chosen by the spirt seeds, even though he was a human and his avatar was      fake?

-What are the Na’vi afraid of?

-What is their Na’vi biggest frustration?

This Project has made me open my eyes and realize some major issues in our world and I was happy to share the Things I learned with others as the winter exhibition.

This also kind of opened a window to our nature for me, I already knew about Pollution  and preserving nature but this let me extend and share my Knowledge with others. 

This can lead to me and others really step up for what we think is right. 🙂