Making interesting images

How might I use the still image to create and communicate through technology?

My three favorite skills I learned are probably:

1. Opacity-because I really love how the images look when you lower the opacity, and I will definitely be using these skills in the future.

2. Worms eye view and Birds Eye view because as I said, I have some photo ideas for those techniques.

3.Mark up-because it is super fun to make regular objects into art!


Who am i as a PLP learner?

Who am I as a PLP learner?

YouTube channel 

The purpose of this assignment was to identify something that I was passionate about, so I wrote all about how I want to be a fashion designer. My YouTube channel would be about clothes, DIY’s, hauls, outfit inspiration and GRWM. I even designed  logos for it!

I think I did good because I worked hard and stayed on task. My performance in this assignment tells people that I am creative, and that  have a passion for clothes. It would be so much fun to make clothes and share how to make them with the world!

Bucket list 

I love bucket lists because I want to have a adventures life with loads of things to do!
The purpose of the assignment was to identify what you want to do in a lifetime. I would love to do these things one day. I think I did good at coming up with ambitious things to do. Now what does this  say about me? Well,  if you look at my list you will see that I love to travel and that I am quite ambitious. Here are some things on my bucket list:

Dream board

This assignment was to show your dreams and what you day dream about. I think my teachers wanted me to learn to reach for my goals and plot them down, similar to the bucket list. I think I did well on my dream board because I drew some nice illustrations and kept it neat. My performance in this project shows what I am passionate, creative and adventures.