Atom adventures


Oh no! Atom is flying through the air! I hope he lands safely…

Atom fell on his face. He was in the middle of nowhere, away from all his neutron friends!! He was so spooked that he didn’t know what to do!

”My friends! They must be missing me…”

So, without a second thought, Atom went on his way to find his friends. I hope he can get to them safely!

Hello and welcome back to my blog! This post is going to be a little different, since it is about coding (kind of)!

For the last few weeks of school, we’ve been learning a lot about science. So, my teacher put my entire class to the test and made us make a game. Based around SCIENCE! (Mainly solids and liquids n that sort of stuff)

Now, for this game, we were primarily using scratch to code. And as a lot of you may know, scratch is kind of a pain in the arse. Coding wise and.. saving wise. And after a lot of hard work and dedication to my game, my page reloaded and i lost all my progress. and the worst part was that this was at the VERY end of the project. I was crushed, so sad that I couldn’t even do anything for the rest of the day. So, out of pity, my science teacher told me i could just make a poster because she’d already seen my game and knew how hard i worked on it. So, i accepted and made a poster.

Pretty nice, right? I think so too.

Now, while I was (and still am) sad about losing my progress on over a week of work, I’m pretty proud of the work i did. Even though all proof of my work has been burned to ashes i know that my teacher and a few other people saw, and were really impressed. And to those people who were excited to see the finished product, i am sorry. Because i do not have it.

Spunky lunks colonization project

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Today i will be chatting about my Colonization project, a project which includes a video, some information and a few other interesting things i can’t think of off the top of my head! Let’s goooo

Now, the first thing we did for this project was choose our people to focus on. The indigenous people, the poor French men, the rich French men, the fil du roix, and the missionaries. I was chosen to do the Poor men. Wasn’t my first choice, i wanted to be rich men but its pretty close so it doesn’t really matter.

Now, i did a lot of research on the French men of New France! But this included doing research on some other parties, mainly the rich French men (since they had the closest ties to the French poor men). I mainly did research on who was involved, what was basically what happened, and their viewpoint after a few years of new Frances existence.

Next, we talked about the consequences of colonization. You may already know this already, but there were a lot of consequences to colonization. It was especially bad for the indigenous peoples. They were effected greatly from the French men coming to New France, in good and bad ways (but mainly bad).


here are a few more examples of what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

Due to the colonization of Canada, there are a lot less indeginous people than there would be had it never been colonized. All of Canada would likely be indeginous people, but due to the fact most of the earlier generation indigenous people had… died, they are lesser seen then they ordinarily would be ( had their land not been blatantly taken ). It was a good thing for many of the Europeans, due to the fact they were getting new opportunities for work, but it was kind of bad for the rich men of France, due to the fact that the poor men wer asking so much to work ( but the rich men were also kind of making more, so it’s a good and bad kind of thing ).

The poor Europeans of France had a tough time living in New France at first, but after a while of trading and “befriending” the indigenous peoples, they got the hang of it. The main problem that the poor French men had, though, was the problem of how cold it was in New France. It was cold, and they hadn’t assumed the climate was any different. This is what caused many of the poor men’s deaths in New France.

 Not all was bad for the rich French men, though. They didn’t have to do any labor, and all they had to do was pay their workers. The missionaries were having a field day in New France, due to how many non-Christians there were. Once more schools were built in New France ( a way in a future ) they were pretty much everywhere. You couldn’t take a walk in the park without seeing at least 2 missionaries. But, though this was very good for the Europeans, it wasn’t so great to their indeginous neighbours. When the fille du roi came to New France, their life was hard. They weren’t sure who or where they were going to be stuck with. In t`he long run, they did do their jobs successfully, starting families and living. In fact, some fille du roi families are still alive today in Canada! So the fille du roi did their jobs pretty well.

Small but mighty poster project

Hello again! I’m Hazel, and welcome to my blog post. Today I’ll be talking about what I did in science class. You may be asking, what did you do? Well I’m telling you now so hold your horses!

We did lots so far in science, but the most best and memorable part for me was my Poster. These posters were made to educate younger kids about germs, and the importance of washing their hands, vaccinating, and not being gross in general. Now, a lot of people’s posters had lighter colours, and a more friendly tone. Well, my poster is different. I went for a scare tactic instead, using darker colours and a less friendly tone. This wasn’t intended to really “scare” kids, it was to convince them to wash their hands and cover their mouth. I feel like I did it really well, too.

My favourite thing about my poster is how much detail I put into it. I don’t usually try 100% on my drawing projects for school, but I did this time. I wanted it to look better than everyone else’s so that it could really stand out. Though, one thing I would change is the slogan on the poster. I don’t know if you’d really call it a slogan, it’s just the text on the poster. Anyway, I feel like it doesn’t fit the poster that well. But, I didn’t have time to think about the text on the poster because we were already running out of time. But, that’s my only problem with the poster. Other than that, I love it.

Well, that’s it! Thank you for reading my blog post and I’ll be back in 2 weeks.

Travelogue blogpost

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I’ll be talking about my travelogue, a new assignment be been working on for a while now. Let’s start!
First thing we did in class was learn about the Vikings, natural explorers and raiders. This was to prepare for our final product of writing a historically accurate story by doing research.

The travelogue is a little book that consists of 5 or more images, with a story with less than 300 words. I did it on Christopher Columbus, but the person writing the book was just a crew member on one of the 3 ships he directed.
I really enjoyed the drawing and writing parts of this assignment. I like creative assignments so this was perfect for me. I wasn’t really a fan of the group work in this assignment, though. I prefer to work alone instead of with others.

Mpol blog post

Hello, I’m Hazel! Welcome back to my blog.

Today, we’re gonna be talking about my first ever Mpol for PLP. Just in case you aren’t sure what an Mpol is, I’ll tell you.

An Mpol is a thing that you do in PLP to finish off the semester. You talk about some of the projects you did, and what you liked about the project and aspects in the project that you would change. You usually present this to a teacher you know and your parents.

Now that you know what an Mpol is, I can talk about my first Mpol!

The first project I’m going to talk about is my crusades presentations! They’re probably my favourite thing that I’ve done this semester.    

I think that almost everything about these presentations were great! I loved how much detail is put into the drawings and the information ( I think ) is greatly worded.

Though, I would change the length of some of the paragraphs in the presentation. I would have also changed the torture slide, because I didn’t put any effort in and honestly, I would have hand drawn it if I had another day to work on it.

Next, I’m going to talk about my “Becoming PLP learner” project.

The things I liked about this project was all the questions in it, and how I answered them. I thing that my illustrations are also amazing. But I would change the lack of colour in this project because it looks bland. But another thing that I really liked about what I did are the three main points, my Dreamboard, my YouTube channel and my user manual. I think that it gives the reader a lot to learn and read about.

  • winter exhibition (setting up for the exhibition, working on your box

And now I’m going to talk about my winter exhibition reflection. I really liked a how I worded everything and formatted everything to looks nice and spaced out,  but I would’ve checked over the grammar and get more input on it before I handed it in. I also like how I added in the images of my box at different angles.

Interesting images- used markup,lighting,brightness, angles. Created inanimate objects

Now, I’ll be talking about my interesting images assignment. I loved a lot about this project, mainly because it required so much creativity in the pictures. Most of what we did was taking pictures and editing them with markup. I really liked the pictures i made, and the editing i did was, I’d say, very creative. I took a picture of a sewer vent and an electrical box, examples of them are below.

I also love how i did my name. The smiley face is a touch that i like a lot! Another thing about the real life mixed with cartoon drawings is how i mixed the monochrome of the drawings with the colour of real life. I love that kind of stuff. Though i love the drawings, i think i could have put in a little more effort.

Now, does this comply with my learning plan?

I’d say that I’m very close! It says that I will eat a healthy breakfast everyday on the learning plan intent, though I actually don’t eat breakfast a lot during the mornings. I am trying to change that! I do think that I am doing a lot of the things that are on the learning plan, so I’d say my work is accomplished! I am not trying to reach for extending, but if I did get an extending grade it would be nice.

What am I proud of, out of all this work?

Out of it all, i think I’m most proud of my writing work. After all, i did a lot of it. I think my writing capabilities have grown drastically over the year so far, and if i had to choose between last years writing and this years, I’d definitely choose this years writing. I just think it’s more creative, and overall the spelling, typing and punctuation are just a thousand times better.

What have you gotten better at over these few months?

I’d say writing again but I’d hate to repeat myself. I think my art advanced during the year, since I’ve had more time to draw inside school. I’ve been able to draw more overall, since a lot of the work in school as actually required art in the assignments. I also have to draw a lot to keep me from dying of boredom, and because my brain might explode if i don’t get my ideas out on paper.

What would you work on in the future?

Now, I think that I have improved a lot on learning about new apps, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I don’t know how to use the calendars app, and it’s one of the first apps on the iPad that you get. I am really bad at using things, and we’ve been using it for like, a month now. What I’m trying to say is, I should practice at using apps that I haven’t used before so i can be prepared when we do actually use them.

My triptych

Introduction : Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by creating many innovations that have helped our world today, the triptych I made shows innovations from the Renaissance and before that have been impactful on the world and me. New ideas in the Renaissance changed the Renaissance world by creating the musket, and the candle. Now, how did these ideas change the world? Well, the musket was a new start for the gun world, new ideas in the Renaissance changed weapons and machinery for the better. Such as the Musket, a long gun that only worked with gunpowder helping create many other types of guns we use today, and the candle was just the beginning of lamps, lights, and other sources of light.. Traditional ideas before the Renaissance can still be seen today, such as the candle. The candle was used as a light source, because there were no energy sources at the time. Before the candle the Romans used oil lamps as a source of light. The oil lamp was made by a wick that was in a container of oil. Today, the candle can still be seen in houses and is reliable in an emergency, but lights in our house are used way more, and are generally a way more quick and helpful when in need of light. To produce the same amount of light as a lightbulb for a candle, you’d need literally dozens of candles. And, it’s worse for the environment, because that amount of candles produce ten times the amount of a regular light! Also, candles are a huge fire hazard. Lightbulb fires can happen way less then candle fires! Light has helped me in a variety of ways without light I would be sad and I would definitely struggle finding things! Ideas today have sprouted from ideas from the Renaissance, like the shotgun. The shotgun is a commonly seen gun nowadays, and instead of using gunpowder, it uses bullets! The shotgun is a big step from the once-used musket. The shotgun is made out of high quality steel, and carefully crafted with drills and shaped with a hammer. Back then, the musket was made with low quality metal, wood, and coal. The musket would often blow up in the user’s face, which was a common defect in guns back then. Nowadays, the shotgun will never let you down, and some shotguns fire multiple bullets at a time?! A musket could never dream of such a thing. Conclusion: Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by creating many innovations that have helped our world today. These innovations from the Renaissance and before have been impactful on the world and me.

I love what I did with the “ editing my face onto random people “ thing. It saved me a lot of time and effort and I honestly love how it turned out. I also love how I pulled random recent, or old inventions from the internet and just put them into the images. It represents my learning well and it’s also kinda funny at times.
I think that I could improve on where some of the objects are placed, though. Sometimes it looks kind of awkward and weird. I also think I could have spent more time on the background of the triptych, because the colours are kind of ugly.

Middle Ages presentations reflection

Hello! I’m Hazel, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I’ll be talking about my Middle Ages presentations. You may be like “ why did you make these presentations? “ and that’s why I’m here to tell you exactly why!

One day, i was sitting in class. And my teacher was like “ this other class that’s on an island needs to learn about the Middle Ages and you’re going to teach them via your own presentations “ and then I was like “ whoa hold your horses, we don’t even know anything about the Middle Ages! How are we supposed to make presentations to teach OTHER people about them? “ and then my teacher again was like “ I’ll teach you. “ and then we went through a whole course of things that happened during Middle Ages, like the feudal system and the crusades. And so, we learned. Most of what I had learnt came from my teacher, though some came from finding it out myself via google search. Now we’re passing it on to other people, who will eventually pass it on to other people, and so on. Now that you know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, we can start!

Now, the first thing we did was the feudal system. The feudal system was a type of way of living that existed long ago, and they were basically small towns that were owned by mini-kings ( lords ), and they would rule it and take the peoples money so that they could live there. Not everyone in the Middle Ages lived like this, but many did, because it was easier to buy and sell crops, cattle and goods. Downsides to living like this were the massive amounts of feces laying around in the streets, and eventually, the plague. The plague hit hardest in the feudal cities, because everyone was all bunched up into groups. Many people died during this time, and most of them lived in feudal cities. But, enough about what happened during the feudal system. Let’s start talking about what I did during the feudal system assignment! This was basically how it was set up :

The feudal system diagram

The church and kings

The lords and barons

Knights and peasants

The town

Law and order

My personal favourite out of all of these is the town segment of the presentation. It really represents what I know about the feudal system and also represents my drawing skills very well. I also really like the crowd shown in the piece, showing how crowded and flooded it was during the Middle Ages in small towns like the one represented in the image. I also really loved the diagram, which tells a kind of story, even though it’s just a still image. Though, I feel as if I could have added more colours and details. And improved on the law and order segment. It sucks, because I was really looking forward to drawing the law and order part. If I had done all these things, it would’ve probably been one of the best Middle Ages presentation ever made!

Now, onto the Crusades part of the assignment. I loved a lot about the presentation, but I do have certain favourites! But before this, allow me to do the same thing I did last above, put it into a list.

Who was involved?

Why did it happen?

When did it happen?

Where was it?

Why did they do this?

What happened afterward?

How did it affect everyone?

Now, out of all these, the when did it happen part is definitely my favourite. I love the simplicity of the slide and the slideshow all together. But, I think that I should have added more to the drawings, because they look a little last minute. I also think that I could add a little more colour, to make it really pop.

Overall, I think that I did pretty well on the project. But, there is a lot of room for improvement. I think that I could have definitely improved on the spelling and grammar in the text. It’s mostly great, but there are some mistakes that might throw the reader off. I also think, for both of the presentations, I could add more details like shading and colouring, I find that the colours in the presentation are great and match the theme, but there could be more colours in general to make the background and scene more busy.

Well, I think that’s it! Thank you for reading through my very long, but very interesting presentation.

Winter exhibition reflection

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! Today, I will be sharing with you my experience at the winter exhibition! Lots happened, so let’s hurry.

The first thing we did to start off the winter exhibition was setting up our predictions and making prototypes for what we were going to make to be on display at the exhibition, which was a box! I made a drawing, got done all my predictions and then got started on the box.

In total, I think it took me 3 or 4 days to finish my box. I spent the first day starting the box, painting it and making clay sculptures, then the next day I got to adding the landscape of the box, which was a representation of split worlds,, the na’vi side was colourful and had exotic plants, while earths side was more dull, and had dead plants which i got from the dollar store! The third day I drew a na’vi and a human, finelined and coloured, to put on each side of the box. I also added a few extra things like colourful apples, a giant alien spider, and if you look close enough, you’ll see fish! On the very last day, I painted the outside of the box black, and added some colourful speckles. This got my hands all painty and it hardly worked, but it was good enough to be presented at the exhibition! Now, let’s start talking about what ACTUALLY happened at the exhibition!

The night started off with setting up. Me and my group had a lot of work to do. First, we set up curtains to hide the library walls, ( which is where our group, and anything group were set in during the exhibition ) then, I set up lights all around the table, and got some peers to help me. Next, we got the entertainment out. Games made by our group to be played that represented racism. The room next door had the same game, but it was a way easier than ours. Some girls got some plants in the room to match the vibe we were going with. We shut off the lights, and boom! Our room was all colourful and bright, and was very unique compared to the other rooms. After all this setting up, everyone went off to have pizza. It was okay, i prefer pizza without the cheese but the sauce and pepperonis were very good. During this time, i FaceTimed with my friend who was supposed to be there but wasn’t because they were sick. We talked, but then the exhibition was starting, so we said our goodbyes and hung up.

The start of the exhibition was very busy, and we got lots of visitors! Mostly parents, but a lot of siblings and relatives also!  I was kinda in the dark so lots of people passed by me at the beginning but I learned to force them to notice me by saying hello! The lot of what i said to visitors was “ my box represents racism and inequality between worlds, and people. no matter how similar we are, people will always find a way to hate certain groups of people. “ . Saying this over and over for around 4 hours was a challenge, but i got through it pretty well!

At the end of our exhibition, it was easy to say that i was exhausted. I cleaned up my part of the mess and ditched the cleaning because there was no way that i was staying there for another 10 minutes. I got home, and immediately went to bed. It was the craziest night I’ve probably ever had at school ever, and more is to come.

I do not think I am mentally prepared for this.


What went well?

I think that the beginning went pretty good. I set up lights and took a break. I also think that most of the exhibition went lovely too. I was a master presenter, and I caught peoples attention.

What do you think you could improve on?

I definitely think that the end of the exhibition could have gone a way better. My light went out so i had nothing to show people my presentation with, and overall it was pretty chaotic. I also messed up some decorations on accident. Whoops! Next time, I should be sure that my phone is charged and I know where I’m sitting.

Interesting images

Presentation 7

DRIVING QUESTION : how might i use the still image to create and communicate through technology?

what are three skills you learned that you found the most useful Why?

I learned 3 skills, angles, views such as Birds Eye view and worms eye view, and learning to edit my photos with drawing programs, such as markup and sketchbook.

I feel like these are the most useful because depending on your angle,it can show emotions like of it were a worms eye view the emotion would probably be fear, but if it was a Birds Eye view your emotion might be happy.

For the editing photos wth drawing programs part, i think that’s important because depending on how you edit an image it tells a different story. If I were to take a picture of me screaming and looking up, i’d look like a crazy person. But if you added a monster in the background, it would show I’m scared of it and running away. Or if i were to add ice cream falling from the sky, you would assume that I’m trying to get some ice cream in my mouth.