Interesting images

Presentation 7

DRIVING QUESTION : how might i use the still image to create and communicate through technology?

what are three skills you learned that you found the most useful Why?

I learned 3 skills, angles, views such as Birds Eye view and worms eye view, and learning to edit my photos with drawing programs, such as markup and sketchbook.

I feel like these are the most useful because depending on your angle,it can show emotions like of it were a worms eye view the emotion would probably be fear, but if it was a Birds Eye view your emotion might be happy.

For the editing photos wth drawing programs part, i think that’s important because depending on how you edit an image it tells a different story. If I were to take a picture of me screaming and looking up, i’d look like a crazy person. But if you added a monster in the background, it would show I’m scared of it and running away. Or if i were to add ice cream falling from the sky, you would assume that I’m trying to get some ice cream in my mouth.

Becoming a PLP learner

Hello! My name is hazel, and over the past few months of school we’ve been driving to answer the question: “Who am i as a PLP learner?” We’ve been doing assignments in maker and humanities and I think the work we’ve done so far answers all the questions to this.

My Dreamboard

The Dreamboard assignment was assigned so you could imagine all the things you daydream about on a daily basis or just daydream about in general. My Dreamboard represents a lot about me as a person, reading more about it you’ll find that I am very passionate about my interests, like drawing and games and a comic I’ve been working up on for almost 2 years. These things are things I spend time on every day. But if you look more at the bottom, there are things that are less related to me and are related to other things I want to do. Like zip line, stab a watermelon and go to church again in Ontario. This also represents me as a learner, showing that i love working hard and learn a lot from art and the people around me. I’m proud of the drawings and ideas on the dream board, because it took me a long time to draw all these things and come up with all the things I daydream about.

My YouTube channel

The YouTube channel is another artistic thing that I have worked on in the dream journal. The point was to think about if you were to have a YouTube channel, what it would be about and what you would post? As you can see I’m very passionate about creative arts and trying something new, because before this I never drew mouthes like that, and I’ve also never drawn freehandedly without line art. I also tried using minimal amounts of colours to show that I can work with what little I have. It is also a idea that most people have never seen before, so it shows how creative I am when it comes to arts. What I’m proud of on this assignment is the art and creativity segments. I love how I made the fish guy look and I’m also proud of my ideas for the YouTube channel.

User manual

The user manual was assigned so that you could teach other people about yourself as a person, and show your interests and favourite things, and also present your personality. The user manual is probably one of the more important learning pieces of mine, showcasing basically everything I have to offer in the PLP program. It presents me as a person but also as a learner. It represents my interests, my emotions and vaguely explains what I do in my daily life. It basically tells you everything about me at school and at home. I’m extremely proud of how I presented myself in my work and I love how fast I got it finished.