We were Ore-gone for a few days, but now were back!

Hello again!!

In this post, I’m going to be telling you about one of PLP‘s main features, one of the funnest parts, and my favourite part. The most recent thing we did with PLP was go on something called a  field study. I feel the study is basically a multi day field trip. There are lots of fun and lots of info! This field study, we went to Oregon, here’s what we did! And why we went to Oregon in the first place.

In PLP, there’s a reason why we go on a super awesome trip to another country. This time it was for and advertising project called the medium is the message! This project is a humanities project, focussing on advertising. First in groups, we were assigned businesses. All of those businesses were the ones we were going to visit in Oregon. Each day when we visited these businesses assigned to whatever business we were at interviewed them. My group was Kam Meng, an American style, Chinese restaurant.

First day of our Oregon trip, we drove a whole lot. All the way across the border and a few more hours. After a quick stop at Cabelas. Our first business and our first food stop was Clark’s restaurant. Then we drove some more stopped at dismal nitch and continued on to our second business group at Astoria column. Then we had dinner and visited Peter Iredale. And continued onto our cabins where we stayed for the next two days.

The second day we had breakfast and went to the Columbia river. Then we went to Fort Stevens and had our first quest. After lunch at Dairy Queen, we went zip lining and highlife adventures where our third group interviewed that business. Then we had dinner and went to bed.

Day three we have breakfast and drive to the Columbia River Maritime Museum, where we check out of the cool displays. Fourth interview group interviewed the museum. Then we drove and had lunch at pig and pancake, which was really delicious. Then we went to Cannon Beach and enjoying the wonderful view. Then one of my favourite stops. What is the Tillamook creamery where we learned about how they made cheese and even got to sample it. Then we went back for dinner and a good sleep.


On day four we had breakfast and went to arguably one of the coolest natural places I have ever been. Yeah quit now head at least that’s what it sounded like it was spelled Yaquina Head. The fifth group interviewed the people at a Lighthouse there. And we went off on our second quest. Then we went to a Hatfield morene Science centre where we would go the next morning as well. And the sixth group interviewed the interviewees. Then we had dinner at a very good Buffet.

Day five by now were staying at the yurts witch were a very fun communal place to stay. We go back to Hatfield Marine Science Center. Yesterday we did an experiment on how fast crabs can run, today were doing two experiments. I first experiment was finding shrimp on a mud beach, and recording the number of them, their age gender etc. The second experiment which building an R.O.V. And getting it to pick up magnetic objects underwater. Then we have lunch and go to a Marine discovery tours, where our seventh group interviews the organization. Then we have our third quest. Then we have dinner at my interview groups business Kam Meng, where we interview our business.

Next DAY6, we have breakfast and head to Depoe Bay. Then we drive and our teachers had prepared a surprise for us. We went to BULLWINKLES witch is a arcade, pizza place, and theme park! Then we drove for another while where we had dinner at burger claim, a burger place with peanut butter burgers! It’s our last night, so we’re staying at a hotel! We swim in the pool before bed and then went to sleep.

Our last day we drove to a place called wolf haven, which is a sanctuary for wolves and our last interview group. Then we drove to Golden corral buffet to have lunch. Then it was the homestretch, i was in the van, because we had the van and the bus! I absolutely loved van shenanigans! We drove for a lot of hours to finally get home!

It was so much fun, and I learned so much!

Heres my journal about our travels:

My Oregon journal

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Colonization was cray cray!!

Hello again!!

our most recent project along side https://www.blog44.ca/ailieh/2023/05/04/science-the-game-or-maybe-its-a-subject/ in science is our humanities project on colonization.

To start this project off we were randomly assigned a group of people who came to New France when it was colonized. I was assigned les filles du roi the king’s daughters, you can read more about them here: Research Questions – Colonization .

Next we wrote a paragraph for a script we were saying for a video, but before we officially wrote the script, we were put in groups. We had one person from each category of people travelling to and/or living in New France. My group members were Finn who studied the indigenous peoples, Hazel poor people, Sidney rich people, and Danica missionaries.

as our final project we all wrote paragraphs and answered the two questions: how did colonization affect all involved, and what were the consequences of colonization. We then put our paragraphs and answers together in a script. Next we drew symbols to represent our group of people, then we recorded ourselves in Armaker using our symbols s a visual. Finally using iMovie we put together our recordings to explain the perspective of all of the participants in the colonization of New France!

Now we have finished our most recent PLP projects, but I’m sure I’ll be back because there are certainly more to come soon!!!

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Science the game!! (Or maybe it’s a subject??)


Welcome back to my blog! This time I’m back because we have finished a new project in science! We have learned so many things in so little time, whether it is what we’re made out of, what happens to ice when it melts, and why or why not gummy bears get bloated in different water temps and types. But first, lets talk about what we did to learn the info for this project. 

During the month of April we learned many things. We learned about matter, and how it makes up all objects, including living things. To add a little bit of math we learned how to calculate an object’s volume using its mass and density, or vice versa. Then we learned how to make qualitative and quantitative observations. 

Next we touched up on the states of matter, focusing on how the temperatures put them through changes (kinetic molecular theory).  

Using an experiment to help make it fun and interactive, the next thing we learned about was diffusion. The steps for the experiment were, multiple bags of gummy bears and a whole lot of sugar loving teens. So, now you have your sugar loaded teens and less gummy bears then expected, just kidding we didn’t have tooooo manyyy. You basically take the gummy bears and put them in water of different temperature or carbonation, and leave them in the water for a day and observe the results! 

Finally to sum all of the things we learned up we created a video game, we could pick anything we learned to be our theme, for example I picked a game inspired by t-Rex run. First you start with an ice cube and it has to jump over objects to go to round 2 which is liquid. Then same thing with liquid to gas. If you make it through the gas’s level you win the game. It relates to the states of matter, and the acceleration of the particles compared to the heat they are exposed to. 

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There are friends in your body!


We just finished our science unit on cells. The driving question was: How can our knowledge of cell biology contribute to public health?

Our first keystone was an experiment. We swabbed a surface of our choice and watched the bacteria grow! I did the wall and floor in the girls bathroom, there was so much bacteria. There was more on the floor than the wall, there for my hypothesis was right!

Here’s my field journal:

Field Journal

For keystone two we made character cards for all of the different types of cells. The white blood cell, the b-cell, the killer, memory and help t-cells, the macrophage, and the antibodies.

Immune Cell Character – B-cell

Immune Cell Character – White blood cell

Immune Cell Character – Macrophage

Immune Cell Character- T-cells

Immune Cell Character – Antibodies

Keystone three was making an infographic about why some one might not want to get vaccinated. I worked with Tate Me, Myself, and I and Syd Syddy giddy insta graham crackers blog! We made an infographic on canva with the theme: why did people not get it?

To finish up this unit we made a poster promoting getting rid of pathogens! Students from East view Elementary drew pictures of what they thought cells and pathogens looked like. Then we had to incorporate there drawings into our posters, then our posters will be put up around east view, and the students there will be able to see there drawings in our posters!

Heres my poster:


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Remember there are friends in your body, protect them!

-Ailie 💜

Exploring the explorers


I haven’t posted in so long. The project I’m writing about is the most recent project we did for PLP Humanities. We were learning about Vikings, and their travels. Then we moved forward in time a little more, but we still stuck with the explorers. 

The project we did to summarize our work before we start spring break was writing a book about an explorer or a perspective to do with an explorer. I did mine on Jacques Cartier, the French explorer that helped colonize Canada. My story is written from the perspective of an imaginary maid that worked on his ship as a cleaner. 

Here’s the link to my story:


This project has helped me understand why the explores were motivated to explore!

Thanks for reading my blog post!

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My mPOL 2022-2023

Hello again everyone!

For the semester turnaround we had to present something called an mPOL. It is our declaration of of learning for plp! Here’s what I have planned.

First you introduce your parents to your teacher. Then you say your declaration of learning.

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening to my presentation.

Next you talk all about your learning, things you improved on, are working on etc.

Some skills I learned at Saint Pius are really useful, like knowing how to create an understandable and straight to the point presentation, being able to plan out what I'm going to say and how I'm going to say it, and including the information in an interesting way. We were taught how to use google docs and google slides and other apps to make a high quality presentation. But my favourite app was, and still is canva. It helps me express my creativity.

I am really proud of and I also absolutely loved some of the projects we did so far this year. My laptop Memoji was a very fun expressive project to do. I tried to portray my creative and artsy side through the stickers I chose to put on the laptop.

I also really loved the photo unit we did in maker, called making interesting images. I loved finding out new things about the camera app and the way you can portray photos, based off of the angles, lighting, and filters.

Here is a sample of my work.

I also loved our drawing unit where we learned how to better use sketches pro. I created a book with the drawings that I made. You can find it on my post titled finding fun with drawing.


I can improve my organization skills, and my organization of time. I sometimes forget to check showbie and I haven’t submitted the appropriate work. If there’s something that interests me while I’m doing any kind of work I could certainly become more engaged in it than finishing my project. I can also improve on my listening skills, when I’m tired I have a shorter attention span. 

The most interesting thing I have learned so far this year is that it’s ok to fail, you can always try again. I also love all of the fun projects we get to do, like our most recent project on the renaissance. We researched the different innovations from the renaissance, then put the ones we found the most intriguing in to an art piece called a triptych which is a three panelled piece of art. We also made an historical explanation answering the driving question, ”How did the ideas from Europe and Asia change the world?”.


This year I have failed in not putting enough effort in to some of my work. Sometimes I feel like I’m rushing when I have enough time to be more detailed and work harder on it. Not all of my work is to my own standards.

I am going to strive to achieve to put in my full potential when working on any of my work. I am also going to strive to achieve the best possible results of my work. I’m also going to strive to achieve to be on task as much as needed. 

This is my learning plan.

At the beginning of the year we wrote down what we already knew from the plp subjects, and we set new goals for things we want to learn. I wanted to achieve extending in all of my classes. I haven’t met all of the goals I wanted to yet but the ones I haven’t met yet I’m on my way to meeting them. We had to put down our strengths and growths, also our goals. Here are the other things I wrote. I would like to be able to spell better, and write better. I would also like to be a little more confident in my public speaking abilities. 

My conclusion: 

There have been so many fun projects and things this semester.  I have learned so much this semester, and I hope I will learn so much more next semester. I hope semester two will be as amazing as semester one. 

Thank you so much for reading my post!

The renaissance!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog!

Our final project for humanities was radical innovations from the renaissance. First we made notes on innovations from the renaissance. Then we sketched out our triptych, which is a three panelled piece of art. Next we decide which innovations we were going to show case  in our triptych. We use super impose to photoshop our faces into a painting from the renaissance. We then used those to build our triptych. We created our triptych, then wrote our historical explanation! Here they both are!

Ideas from Europe and Asia spread across the world during the renaissance, they were the match that started the fire. Everyone began to think more critically and challenged others ideas. They started to create new things, solve problems, and mentally and physically, create art.

New ideas in the Renaissance changed the world by making a printing press which created books, lenses which developed into glasses, the barometer, which was just like your local weather man, and paintings which lead to a whole world of art. The printing press through books, created fantasy worlds and unknown places, lenses let people see the world better, and the art that was created let people be more creative. The invention of the kindle is incredibly signifagent, like how the printing press was incredibly significant. The printing press created books, flyers, newspapers, and many other things to read. The kindle has those things on one device. Lenses are one of the most significant inventions from the renaissance. They helped people with blurry vision to see. The barometer was created in the 1600s by Evangelista Torricelli who was a former pupil of Galileo Galilei. Some of the most famous art pieces were created in the renaissance, for example the Mona Lisa. Art then developed in style and creativity. It was, and rarely, still is use to measure the air pressure and tell what the weather might be. All of these ideas are benifisial to people today, I need reading glasses to see better, I read books on my kindle every night, and I see art inspired, or from the renaissance almost everyday.

Traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance include the idea that there is only one religion and one right view, and that is Catholicism. They were convinced that the church was always right. The chatholic church forced people into there religion by telling them there’d go to hell if they didn’t, and that it was the will of god that they joined the religion. Now, the Catholic Church has branched off into many different religions. There have been new religions created such as Baha’i which was created in 1844, or the oldest religion which is Hindu, it was created between 2300 B.C. and 1500 B.C. Religions are ever changing, they all have different beliefs and rituals. New or old there all beliefs of someone.

The creation of all of the beautiful things in the renaissance like printing press, lenses, barometers and art have improved and shaped our world as we know it today. There were very simple art styles in the renaissance and they expanded and became many different styles. Books these days have extended into a wide range of styles and genres, some of them have even become modernized or downloaded on to devices so you can have many books in one. Lenses have helped people see properly, I wouldn’t be able to read properly without my reading glasses. The barometer started the intrest in forecasting weather, which has become a valuable job. People in the renaissance period discovered big things, things that were so important that without them today, it would be less easy to live. Lenses were made from pieces of glass, now there are different prescriptions and things for different types of eye problems. Lenses are one of the many innovations that have helped solve problems of the world today.

Many of the innovations that were created in the renaissance were a big step towards things that are made today. Without the creativity of the minds who created innovations in the renaissance our world wouldn’t be the same as it is. The ideas in Europe and Asia changed the world through creativity, and a will to challenge normalities.

My triptych!

Thanks for reading my blog!


Finding fun with drawing!

Hi! Welcome back to my blog!

The last few weeks in maker 8 we have been learning how to make better art using Sketches pro. This has been a really fun project and the end result is a book of art created by yours truly! Here it is!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, and now my book of art!

-Ailie 💜

Power Play

The last few months we have been working on our power play projects. These projects consisted of a few steps, learning all of the information we needed to know on the topic, exploring the topic a little more on our own, and finally making a presentation on the topic. We made slideshows filled with information about our topics, I used canva for my presentation. Here’s some of the information that was in them. 

The topic we learned about was life in the Middle Ages with the smaller included topics of the feudal system and the crusades. The feudal system consisted of 6 classes. The king, the nobles, the knights, the merchants and the peasants. The 6th class was the church who basically sat back and watched. How did it work, well lord has land, a vassal is a person who was given the land by the lord, the land was known as fief. In exchange for the land, the vassal has to work for the lord. The king usually gives land to the nobility to recant the land to the peasants. 

The crusades were an interesting topic to learn about. They were a series of nine religious wars that happened over two centuries in the medieval period. Start date: 1095 End date: 129. The wars were between the two main religions at the time, the Christians and the Muslims. The wars were a fight over Jerusalem, which is the holy land of both religions. They concluded with the victory of the Muslims and many lost lives. 

Thank you so much for reading this post about the Middle Ages! 

– Ailie 💜

The 2022 Seycove Winter Exhibition

This winter exhibition was my first one! It was really fun to execute. 

The theme of the whole exhibition was the movie Avatar. The movie is about the planet of Pandora and the Na’vi creachers that live on it. Because the planet’s air is poisonous, human/Na’vi hybrids, called Avatars, must link to human minds to allow for free movement on Pandora, they are created by the humans who take refuge on the planet. Jake Sully, a former Marine who has paralyzed legs, becomes mobile again through one such Avatar and falls in love with a Na’vi woman. While he is on a mission to learn what the Na’vi want in exchange for the Unattainable, a precious stone worth millions of dollars that is abundant on their land. As a bond with her grows, he is drawn into a battle for the survival of her world. 

In preparation we watched this movie, so that we could execute our theme. 

The exabition was chaotic and tightly scheduled. From 3:00 to 5:30 all PLP students decorated the rooms we were assigned. With the room, we were also assigned a theme. The theme of my room was abandoned planet. From 5:30 to 7:30 the exhibition was on. We stood by our projects that we had worked on over a few weeks before the exhibition. The use of our boxes was to portray our theme statements, mine was Often times, us humans may ignore the deep connections that we have with nature, and destroy it to satisfy our own needs. Finally we did clean up from 7:30 to 8:30. 

Here is a picture of my box.

Thank you for reading my blog post!