“3. 2. 1. RUN!” -The Remake- 🏃

Run, and make sure to not look back! “Lights-Camera-Action!” During our recent maker project, we focussed on videography, aiming to recreate an original short film titled “Run!” to extend our filmmaking skills, and to practice our editing and group work.  Here’s an overview of our journey: We formed small groups, and my team came together […]

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👽My tPOL~2023~✌️

It’s tPOL timeeeeeee. This is my script, and technically everything that I wanted to say. My tPOL is tomorrow, so I will be posting a reflection blog post by the end of the week! Declaration Hello, and welcome to my tPOL. Before I begin, I must say the tPOL declaration. “Thank you for coming to […]

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Oregon 2023!!!

Hello, and welcome back to yet another blogpost! Oceans, tide pools, zip lining, museums, and too much driving… Oregon was full of so many adventures and experiences, and I am now going to try to fit all of those memories into a blog post. I have just returned from a week long field study to […]

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🦠Everything Matters! 🦠

Lately in science we have been working towards answering the driving question: how does the behaviour of atoms influence the properties of solids, liquids, and gasses? For this we did 3 keystones, and object description, an experiment, and a video game pitch, so we could complete our final end product the video game. First keystone: […]

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