Learning to draw (Carr)

Hey people! Today, for this blog post, I will be showing my journey through drawing.  A few weeks back, we got separated into two separate [...]

Outlast – My Scimatics Project.

  Hello people! For the past few weeks, we have been working on developing a board game based on probability. I found it quite fun doing th [...]

Becoming a PLP learner

Hello people! This is my second post for this week, however, it is not related at all with my advertising journey blog post.  For the past [...]

My advertising journey.

Hello people! In the past few weeks, I have been working on a project called “medium is the message”!  It has been a fun and interestin [...]

Hello people of the world.

Hello random people, this is my first blog, I hope you enjoy reading this. 🙂 [...]
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