Comic Cells!

Hello all! In Scimatics, I have been designing and creating my very own comic.  It was fun illustrating each drawing and reminded me of the [...]

Impact! Spring Exhibition Post!

Hello people! Recently we had a PLP spring exhibition!  I learnt some new things and met new people. Driving question:  What is a PLP lear [...]

TPOLS! My growth over the year.

Hello!  Welcome to my Transitional Presentations Of Learning which will show my growth through the year! Driving question: Why do you feel [...]

Argh Matey! A pirate blog post.

Hello people! For this blog post, I will be talking about the 15th century in Europe.  I have been learning about pirates and European expl [...]

Learning about our history (New France)

Hello people! I have been doing my latest project in Humanities, New Beginnings!  I will be talking about the fur trade within New France a [...]

Ultimate Design Challenge!

Hello! Inside Scimatics, I have been 3D modelling a design out of basic shapes.  During this process, I have learnt a lot from ranging on h [...]

The End of Destination Imagination (For This Year)

Hello people! I have just finished doing Destination Imagination.  Doing this project was quite challenging but did quite well at the end. [...]

Coding with chemistry

Hello people! Today I will be talking about what I have been doing inside Scimatics!  I have learnt a lot of new information about atoms an [...]

The Renaissance, a Time of Prosperity and Ideas

Hey people! In this blog I will be going over the project I have been doing for the last month.  I hope you enjoy! What is the Renaissance [...]

Loon lake!

Hello people!  2 weeks ago, the grade 8s and 9s went to Loon lake for about a week!  I had a lot of fun and will be sharing today what we [...]
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