How I work as a teammate.

Hey people! This is my first page, I hope you enjoy 🙂

In this page, it will show how I as a team member interact with other people.  

First of, what is a team contract? 

A team contract explains how the contribute to their team and what their strengths and weaknesses are as a learner/team member.

Here is some info about me:

Above me show my very own memoji which we developed during class.  I made this to give you a visual representation of myself.

You may be asking, what is a user manual?  It describes how you function as a person in a third person manner.  The 2 photos I have chosen from the user manual explains my different functions and personalities. 

So…. How do I work as a teammate?

If I am put inside a team, I would try to lead and organize my group whilst effectively communicating with my other team members. During tough situations, I usually remain calm and optimistic and also support my team mates as I go.  Also, I don’t usually get nervous about public speaking or presenting.  Not only that, I also enjoy creating videos, using a special app called LumaFusion. I have prepared a video that shows how I am as a learner and team member.  However, I am not only restricted to this app and am quite versatile.  I hope you enjoy watching.  Here is the video: 

As you have seen in the video, it showed how I communicated and supported different types of people.  However, if someone is not grasping a concept easily I will be a bit frustrated.  How can you counter this?  All you have to do is just give me a gentle reminder to stay calm.  Other aspects about in the videos shows how flexible I can be, so, I would not mind either leading or following in a group.