About me


My name is Christian Lo, and I am a tenth grade student going to Seycove Secondary.  I currently enjoy a variety of things, but gaming with friends, and playing badminton are some of my favourite activities.

For this page, I have created a collage of a bunch of things I really like.

After that, I created a collage with all the things I don’t like.  Some things that I don’t like is prawns and Fortnite.  Here it is below:

I also created my name using different objects that I found around my school!  The C was from the Seycove logo at the front of the school, the H was a chair that I found next to the band room, I found the R as I passed by a sign, the I is from a pillar and the S is from and artwork that was suppose to be a path.  I also added random stars and doodles to make it look nicer.



Thanks for reading!