Imagining the Destination 2024 (Provincials)

Good Afternoon and welcome back to our second Destination Imagination (DI) blog post for the year.  Unfortunately, this will be my last year of doing this competition in PLP, but might sign up again for next year.  Stay tuned!


So… Destination Imagination… if you have read the previous post, I mentioned about how it is an annual competition that PLP partakes in until grade 11.  We get paired up in random groups, usually in our grade level but this time across the years, and get put into a subject of our choice.  Like the last time I did Destination Imagination, I was put into the Scientific challenge and had to base our story on puppetry and archaeology.  I worked with Gino, Esther, Belle, and Lila to create our best possible solution to our challenge.

From last time, we had to make very drastic changes.  My entire group, except me, was not planning to show up due to having other commitments on the same day; which left me in a really tight spot.  However, before the actual day came around, two other group members, Belle and Gino, told me they were able to come.  This put us in a very bad spot, we hadn’t met up at all since the regionals, and had to make major alterations on the day of the tournament.

Instead of me just playing the role as the puppet, I was a scientist and was part of the team.  To be able to play the role as the puppet as well, my character left the stage after not wanting to continue, which allowed me to change into the character of the puppet.  Gino and Belle’s role stayed the same, but were given a lot more lines which were originally the other group members.  It was quite stressful, but I think we were able to pull of a pretty decent performance.

During the Instant Challenge, the worst possible situation happened.  We were tasked with creating a tree, that has to be as wide and tall as possible whilst also being in a box.  We were doing really well, and I was confident that we could beat all the other team members.  We maximized our height, used different materials to make it bigger, and also were working well together.  Unfortunately, at the last moment, one of the pins fell, and I tried to put it back on, which ended up toppling the structure.  It was very unfortunate, and we only realized that one side was imbalanced after the challenge was over.

Unfortunately, our team came last in both the team and instant challenge, due to being down two members and having to improv a bunch of the lines on stage.  I think that our team could have definitely done better, but some things did not go as planned.  Overall, it was a good effort, and we tried our best to win.

Thanks for reading,

– Chris

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