My Grade Nine Mpol

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

To start things of I would like to talk about the project that I think I could have improved on the most out of all of them this school year, the project that I’m talking about is my Frankein stuffie. It’s not because of how my stuffed “animal” turned out if you can even call it an animal, but its the video that I had to make on it using the basic hero’s journey story. Some of the things that I could have maybe changed is that I could have done a little bit better on the green screen for Jeremy (My stuffed animal). Like on most of the film you can see the green outline on him and on me when I was in the story I could have gone back in the end and cut out the most amount of green that I could have. Something else that bothered me in the end is that I misspelt beginning somehow. I wasn’t focused enough and I spelt it “beginig” missing the last N. In general, I think that I could have done better by my standards and by the teacher’s standards.

Another thing that I sort of failed the first time was my DI group because in the first quarter of the project I hadn’t really helped out my group then one of my team members saw me goofing off and not really contributing then after I talked with him I started to help out a lot more with my group and in the first part of DI, I’m not completely sure what place we got for DI but I’m pretty sure we didn’t do too well so for the next half of DI, I was trying to help out my team by coming up with ideas on how to extend the script and helping Magnus actually have a costume since last time we were mostly focused on the machine and on the script that we sort of forgot our costumes and he just wore a tan shirt and pants so for the next Time I helped him make a turtle shell and a mask for his costume to be complete.

Some of the projects that I had lots of fun whilst doing them are my Franken stuffie. And yes, I know that I was just talking about all of the things that I could have changed as a learner doing the project but I had lots of fun making the Franken stuffie. I had learned how to sew things together and in the project the standard was that you had to sew 3 parts of random stuffed animals but I was doing it with one of my friend and I was having such a good time doing it so I added 5 parts to my animal.

Another project that I had a load of fun doing was my metaphor machine because I had to make a Rube Goldberg machine and I had done this in the past in my old elementary school. But we only made a drawing of it so we didn’t make it in elementary so I was so glad that I got the chance to make one with some of my class mates, I think that that project might have been one of the best projects that I have done in a group we got Russia and we had to do lots of research and we had to know the whole October revolution and we had to make a sign with a Timeline and the key points after that with the newly found information we had to make a metaphor machine which is a Rube Goldberg machine with seven metaphors from the October revolution the one that I came up with was the first thing that we put in our machine at it was the old ruler stepping down and his son stepping up to the role so for this I came up with the design of a pulley system so the ball goes in to one cup and another out the other cup. After that we all came up with a script to make like a video documentary with all of us in it and we had to dress up as a Russian peasant back then since that was what our research came up with the most and we all had roles in this project like script writer head design engineer and videographer the role that I chose what designer engineer so I had every one send me their designs for their part of the machine and I had to find out a way to connect them in the end I had to put them in historical order and that took a really long time to complete, in the end with the design that I made for the machine we started to build it and we presented to all of the parents and everyone in my group had a good time doing this project.

Some of the other things that have helped my learn a lot was the loon lake trip that we took an the thing that I had learned the most on that trip is trust in my teammates/Classmates because we had to do a lot of team building exercises like a trust fall of a chair on a table and a rope course 15 feet in the air ( it might be more I’m not sure). Another project That I had learned from was take your kid to work day video because I had learned what my dad does in a day and I also learned a little on how to use an app called Auto CAD which will hopefully come handy in collage.

One of the last things that I would like to talk about for my Mpol is my learning plan and for my parents who don’t know what that is, it’s my plan for what I want my Grades to be for the school year and for my learning plan I had put my grades as Humanities proficient, science extending, and so far I have a proficient in science and a developing in humanities and to fix this in my learning plan I put that I would try to focus in my classes and and try to participate with my class mates more and try to participate more in class like say the teacher asks if some one know anything about british nationalism then i could put up my hand and say something about it.

Frankenstuffies Blog post

For this project we had to massacre 3 stuffed animals and sew them back together in a new form, i had extra stuffed animals so i added five parts to my Frankenstuffie that is what the teachers called them since they are like franken stine so we all had to make our own ill show how my’n turned out at the end we also had to make a video on how they were made and a video on there origin story mashed on the hero’s journey so i made him going to work then he got kidnapped and is now trying to find a way to get vengeance on the person who changed his normal body in to what ever the heck i made

also if you want to go and rate it for feed back go to this website

here is the code to my video


Di post


For our di project we had to make a Pin Ball machine out of card board wood and we had to have “ three different modules” to make the machine do an action such as light up something or make the ball change direction oh and the machine had to be 8 feat long and it used a soccer ball as the pin ball, in the end the three modules that my team chose was to make the ball change direction hid the ball from viewer sight and to make a sound 

For make a sound we had made a long shaft on its side and put keys on the end of it so when the balls hit the pole then it would make a sound 

For make the ball change direction we had put some screws barely in to our machines sides so when the ball hits the elastics that we put over the screws then it would rebound and go in the opposite direction

For hid ball from viewer sight we had cut open a dryer tube and made a little stack of card board then we had stapled the dryer tube on to our machine wall and in to the card board so the ball would go in to the end of the tube and get stuck in the machine 

And for the machine we had to have a topic to make our machine off of so we chose to make it Mario themed ( we almost got disqualified for copy right 😅) so we all had costumes such as Mario Luigi princes peach and bowser and the narrator for our story script just got to wear a nice shirt and pants, and some how i got stuck playing princes peach so we had to come up with a script and a little play for our machine when we presents so i had to yell for help in a girly voice, 

Here is the video

Rebel of Red River

This project my teachers made us research on a man named Louis Riel and how the Provence Manitoba was made.

on of the big struggles that i had over this project is that i was away for 2/3rds of it so when i got back from my trip i was super far behind for for the next week i came in to tutorial time every day that I could and got to righting the topic sentence for my 3 paragraphs that they wanted me to right so as soon as i got all of my sources to start i was racing and with in the next two classes that i had i was done then i got my revises on this project and got it done

the end

Loon lake reflection

For 5 days we when to a resort at loon lake called pinniacle pursuits and we were sent there as a class to work on our team building skills and to learn how we can trust each other more then what we can ever achieve in a class room, i think that i can say that we all had a really good time there and i would totally go again next year, some of the activities that we got to do with our class and the staff at the resort was a high ropes course and moving bridge a low ropes course trust falls on a chair that was on a table in to our pers arms and we had to fill in a booklet on every thing that we had learned and what we felt and how we have trusted our class more and some steps on how to be more respectful, in total i had learned a lot from this trip and i learned some valuable trust skills,

Winter exhibition 2023/2024

This winter exhibition we made a “metaphor machine” and to make one of these we first had to be assigned one of the historically significant revolutions, the revolution that i had to make a machine out of was the October revolution/Russian revolution, then we got put in to our team and we had to chose some roles like the leader director, script writer, tester and modifier, and a few others in there the role that i chose was the head engineer so for that i had to make and modify the machines parts [modules] and to test them out this role really kicks in between the last week before the winter exhibition and a lot on the actual exhibition since we needed to take the whole thing apart and take it to the next room!!! Then we put the machine together again and give it a few test runs [like 30-50 runs] then we got to eat out dinners that we ordered from white stop, we at for 30 minuets then we got to our rooms and then we let the parents in to come watch our machines in action. Ok so the actual machine was made out of things that we thought could represent some thing that happened in the revolution like mine was a pulley system supposed to represent the crowning of the new tzar and we had 6 others different to this one to make out metaphor machines then we let the machines run we had to set them u again and we made them go again like 100 times then the parents left and we got to destroy the machines and we went home. in general our machine went right like 10 times only and the rest was just fails but we all had a good time I’m just going to say that, well at lest i can say that about the time i had making a testing my machine

Take your kid to work day video

November 1 my school made us go to work with one of our parents and i went with my dad, so in the morning my dad got up at 5:30 in the morning i went to rowing at 6 got home at 7:30 then we went of to his first stop of the day at a kitchen showroom he owns 10 percent of this business so he got to work there for 2 hours ordering new parts for the kitchens in the building and talking to clients. While he was doing that i was going to the different kitchens checking out some of the features of them after that we went to go get lunch with my mom and dad we had some ramen then my dad and i went to go to a 4 hour meting, so i just got to play games through out the meeting but the meeting was for  another business called sentinal glass whitch installs glass and he was trying to get a deal with them they do roofing. Then we went home and go got to work for 2 more hours in his home office and then he finally got a brake from work to chill with my mother and i can say that just going with him to his work all day he was tired and i was too his work day is brutal but he still does it for his family I’m really greatful of how much work he has been doing now

This is my video click the link: copy_9A2E4F49-126E-4F60-A4E5-1DD5020C5802

Post of learning

Over the past few months i have learned an i have become a videographer a film maker i have learned how to use angles to show emotion in a video i have made a horror film and i have made lots of them videos but i think that the thing that i have done the best this year has been making a scary short film called “run-a remake” in this i was asigned a group with the people in my class and we had to go around our school to find a spot to film once we found a spot we got to filming and that took up our first full day the next day we made our class crit and we had to remake the video again but this time my group voted for me to be the main person and we had to redo all of the shots but in the end the video turned out really well

My Alberta videos

These are some of the videos that. Had made over my trip to Alberta

the first video that i have is a video about what inspires me and it says that the things that inspire me are my friends and family my sports/hobbies

the second video that i made was a very funny silent film that i made with my friends in the first location that we had visited called three valley gap ghost town.

the third video is about some questions that i made to interview two people on the trip these people were so kind and i am very thank full for this the let me film them will i asked the questions and in the end of the video i made a explanation of all of the questions and my under standing of them.  I hope you enjoy my videos.



Albert trip book

When we went on the Alberta trip we were tasked with making a book about were we went over the trip the teachers mostly put in the bigger locations like the last spike of the rail way in Alberta, in the book we needed to include a very detailed description of these locations and we also needed to include some pictures of these locations that we went to, we also had some questions on every page that we needed to answer like out of the five themes of geography which one would this one be and why, did you have fun here and what was your favourite part of this experience, we also made a silent video a documentary about what inspires me and a video of us interviewing two tourists that we met on the trip, those were just some of the amazing things that i did in this book and if you would like to see this book for your self then click on the ebook below, also if you would like to see all the videos that i was talking about then go to my other blog posts. How has the Geography of the West shaped who we are

we were also tasked with answering one question during our trip, the question for this trip was how has the geography of the west changed who we are and at first I thought that it was just the resorts in Canada Alberta for the cool views but in the trip while I was there in the moment i learned that it is the people that live in Alberta, the beautiful view from the top of the mountain, and the amazing attractions in Alberta. IMG_1542