Colonization 🦫

I think that European settlers came so Canada so they could explore more of the unknown world since at the time they had just discovered this North America and they would come here to maybe have a better life, find gold or other valuable stuff, try to make peace to the natives of the land.

i learn how to pay attention to detail on pictures i learned that the Europeans used the natives a lot to map out the land

to make the video i will work over the weekend and come to tutorial time each day to make the video and the script

My blog post on my game


The type of game that i made was like a flappy bird version of the atoms and how ice effects it So if you touch the ice you would die and have to restart the game. Before this project I had know idea how to code or use scratch but at the end i was able to make a fully fun using game on a site i have never used i had a lot of fun learning about atoms and making my first video games.

Small and mighty

What we did in this project was that we got to make a poster to tell the younger kids of elementary school not to spreed germs and how not to we also got to use microscopes and we had to make notes on the different germs in the dirty water we looked at. 

What i had enjoyed from this project was that we got to play around with microscopes to look at some germs in some puddle water i had partners for this but they didn’t really do anything so i got the microscopes all to my self and i loved it

Making fun with drawings

This is the book that i had made using the app book creator and in my amazing book there are some of the drawings that i did take a look in side and se the drawing skills that i had learned and admire my master pieces

My Mpol

This is a page of all of the work that i have done all year enjoy.

This was my first year in PLP, I’m very glade to present to you my first ever Mpol. i got to do so many fun things in my maker and my humanity’s class, i got to meet and to make new friends the teachers made us go in to groups with random people so we could work together and make ideas. I’m very proud of my work that we did this year some of the work that we did was the winter exibition with the avatar box, the outsiders, the crusades, making interesting images, finding fun with drawings on sketches pro, and radical innovations the renisants and you.

The first one here is the outsiders, i did find some parts to take a lot of time like getting the picture for the front cover and getting the notes to fill out the role cards that we got every day, i did find the book to be very interesting, my favourite part of this project was that we got to make a book cover based of a design that we made as a group. I think that i had done really well on this project and i really had a lot of fun.

One of my favourite parts of making the avatar box for the exibition was that we got to make our own ideas and bring them to life in front of pretty much everyone’s parents, the group that i was put in to was supposed to be a destroyed planet so for our room we put together a little activity for the parents so we put some card board on the floor and made them pick up one piece and under it would reveal a flower symbolizing that there will always get though it we also made signs out of card board scraps and put there is no planet B, save the planet, there is still hope.for my box i made a diorama showing a bull dowser making a road and leaving trash in its path though the forest, behind the bull dowser the trees where cut down, i made my box like this so that i will show the invironmental impact that humans have to the world. This was such a success and me and my group we had a lot of fun with this project.

For the crusades project we had so study some pages that the teacher had assigned and we hade to right notes about each page, we hade to make 3 different slide show the first one was about the. The Middle Ages then we did one about Christianity and the islams, the last one we did was about the feudal system and i put different slides for each role like the church the king the nobles the knights the merchants and the sad little peasants. I didn’t really like this project but i still think that i did really good on this project.

Making interesting images was my favourite project that we did in 2022 because we got to take a walk down to the beach and take panorama picture we also got to take a walk around the school looking for things that where in shapes like triangles squares and circles, the rest of the time we where in side of the class room taking pictures with skills like taking pictures from Birds Eye and worms eye, taking pictures with and without filters, we got to use slow motion and and time laps. In the end we did get to publish our awesome creations to our blogs. In my opinion i did really good on this project if i could do some things differently than i would of put in more pictures in to my blog post.

In the making fun with drawings we got to learn how to use the shading tool how to colour fill how to draw with different art tools
We also got to make a book and publish. The book online on our blogs. I would say that i did good on this project the the one thing i would change would be the time that i put in to my drawings because in the end i do think that I could of put in more skill in to my drawings

In radical inovations project that we finished last week we got to make a thing called a treptic where it is made up of 3 different panels and we had show our self in the renisants with inventions that changed the world from Asia then for the center one we had to show our selfs in the present day with things that changed our world like an iPad or you’re phone then for the left panel we where back in the renisants and we where with our favourite thing from before the renisants. In the end i did have a lot of fun with this project.

I would say that i met my standards for my humanity’s and maker classes this year and i really did have a really fun time in these classes so I’m very exited for my new classes as well.

Radical inovations

1. The new ideas that changed the world would be the printing press, the clock, and the newest medical inovations. 2. The torch was in my opinion the most important thing before the renisants because it was able to carry flames from one place to another, I also put art in there, because before the renaissance art was starting to be more popular and people were starting to get into making art. 3. So many ideas that changed my world was my iPad and I put it in there to represent as if it was like a newer version of the printing press something else. I also change my life would be the Apple Watch because it’s pretty much just like a tiny phone on your wrist And I put in a bottle of medicine to represent the medical inasions from this day 4. these ideas from Europe and Asia, change the world by the printing press being able to spread knowledge the medical invasions being able to help somebody when they are sick and the clock by letting people tell time.


Over all I had learned how to use Super Impose X to edit and add things in to the pictures that I used for my amazing tryptic that I had made I also got to learn the tool mask in super imposer X, using that mask tool I was able to edit my self on to a really old guy from the renaissance, I was also able to make layers on the tryptic so I could make back drops for each of the pictures that i later on made in to the tryptic, once i did that i used the layer tool again and added in all of the pictures like the iPad, the torch, the clock, etc, after i used notability and added all of the pictures together then handed them in.