The Tortoise Party of Canada!

Hey guys, it’s me Randy again. Today I’m going to reflect on my third milestone of this project, “Press Release”. In this milestone, we were asked to make a poster for our political parties, and list our essential values are beliefs. 

  In my political party, we tend to have different opinions on different issues, such as how much money we should spend to decrease the gap between the poor and the rich, how much we should focus on global warming, and etc. This might seem like a disadvantage that our party members have different opinions, but this could actually help our party to make decisions based on the opinions from more groups of people. Now, let me introduce you to our party, the Tortoise Party of Canada. In our political party, we believe that we can build up the economy so it can thrive, while keeping our environment clean and healthy. We will do this by changing taxes, creating a freer market, and using cleaner energy. 

Our goals are big, but we have plans:

  • We will aim to use clean electricity for our homes and buildings. 
  • We will sell our goods and our clean resources to other countries.
  • We will lower taxes for the less wealthy and middle class, and raise them for the rich.

  Although we might not agree on everything, but these are our key values that we all agree on:

  • We support freedom of speech.
  • We will make our federal, provincial, and municipal government decisions transparent to everyone.
  • We will respect you no matter who you are. 

We are the Tortoise, building the economy while keeping the earth clean. By exporting some of our natural resources, and taking in more immigrants. We guarantee that we can create many more jobs, and fill up our 1 trillion dollars deficit. Learning from the Liberal party’s mistakes, we will balance the budget in a reasonable way, and make our economy rise again. Check my previous post for more info on how the Liberal party is doing. (Click Here)

  We listen to your opinions no matter who you are, and that’s what makes our party special and unique. We know that 11 million Canadians did not vote on this 2021 election, because a lot of you thought that your votes wouldn’t make a difference on the results. We have members from different groups of people, therefore our decisions are made by considering the mass majority’s opinions. Believe in Tortoise, we will represent you and your opinions.


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