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About chemistry coding

Chemistry coding   Special thanks to: Hello, and welcome to the chemistry coding blog post. I found this to be a challenging project, because halfway through, something called an MPOL, happened. Feel free to check out my other blog post… Continue Reading →

About change and continuity

The Dark Ages   A time of political unrest. A hotbed of violence. In 1195, pope Urban II introduced two terrible new concepts: a fear of ”otherness” (xenophobia). and the crusades. This horrible religious war lasted almost 200 years, but… Continue Reading →

About my Midyear Presentation Of Learning

my Midyear Presentation of Learning driving question post blog: YouTube: Simon On the internet     Hello and welcome to my pre-mPOL post and welcome to my blog as well! Today I will be talking about the mPOL or… Continue Reading →

About my starwars mini blue ski project!

About my StarWars mini blue sky project  YouTube: Simon E Link to my other blog post about this: About Mazer Tag    Hey guys! My name is Simon and welcome to my blog post. Today I will be talking about… Continue Reading →

about MAZER TAG!

Hey guys. Looking at the title, you may not know what this is. Here a hint: I’m a huge nerd about this. Of course, I’m talking about STARWARS! YEAH! Let’s get into it. At the time we had another starwars… Continue Reading →

Starwars the flight awakens

Not so long ago in a room right across the hall… The PLP 8th grade cohort was taken by surprise when the empire of teachers announced that in a month, on December the 19th, that the students needed to make… Continue Reading →

About emojjjjjjjjjisssssss

About emojis Hey guys! Do you like emojis? I used to. But today, you’ll hear a short story simply based of a random string of emojis, an emoji guessing game, and emoji math quiz and a piece of emoji art…. Continue Reading →

About Star Wars!

Hey guys!   I am a MASSIVE Star Wars nerd. I watch several channels, including Starwars Theory, The Lore Master, The Scoundrel’s Cantina and more! For a school project, I have to work on starwars. Now. Let’s talk some nerdy… Continue Reading →

About my family’s holidays

Hey guys!   Holidays. My favourite time of the year. But for us, holidays are simply a time of rest. My family loves holidays though. We partake in all of the holidays and celebration in our “western world”, such as… Continue Reading →

About the Power of a Pencil

Hey guys!   This is gonna be an ARTSY blogpost. For the last month, we’ve been working on a project called the power of the pencil. It’s about learning how to use Sketches Pro, and our Apple Pencil. We also… Continue Reading →

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