image copyright and usage


This large logo above my opening paragraph is the symbol for copyright. What is copyright you might ask? Well, Oxford describes it as

  • “the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same.”

my definition of copyright is

  • The right that a creator, company or individual posses to use material otherwise not allowed. People with this right can also authorize others to use this same material.

If you ever dabbled in posting videos, you might have come across a copyright strike. A copyright strike is when an individual or organization claims your video for using their material without their permission. This is used as a method of policing and keeps people from stealing other’s work. To read more on this, click here. So, during this blog post I will talk about how to safely use images.

No° 1 : the creative mind


First and foremost on how to safely use photos on the internet is take your own. It’s a really simple process to upload to your iPad, at least it is on the iPad. The perks to this is that you have as much control over the photo as you would like. The downside is that it might be tricky to find one that fits into context, if the blog post was about a far off topic.

Now let’s go over the steps to upload your photo to your blog whilst on the iPad.

  • Take photo or save to your camera roll.
  • Open your blog post and click edit blog post.
  • Click the button that says add media.
  • Click the button that says upload file.
  • Select the picture(s) that you want to import.
  • Import those picture(s).
  • Once they’re uploaded click the button that says media library.
  • Select the picture(s) you want in the post.
  • click import pictures.


Here is an example of a picture I took and imported.


No°2 : search setting


When your searching on google here are the steps to find copyright-free images.

  • Search your desired image.
  • Click ‘images’.
  • Click the button that says “label for reuse”. (Then only copyright free images will be shown
  • Select your desired image.
  • Hold down on it with your finger.
  • Press download image.



No°3 : money ball it

The final way is simply buying the rights to an image.