That’s…. Questionable.

“I’m so nosey, why can’t I think of any questions?!”

Its week 5 of our Student Blogging Challenge!

That means that we have new challenges to complete.


I decided to start off with Challenge numero one (1) “Two Types Of People”. For this I have created a wee lil google form for you (the reader) to fill out and let me know what kind of person you are out of two options!

The link to the form is below:




After doing number one (1), I decided to also do Challenge number 4. Music.

I’m a band student. I do dance. I LOVE music. I’m listening to music whenever I have the chance, and if I’m not, I’m tapping out a beat with my fingers or feet or humming.

I have a wide variety of favourite kinds of music. I like pretty calm music with a side of rock/pop/randomness.

Some of my favourite bands, artists, and musicals are:

– Dodie Clark

– Imagine Dragons

– Ally Hills

– Twenty Øne Piløts

– Dear Even Hansen Original Soundtrack

– Hamilton Original Soundtrack

– Heathers Original Soundtrack

– Bastille

I like to say I don’t have a favourite kind of music because that would mean choosing between all the genres of beautiful kinds of music the world has to offer.

WARNING: Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Heathers, Ally Hills, and Bastille all have songs that may not be appropriate for children. You have been warned. These songs will usually have a “E” next to them to indicate they are explicit and not appropriate for kiddos.


My current favourite playlist is one by the YouTuber Nowthisisliving (Shannon Beverage). It has a mix of calm and upbeat songs.

The playlist is called Thisisoct. WARNING: This playlist does include explicit songs, meaning some songs are not appropriate for age groups under 13 or 14.


Thank you for reading!

Comment below what your favourite kinds of music and artists are!

(and if you’re a Nowthisisliving -or any of those YouTuber group- fan let me know because I love them and I don’t really know anyone else who watches them!)

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