Power Play

The last few months we have been working on our power play projects. These projects consisted of a few steps, learning all of the information we needed to know on the topic, exploring the topic a little more on our own, and finally making a presentation on the topic. We made slideshows filled with information about our topics, I used canva for my presentation. Here’s some of the information that was in them. 

The topic we learned about was life in the Middle Ages with the smaller included topics of the feudal system and the crusades. The feudal system consisted of 6 classes. The king, the nobles, the knights, the merchants and the peasants. The 6th class was the church who basically sat back and watched. How did it work, well lord has land, a vassal is a person who was given the land by the lord, the land was known as fief. In exchange for the land, the vassal has to work for the lord. The king usually gives land to the nobility to recant the land to the peasants. 

The crusades were an interesting topic to learn about. They were a series of nine religious wars that happened over two centuries in the medieval period. Start date: 1095 End date: 129. The wars were between the two main religions at the time, the Christians and the Muslims. The wars were a fight over Jerusalem, which is the holy land of both religions. They concluded with the victory of the Muslims and many lost lives. 

Thank you so much for reading this post about the Middle Ages! 

– Ailie 💜

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