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Our final project for Humanities was radical innovations from the renaissance. First we made notes on innovations from the renaissance. Then we sketched out our triptych, which is a three panelled piece of art. Next we decide which innovations we were going to show case in our triptych. We use super impose to photoshop our faces into a painting from the renaissance. We then used those to build our triptych. We created our triptych, then wrote our historical explanation! Here they both are!

Ideas from Europe and Asia spread across the world during the renaissance, they were the match that started the fire. Everyone began to think more critically and challenged others ideas. They started to create new things, solve problems, and mentally and physically, create art.

New ideas in the Renaissance changed the world by making a printing press which created books, lenses which developed into glasses, the barometer, which was just like your local weather man, and paintings which lead to a whole world of art. The printing press through books, created fantasy worlds and unknown places, lenses let people see the world better, and the art that was created let people be more creative. The invention of the kindle is incredibly signifagent, like how the printing press was incredibly significant. The printing press created books, flyers, newspapers, and many other things to read. The kindle has those things on one device. Lenses are one of the most significant inventions from the renaissance. They helped people with blurry vision to see. The barometer was created in the 1600s by Evangelista Torricelli who was a former pupil of Galileo Galilei. Some of the most famous art pieces were created in the renaissance, for example the Mona Lisa. Art then developed in style and creativity. It was, and rarely, still is use to measure the air pressure and tell what the weather might be. All of these ideas are benifisial to people today, I need reading glasses to see better, I read books on my kindle every night, and I see art inspired, or from the renaissance almost everyday.

Traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance include the idea that there is only one religion and one right view, and that is Catholicism. They were convinced that the church was always right. The chatholic church forced people into there religion by telling them there’d go to hell if they didn’t, and that it was the will of god that they joined the religion. Now, the Catholic Church has branched off into many different religions. There have been new religions created such as Baha’i which was created in 1844, or the oldest religion which is Hindu, it was created between 2300 B.C. and 1500 B.C. Religions are ever changing, they all have different beliefs and rituals. New or old there all beliefs of someone.

The creation of all of the beautiful things in the renaissance like printing press, lenses, barometers and art have improved and shaped our world as we know it today. There were very simple art styles in the renaissance and they expanded and became many different styles. Books these days have extended into a wide range of styles and genres, some of them have even become modernized or downloaded on to devices so you can have many books in one. Lenses have helped people see properly, I wouldn’t be able to read properly without my reading glasses. The barometer started the intrest in forecasting weather, which has become a valuable job. People in the renaissance period discovered big things, things that were so important that without them today, it would be less easy to live. Lenses were made from pieces of glass, now there are different prescriptions and things for different types of eye problems. Lenses are one of the many innovations that have helped solve problems of the world today.

Many of the innovations that were created in the renaissance were a big step towards things that are made today. Without the creativity of the minds who created innovations in the renaissance our world wouldn’t be the same as it is. The ideas in Europe and Asia changed the world through creativity, and a will to challenge normalities.

My triptych!

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