During the Renaissance project I learned a lot about innovations which helped changed the world such as the printing press, lenses and the clock and how they shaped the world today. For example, lenses have changed into many things we use and see today such as the microscope and the telescope which have both severely impacted the science world. I also learned a lot about the renaissance times and the shift from the more medieval times to now. It was pretty cool seeing things such as pen and paper shifting to the printing press and then to digital computers. I also enjoyed learning about triptychs and what makes a triptych and all of that. It was cool seeing very famous triptychs from the past and seeing how detailed and thorough they were. Overall I really enjoyed learning about the renaissance time and I hope to learn more about it in the future.

Ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by bringing out new worldviews and new inventions which were builded upon on and which took shape into many modern day things we use nowadays such as modern day glasses, telescopes and microscopes. Because of the discovery of lenses we are now able to see planets thousands of miles away and see objects way smaller than the human eye can even comprehend. Not just inventions but ideologies were builded upon into the world we see today. Because of Martin Luther’s beliefs religion has curcically changed, from the Chaitholic church lying and gouging money from people to now simple groups of people praying among the lord is what Martin Luther’s beliefs have been turned upon. This is how ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world.

New ideas in the renaissance changed the renaissance world by the invention of glasses, the clock, telescope, and the Lantern. With the Invention of glasses people who couldn’t see before were now able to see more details and had better vision. The invention of the telescope made it easier to see things beyond the world, the early telescope helped discover Neptune and some of the other planets in the solar system. Laterns also had a big impact on the world, it was a more convienient light source, instead of having to dangerously walk around with a giant flaming torch in your hand you could safely walk around with a caged long lasting candle. And as for the clock, it made it a lot easier to keep track of things and events and was a good way to keep track of where you are. Without the clock we would all be very confused.

Modern ideas which were invented recently included the modern lamp, digital clock, and modern telescope. The modern lamp was very convenient because it wasn’t really dangerous and was powered by electricity instead of a literal burning fire and was easy to activate, all you have to do is flip a switch. And finally as for the clock, it has evolved to modern digital clocks which you can convieiently walk around with on your hand or on a device. And as for the modern telescope it has drastically helped us in the field of science particularly astronomy and astrophysics. Because of the modern telescope we are able to see things millions of miles away and can see black holes, stars, weird galaxies and things we never imagined before.

Traditional ideas that people had before the renaissance included pen, paper, wool clothing, and simple weapons such as axes and swords. Pen and paper made it so that people could write books and record events. If it wasn’t for pen and paper we wouldn’t know so much about life in medieval times or periods before that. As for wool clothing, it helped people stay warm and helped them against the harsh weathers and tough terrain of the world. Back then it was basically the equivalent to clothes we wear nowadays. Without wool/fur clothing a lot of people would’ve died from hypothermia and other environmental challenges. Simple weapons (when I say simple weapons I mean like swords, axes, knives and stuff like that) were probably one of the most important things to exist back before the renaissance, it helped catch food and helped people get their meals and also helped them against enemies and invaders. Without simple weapons the world would’ve been a very barbaric place with people beating each other with their fists and using rocks as a replacement for swords and axes.