Who am I as a PLP learner?

I think I am successful PLP learner.

Through my PLP experience I have worked on many projects surrounding different aspects of me, like my worldview and how I see myself. Within these projects I have spent lots of time making sure my work is authentic, and work I am proud of. I always make sure I would be comfortable sharing my work, because that means I am confident in it. I have also had the opportunity to reflect on my work, with the help of peers or classmates. I have used the constructive criticism to improve my final piece. I have ever reached out to others that are not related to PLP whatsoever, so I can have have multiple opinions or suggestions. I can also go to teachers or classmates for help after I have tried to problem solve myself. I believe through all of these experiences, I have become a successful PLP learner.

In my digital selfie project, I had to choose a worldview element and a photo that had parts of that element shown in it. I picked a photo of me and my brother walking in the mountains, and for the worldview element I picked values.  I then had to use drawing tools which I had never used before to highlight my values in the photo. Through this project I show how I am as a PLP learner, because I had to ask for help and feedback along the way. I went to friends, and even other kids in my class to get a diverse arrangement of ideas and suggestions. In the end I created a finished piece which I am really proud of. I got to show my talent through this project.


In the Laptop MeMoji project I had the chance to explore a new(to me) app, and learn the different tools in it. I got to create what my laptop would look like as a MeMoji, by decorating it with stickers. I expressed myself with the shapes, colours, and images on the laptop, which I have never gotten to do before. After completing this project, I had to revise it. I had shown it too my friends, and used their feedback to make sure I had all of the criteria on it. After my revision I had something I was much happier about. I got to show my try-again mindset through this project.

For my dream board project I was assigned to create a dream digitally, in drawing form and more classic collage form, with images. I had a really good time experimenting with different photos and drawing tools, as well as thinking about what I want to achieve in the future. I learned a lot about what I value and what I need to have a good life. I asked lots of people for what they thought they could see me doing in the cuter for ideas, any time I was stuck. At the end of the project I had two dream boards, both I was really proud of. I got to show my creativity through this project.



These are all the reasons why I think I am a successful PLP learner.

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