About Me

Hello! Welcome to my About Me page

My name is Alex, and I am a student at Seycove Secondary School. I am apart of PLP, which is a performance learning program. I am a very interested learner, and enjoy subjects such as science and math. I really enjoy hands-on learning, which I normally get in science, as well as independent learning, which I get in math.

Out of school, I find myself doing lots of activities, like hanging out with friends, or spending time in nature. The ocean is my favourite place to be, because I am most calm there, and feel most safe. I also do a few sports, for fun and exercise. I run, row, ski, and play volleyball. I do lots of trail running, sometimes alone but sometimes with friends. I ski with my family every weekend in the winter,  but spend most of the day with my brother because he is the best skier I know. Skiing is probably my favourite sport. I play volleyball every weekend for fun, and to improve my technique and overall skills. And I row almost every day, on water or on land if it is winter. Rowing is my only competitive sport, which I enjoy very much, it is also good for my health.

Some things I am proud of are obtaining first place in my race for rowing, having 100% average in math, staying on top of school workload.

I also have a dog, which is my favourite family member. Her name is Bailey and is a 2 year old Australian Shepard mixed with poodle.


In my collage I have photos and images of what is important to me. In all the heart photos you can either see my dog, or my friends, both being extremely important. I also have other things I enjoy like music, Netflix, and food, which I tend to enjoy for my me-time.

In my blog I will be sharing projects I have for school, and almost use it as a way for me to reflect. I also what to share projects I am proud of and have worked hard on.