How Might I Use The Still Image to Create and Communicate Through Technology?

I can use still images to communicate in many different ways. I can show emotions and actions with editing, angles, and other tools in the camera app. To show emotions, I could edit the photo with different tools like exposure, contrast, and saturation to morph the colour into a darker, plainer shade to show sadness or anger. To show an action I could use the timer button, and actually do the motion. I can even use markup to add drawings to enhance the image.

Three skills I found important:

Markup is definitely one of the skills I found most helpful, purely because of its ability to add touches of colour or detail, and emphasize the email thing happening in the photo. Another skill I find the most helpful is centring your photo, which you can do by using a grid on your screen when taking the photo. The grid also helps you have a better understanding of the angles and area in your photo. When using this tool I feel more confident in my photo, and end up with a really good image. The last skill I think is very important is being able to use filters. Filters are quick and easy ways to add depth and detail to your photo, as well as emotion. An example of this is the black and white filter; it can make the photo seem dark or scary, adding the emotion scared. These are the three skills I think are most useful.

My favourite photos I took this week:

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