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Weekly Blog Post: Pastimes

Pastimes have always been a thing, but throughout the last century, they have altered drastically. In the ’50s, hula hooping, frisbee and rollerblading were some of the most exciting things to do with friends. In class, we learnt about four… Continue Reading →

My Ideal Union

Union helps build society. Born from the postwar era unions raise trust and contributed to the prosperity of Canada. Considered the top 5 of the most prosperous countries, it also has a relatively high rate of unionization. Union workers earn… Continue Reading →

Worst Presentation Ever

How to present showed by how not to present!  It sounds crazy but knowing not what to do is a vital part of learning. We took this into practice by creating the worst presentation possible, each slide having a different… Continue Reading →

Disney and the American Dream

Disney and the ”American Dream” go hand-in-hand.   Disneyland represents an escape from real-life problems and into a fantasy world. There are only happy endings and they want to keep it that way. The power of Disney’s medium, such as… Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog Post: Interviews

Interviewing someone can be a difficult task if you aren’t prepared. Not everything can go how you want and improvising questions on the spot is often needed. Last week, Angelo and I were tasked with interviewing Eileen Smith, a prominent… Continue Reading →

What Makes Music Good?

What makes music, music? It is a complicated topic that has no defined universal explanation and comes down to personal belief. The definition says its beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion but where those lines are drawn is… Continue Reading →


A podcast is brought to life from editing and the tools to perform these tasks, help instrumentally. Podcasts are not only unedited clips of people talking to a mic about a topic and very few are but editing helps introduce… Continue Reading →

Capulets & Montague

“There were Montagues and Capulets, they were real families – Montecchi e Cappelletti.” – David Blixt I know it seems outlandish but the two aristocratic families were real with a real rivalry. Famous for their contretemps and fighting, they became… Continue Reading →

Weekly Blog Post- Audacity

Every week seems to get more intense than the last, with this week involving the steps taken to complete our second episode. In my first draft, my narrations were very hard to hear and did not sound the best so… Continue Reading →

#8 – Weekly Blog Post

Conducting both of my interviews this week and doing further research for my script, I was overflown with valuable information. My next step is to sort through my interviews and make a seamless story that flows from one point to… Continue Reading →

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