Hello! Welcome to another blog post! This one is about science, and my last science blog for grade 9! This post is all about electricity, operation (the board game), and a hungry pumpkin???

This project was all about electricity and circuits. We started this project learning about circuits, how they work, and the difference between parallel and series circuits. Then, we started work on our operation board.

We could base our board off of anything, and I chose the hungry pumpkin. Watch the video here. We learned how to make the board with a practice, and then we looked at a tutorial of how to make the operation board. I didn’t know how to make it, and my box made it really hard to make, but after a few classes, I got a working operation board made with copper tape, a circular battery, wires, a light, and lots of aluminum foil. It was really frustrating, but I got it done and it is awesome! Here’s a video!

This project was really fun, and I hope to see you soon!

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