Hey guys, this was our third week in maker meaning it’s time for another weekly reflection! In maker, we’re still working on our podcast structures in scripts. We’re starting to come close to the end of this project meaning we’re trying to get these podcasts done quickly. This week, we looked into how to structure a good podcast, how to create good audio for a podcast, and how to interview for our podcast.

There are a lot of things you need to prepare before recording a podcast. Most podcasts need some type of script to them. Whether it’s a word for word script or its a bullet point script, you’ll need one. You need a script not just to read from just in case you need help, but also to know important details such as transitions, words you have to annunciate, and key topics you want to talk about.

Along with a well-organized script, you’re going to want to also have clear audio. If you just record the ambience of the room your in right now, you may find that there’s a lot of background noise. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I tried it myself. I learned that you can do many things to solve this. You can eliminate the background noise. An easier thing to do is eliminate the background noise through editing. This is easier but it may or may not work. The final thing you can do is try to find a room with no background noises.

The final thing that we learned about making a great podcast was how to conduct an interview. To conduct a great interview, you’ll have to first find the person you want to interview. After that, make sure you contact them 48 hours before you want the interview. This gives them time to respond and time to prepare for your interview. You’ll also need to make sure that you have deep questions for your interviewee. You won’t question that isn’t just yes or no. The final thing you want to make sure is that your recording software is working. You only have one shot at the interview so make sure that your recording!

This week I’ve learned a lot about podcasting. I didn’t realize how much preparation went into creating a podcast. Next week, ill talk about how we’re going to be recording our podcasts and finalizing them.