Hey guys, welcome to my eight weekly reflections. If you haven’t read last week’s weekly reflection, I was able to secure my interview for this project so that I could start constructing my podcast episode. This week, I started working on my script for my podcast episode.

Making my script was a bit difficult because I had a lot of great information that I had to sort through. I used an app called otter to create a transcript of the audio to try and sort through the audio that I want for my story. After loading up the transcript, I sorted through to try the right audio I wanted. Along with that, I created my introduction, outro, and context parts for my script.

After organizing everything for my script, I realized something. My script wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be. From the interview, I heard a lot of cool stories but I had trouble tying all of the stories together. Looking back, I should have focused less on transitioning to the next topic and more on linking them all together. Now, I’m going to try using the three-act structure to try and organize my ideas. I also don’t want to try to force the story structure. I need to make sure the story flows well so that my interviewee is the one telling the story and not me.

Overall, from the feedback I got for my script, I think that I have a lot to do for the next few weeks. Once I create a good outline for my script, I’m going to start constructing the first draft of my podcast episode. Hopefully, I can revise my podcast script to create a well-rounded story for my podcast episode.