Hello, and welcome to my Humanities blog post.

When I travelled with my class to the West, specifically Banff, it was with  the goal of finding out how the geography of the West shaped who we are. 

The geography of the West has shaped the people of the west by presenting challenges and opportunities. The rugged terrain attracted settlers seeking resources, leading to rapid growth and vibrant towns. The Harsh conditions required adaptation, influencing water management and cultural practices. The vastness bred independence and adaptability. Iconic natural wonders inspired conservation efforts, shaping environmental consciousness. Overall, the geography of the West has influenced settlement, economy, culture, and environmental attitudes, defining the region and its inhabitants.

First, we created a journal of notes about what to look out for and what information to find. Here is my book. 📖 

Over all, this journal was very fun to fill out but sometimes I struggled with it because the work flow was fast when compared to the travel schedule we had. However, in the end I think it turned out really good.

One other task I worked on during my trip was my investigative video. With this video my goal was to answer a thesis that I made before I set for the Rockies. My thesis was about what attracts people from all over the world to the Rockies. It states, “The geography of the West has shaped the identity of its inhabitants and continues to attract people to its diverse natural beauty, outdoor activity opportunities, and the sense of freedom and adventure it offers.”

With this thesis in mind I created a set of questions to ask people. This is how my interviews went. 

Overall, I believe these two projects were incredible to create and complete, and being able to have a school field study like this is just amazing.

Thanks for reading.