The Surprising Story Of Outer Banks

What You Should Know About Outer Banks: 

  Outer banks is an action, thriller, adventure, mystery, drama and suspenseful series on Netflix. In season one, a group of teenagers who call them selves the Pogues, are trying to find one of the group members, John Bs missing dad. They all try to find clues and end up finding something that was his missing dad. But when they are searching for his dad, Big John, they may have found something awesome that could change their lives forever. They discovered that a sunken ship called The Royal Merchant that has four million dollars worth of gold on it. But they realize they aren’t the only ones looking for it. Along with looking for Big John, on their “treasure hunt” a lot of bad and good things happen, one of them is that John B and Sarah become very close, another is that Sarah’s dad tries to interfere with their treasure hunt. Do you think they happened to find the gold or The Royal Merchant? 


  In the second season Sarah and John B end up in the Bahamas, while the rest of the Pogues think John B and Sarah are dead. The rest of the Pogues, JJ, Kiara and Pope try to get some evidence from Ward from in the first season, since he framed John B because John B found out he might have killed his dad. While Sarah and John B try to get the gold back that Ward stole, Pope gets a letter that says to come to a place outside of his town to Charleston. In Charleston the unexpected happens to Pope, Kiara and JJ. Pope finds something very powerful from his family that someone wants to steel. The powerful thing is a cross, made out of gold that is eight feet tall. 

  A bit later Pope discovers a crazy secret… While all that is happening with Pope, Ward is finally getting exposed from all the bad things he has done. But then the Pogues have to help Pope so his family’s history doesn’t fall apart. The Pogues have to deal with a lot of setbacks like a medical emergency, a nosy neighbour and challenging parents, while they are trying to help Pope. The Pogues then board onto a big ship that has Sarah’s family on it. Ward took Sarah and the Pogues need to save her. But on the ship there happened to be the cross from Popes family. So, they try to save Sarah along with the cross. Will they save Sarah? What will happen to the cross? Did they escape?

What I find so fascinating about it:

-I love how it is a drama, action, thriller, adventure fiction, action fiction, mystery and how it’s suspenseful. It makes the show interesting, and it keeps you on your toes.

-I like how the characters slowly evolve over time and become more themselves. 

-I like how there is an episode that kind of revolves around each of the teenagers. 

-How each person is so different but the same. Sarah and Kiara are similar because their family’s are both rich. But Sarah and Kiara are also so different because Sarah is all about being popular and hanging out with the rich people, and Kiara just likes to hang out with the Pogues who are more more poor.  

-I also like how they are having fun while also trying to help find one of the teenagers dad. 

-The TV series is like The Goonies and Indiana Jones but updated. They both are going on a treasure hunt with their friends, or for Indiana Jones he would go with a girl. The Goonies and Outer Banks both have in common for villains equally vary from murderous criminals, to rich bullies and puzzle solving adventures.  Spoilers: Another thing similar with Outer Banks and The Goonies is that in the show Outer Banks they think they found where the cross was, but JJ wondered if the key was to play specific chords in order to unlock the treasure’s location or to open the way to a set of a vault or tomb beneath their feet. In The Goonies Mikey and the rest of them were trapped between the Fratellis and a sealed entrance. They had to play specific chords on an organ that was their if they wanted to escape. But also that might have also opened an entrance to the treasure. For JJ in Outer Banks he also thought it may has opened the ground underneath him. 

7 Things You Might Not Know About Outer Banks

1.  The actor Chase Stokes was not going to audition for John B. He thought it was too similar to The Goonies and he didn’t want to be apart of something that could maybe ruin “a-cult classic film”. Along with that, the actor Rudy Pankow was going to play John B, but he wanted to play JJ. However the producers wanted him to play John B. Rudy thought he was going to play that role until he flew to Charleston, South Carolina after his last audition.

2.  In season 1 the fourth episode John B and Sarah went on a trip to learn more about the gold they were searching for. After becoming closer for a while over that trip they kissed, but the kiss want planned by the writers. 

3.  During the show the actors had a lot of freedom to improvise their lines. Many shows don’t do this so it was cool to see this happen. For example JJ, (Rudy) when he was talking to Pope and Kiara about his dad in the episode where he uses all the money and he gets material things like a hot tub, it was one of the most heartbreaking things in the show.

4.  Since Outer Banks was filmed during Covid, most of the cast were quarantined together which made them more closer and better actors. The actors Chase Stokes, (John B), Rudy Pankow, (JJ), Madelyn Cline, (Sarah), and Drew Starkey, (Rafe), were all living together during that time.

5.  In the first season of the show there was a scene where the Pogues go out and find out whose sunken boat has gotten to the bottom of the banks. The cast had to become very good at many things like water activities, including boating, diving, swimming, and surfing training before they started filming. 

6.  In an iconic part in the second season of Outer Banks Sarah said she couldn’t drive stick. Madeline, (Sarah) actually did not know how to drive standard, and had to learn. But now since she know’s now they say it would be good if her character continues to go on crazy chases in the future episodes.

7.  If you like to watch the behind the scenes of Outer Banks, most of the photos and videos were taken by Madison Bailey, (Kiara). The other cast members said the she is usually taking photos of everyone, or taking selfies of herself. The other cast members took many too, but Madison took the most!

Outer Banks is an amazing show! If you are looking for an exiting, adventure and heart warming show that keeps you on your toes, this is for you. If you happen to like it, the third season is coming out in February 2023, or around that time. Thanks to Madeline Cline for spoiling when it comes out! If you have ever watched The Goonies, or The Summer I Turned Pretty, you would most likely enjoy it!


Geek Out Blog Post Reflection:

  For the geek out challenge I had a lot of fun writing about a show I enjoyed. It was fun to see how similar it is to other shows/movies. I also like how I got to write about something I enjoy than something I might not know about or enjoy. 

-The hardest part for me was trying not to spoil the show, but also trying to make it sound appealing and it to make sense. It was hard to say things without saying what happens next. When I was writing about season 2 of Outer Banks I tried to not spoil it, but something major happened in the first episode of season 2 and it kind of revolves around that. 

-The easiest part was writing about how it is similar to The Goonies and Indiana Jones. Why it was so easy writing those things were because Indian Jones and The Goonies are some of my favourite movies, so I know what happened in them and I can easily tell what is similar about it with Outer Banks. 

-I will continue to post on my blog about Outer Banks because season 3 is coming out very soon, so I will write about what happens in season 3 with trying not to spoil it. I also might write about fascinating things, like behind the scenes of season three filming. 

  I really like the geek out challenge. When I got my feedback on what I could improve it made my blog even better! I added another photo to my blog and it became way better! I would love to do something similar like this is the future.