How it started/How its Going

How it started/ How its going 

Hello everyone again this blog post is going to be about the whole project of How it started/ How its going. So its just going to be about the whole project lessgo.

Driving Question

The driving question for this project is “ What can we learn from the past and what can we learn today”. I met that by doing all the milestones and paying attention in class unlike French we will not talk about that. Anyway lets see how I met the driving question I will talk about the milestones in the next section but I did all the milestones from my milestones did have reverse a lot of them but thats just learning. 

Evidence of your learning 

This one is the big Column this one I’m going to show you a bunch of pictures and tell you all  about my milestones and all of that.

Ok first of all we started with one big milestone, Milestone 2 which was a collage about your life basically this one was the first one I did, the one with all the baseball pictures, it was good to me but I forgot to ad a text so that went kind of down hill you could say. So then the other one I did because i had to reverse it. To me the on there one is way less detailed but it tells a story like when I was born/1 tell 2020 in COVID-19 days. Then I’m pretty  sure it was a rough draft of my “ How it Started/How its going” museum picture is right here the one with a bunch of colours and stuff. The basic Idea is but my odd picture of how school is not to bad anymore because in grade 7 it was not good at all, anyway the main idea is putting my different pictures with really when none and famous pictures. The next thing I did was picking my art for the ending project I picked this painting called “ An Elder By Apocalypse” the bottom  one in side the one with the guitar yes that one good job. So I picked that one because my group was Economy and when i think of Economy I think of wealth. So I picked this painting because it looks like he has wealth right with his guitar and his little bag. So my whole group picked stuff to connect to Economy then we had to do the “ how its going” side so I added a electric guitar so get rid of  the little lyre its called. Then I added a credit card to get rid of the bag so its more 2000s not 1450s. Then I added my face because its my face who would not add my face seriously tho who wouldn’t. Then finally I added a Gucci belt to get that wow factor in there. So when we are done that together to get the “ How it started/How it going piece together. I don’t have the museum picture but we added an Eiffel Tower and a money stack to the floor of are part in the museum. Also we added a gold picture frame for all the picture to add a little BOOOOM to it. Then we finally did the final presentation on Zoom I did not have much parts because i was gosh dang sick on the day we figured the script out so I really just said hi my name is Cole at first I wa muted so there was a bog pause but everything was A ok.

Curricular Competencies

This section is how d you think your grades helped you and what did you do to help yourself

I helped my self by actually listen to all the guides that my teacher gave me and I also ask a lot of questions to my group and my teachers. I also did do all the homework to my knowledge, I think that my group was very good for knowing a lot of things because every time I ask a question I got an answer. So thank you to my group for that. Anyway thank you for reading one of my post this one was for social study’s  so thank you again. 

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