Hello everyone this blog post is about an emoji story it, we went on a website to generate emojis here is the link https://www.byrdseed.com/emoji2/ I did 6 as you can see lets just get it on baby!!!!!!!!!!!

So One day there was a very giant man named johnny beam, lets house call him johnny aright. So one day johnny was just smoking a cigarette on line with a train, let me tell you when johnny smokes and cig you will know if johnny smokes, you could say he gets a little crazy. So he was riding side by side with the train like the very front of the train he was looking at the conductor like he had seven eyes but not surprised, disgusted he was giving him the EYE. At the point the conductor was kind of spooked out because i guy smoking giving him the eye following him in a car, the conductor just called the cops and i don’t doubt him at all. Now this is a high speed chase johnny VS Reco the cop. The cop has a Ford Explorer and johnny has a beating down Honda and don’t ask how the Honda is as fast as a train but thats not the point. Finally the cop smashed in to the Honda and caught johnny, Reco brought johnny to the holding sell for the night but strangely johnny was out in seconds, johnny was interested on who bailed hem out. Then Reco started to blush johnny was very freaked out but he was also quite glad to. Reco also asks go out for dinner, johnny was very hunger so he said yes 

The couple got a really good job for a train company and they had to basically ride and drive the train for so long. The only problem with that is they just adopted a heckling turtle so he just living on his own life just eating cactus pads for the ever and ever. One day a robber, robbed there house and saw the turtle slowly dying so the robber took him and made him a great bed and made a huge cave for the turtle. The robber came back day after day and finally he took the turtle and adopted him and they lived happily ever after. 

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