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Hello everyone  this blog post is going to be about candy lady’s and gentlemen the best thing in the world, why its the best thing in the world well it just taste so good its crazy. The sweet and sour the creamy to rich just all of its good.

This part of the blog is going to be about my candy ratings as you may see there is a tier list right hear. We got pixy six, Jolly rancher, Double Bubble, York mint patty, Laffy Taffy, Dots, Starbusts, Gushers, Fun dip, Sour patch watermelon, Twix, Candy Corn. Those to me are S tier because you could literally eat bags on bags of those Candy’s. By the way S tier is like Superstar tier the best one. Anyway those are the best in the game kitkat could be up there but we will jut keep it at A tier which is still very solid. Lets go in to the  worst candy like snickers and tootsie rolls they are nasty 🤮. Well tootsie rolls aren’t that bad but there not as good as like airheads and all of that

Okay Guys this is going to to be the biggest moment of all which candy store is the best. So I have been to a lot of candy stores in my day like a lot but the one i like the most is definitely Its Sugar in Las Vegas and probably some more places. let me tell you about this store it has everything it has a bulk section all around the store you can fill up a tin and its only 10 Dollars OMG

Here are some pictures of the godly store.

Thank you for reading my blog bye



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